Saturday, December 12, 2020

Christmas Matchbox Tray

Hello friends!

I happy to be here today sharing one of my favorite makes for the season.  I first created the Matchbox Tray for Halloween and I loved it so much that I wanted to make another one for Christmas.  The Matchbox Tray is made with a large Vignette Tray and one package of idea-ology Matchboxes.  After that, you can really make any kind of tray you want...any theme or color and any product you wish.  It could be personalize for one specific person or for a family.  The only parameter is keep things in scale, meaning balance the boxes (visually) so the tray is not heavier on one end or on the top or bottom.  For instance, the flair button on the top right is heavy and needed to be balanced by the larger poinsettia on the bottom left.  So even though I made the boxes as individual little "windows" I always aware of how it fits/or balances with the group.  

Separate the Matchboxes so the outside (the box) and the drawer are in two groups.
Cover the first group (or the outside) with paper from the 8 x 8" Christmas Mini paper stash. There are so many choices of patterns that it can be daunting trying to choose the right combination of papers. I just went for a mix of colors and patterns, with the one in the top center repeated as the background paper. If you pick a busy background paper like I did, the boxes can be plainer/simpler patterns.
Once you have covered each box with paper, use your fingertip to wipe Crackle Texture Paste over the edges of each box. The boxes will eventually be glue together on the sides so it's best to keep the Crackle Paste on the top of the box. Set aside to dry for at least 30 minutes (timing depends on how thick you put the texture paste on).
The second group or "drawers" were painted on the outside with Picket Fence Distress Paint and the inside with Gilt, one of my favorite metallic paints from the Dina Wakley's Media Line. You do not have to paint the back of the box since it will be glued to the tray.
As for the Vignette Tray itself...I used Collage Medium to adhere red woodgrain from the paper pad on the outside of the tray (you can see the outside it in the last photo) and my favorite holly paper on the inside of the tray.  You can cover the entire inside or cover just the edges like I did (the matchboxes will cover the center).  I added a layer of Collage Medium over the paper on the inside as well as the outside to seal.
Once the paper was dry, I added "A Merry Little Christmas" Tape on the edge of the Tray.
I like a nice wash of Distress Crayon over the sealed paper to age it, especially in the corners.  So I scribbled on some Walnut Stain Distress Crayon and used a damp paintbrush to move it around till I was satisfied with the result.

Please Note: I created each box BEFORE I glued them to the tray with Collage Medium.
Box 1 - Paint the inside of the box with Collage Medium.  Lightly sprinkle some Distress Mica Flakes in the box to create an appearance of snow. I had some idea-ology wood slices left form last year so I split the wood slice in half (with an awl and hammer), gluing one half to the back of the box and the other half to the bottom for the deer to stand on.  I used Walnut stain Distress Crayon to color the white deer.  I also added a metal Christmas Token in the background with a Thin foam square.

Box 2 - Paint the poinsettia charm with Distress Paint in Candied Apple, Mowed Lawn and Fossilized Amber. Once paint is dry, paint on Collage Medium.  Use the Glitter Duster to add Rock Candy Glitter over the top.  Wrap red and white string around the box a couple of times, then add the poinsettia charm.  Secure with a bow.  Add a Thin foam square to the back of the poinsettia to secure to the box.  Using Collage Medium, wrap a Stitched Scraps piece around the side of the box (super easy to use when you don't have the time or patience to make your own).

Box 3 - Using Thin Foam Squares, add poinsettia ephemera (all ephemera is from the 2020 Snippets pack - smaller than the regular ephemera) to the top of the box.  I did trim away the stems and some of the background so it fit better on the box.  Cut the word PEACE from the Label Tape.  Cut the right end in a V and add directly to the box.

Box 4 - Repeat the idea of the snowy background (box 1), but this time with Rock Candy Glitter.  The Dog Ephemera is on a double stack of regular Foam Squares.  Because foam squares do not like to stick to glitter, I created the double stack and added it to the box, but did not remove the top paper.  Then I painted  the Collage Medium in the box and added the Rock Candy Glitter.  Once I was ready to add the little dog, I just peeled the paper off the top foam square and added the ephemera.

Box 5 - Background is the same as Box 1 but I made sure there was no Mica on the left so I could add the Special Delivery Snippet.  The tree is the smallest of the Woodland Trees.  I painted the base with Candied Apple Distress Paint, sprayed the tree with Bundled Sage Distress Spray Stain, then added Collage medium to the branches and rolled it in Rock Candy.  I love the trees with red bases!

Box 6 - The frame is frame the Deco Frame pack.  It fit perfectly on the top of the box.  All I had to do was rub Picket Fence Distress Paint over the top of the frame and let it dry.  Then I pounced Mushroom Alcohol Ink over the top to bring back the detail.  I added the smallest star from the Adornments Stars pack (painted with gold Mixative Alcohol Ink).  The words are Clippings from the Sticker Book.

Box 7 - The easiest box ever...Add Snippets ephemera to box with Thin Foam Squares. Done.

Box 8 - The snowballs are Baubles I coated in Collage Medium and rolled in Rock Candy.  I actually coat them with the glue, then plop them in the jar of glitter and shake the jar side to side till coated (don't let it get buried in the glitter).  I just leave it in the jar till I complete 3 snowballs then remove them with tweezers to the craft mat to dry completely.  Once the snowballs are dry, I added them to the box with Collage Medium.  I left enough room at the top for the clipping sticker.

Box 9 - I used two tiny wood blocks to secure the silver "C" Stencil Chip in place.  You could also use foam squares but you would probably have to stack at least 4 to make it work.  The word Christmas is from the sticker book.

Box 10 - Add Snippet ephemera to the box with Collage medium.  Add the Tiny Clip at the top to appear as if it is the only thing holding the ephemera.  Adhere the small Flair Button to the box.

Box 11 - Rub Picket Fence Distress Paint over the Snowflake.  Once dry, add Collage Medium and Rock Candy Glitter, let dry again.  Punch a small hole in the box. Thread the red and white string through the hole, adding the large Snowflake to the string before tying in a bow.  Secure Snowflake with a Thin Foam Square.

Box 12 - Use Collage Medium to add a crown (idea-ology Treasures), tiny lace collar (vintage lace) and Transparent Wings to the Salvaged Doll.  Set aside to dry.  
Cut a piece of acetate to fit the top of the box. Add a Christmas Remnant Rub to the lower right side. 
Using a Foam Square or even hot glue, add the Salvaged Doll to the box.  Add a small amount of Rock Candy.  Add Collage Medium around the lip of the box to adhere the acetate you cut previously.  Let dry.  Add the gold pinked edge Tape from the idea-ology Trim Tape pack to the edge of the box.  This will cover any excess glue on the edges of the acetate. 

And for good measure, add a Mini Hardware Pull to one end of the box, as if it is an old library drawer. I added Hardware Heads to each end so it looks like the pull is screwed to the box. And lastly, I added a Clippings sticker from the Sticker Book, "Season to be Jolly" (which it truly is).

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you like this piece as much as I do.  I swear I could make one for every season (maybe I will).

carry on now,


  1. OMG! This is FABULOUS, Paula!
    I had actually thought about doing this for Christmas when I saw your Halloween box, and then time got away from me and it didn't happen. I will start earlier next year and get this done!

  2. This makes my vintage-loving heart go pitter-patter! I love every little thing about it, it's beautiful!

  3. Love all the boxes! Where did the dog come from? I don’t see it in the sticker book.

  4. I made the Halloween version, think I will be making Christmas projects well into next many great makes, so little time...LOL.

    1. Need to tell Tim that we need a whole pack of the paper you used for behind/around the matchbox boxes...2 sheets per pad and every designer has used this paper...nope not enough...favorite design...

  5. Another beautiful version Paula, each box is a delight and I just adore those sparkly pearls! x

  6. A labor of love! Every detail is amazing and completely inspiring. Just a WOW!!!