Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Using the Travel Folio

 Hello friends,

Lots of behind the scene work has kept me busy these past few weeks and blogging seems to be the first thing to be scratched off the list.  However, due to the holiday weekend here in the US, I had some extra time to get some things done and posting a project is one of them!

I created this book in January of 2020 for the Creativation show using the Travel Folio.  I was going to share it here when I returned, but we all know what happened in early March.  To be quite honest, I just didn't think anyone (me for instance) wanted to be reminded how they (I) couldn't travel anywhere due to Covid.  Fast forward to last week when Tim and I were discussing the Travel Folio and this project popped into my mind with the words, "you can share it now".  So here I am today, hoping you will accepting of an old project that I love and want to share with you today!

The Travel Folio can be used for many themes.  The inside and outside are covered with ephemera based papers that make it even easier to work with because quite frankly, the hard part of 'covering the cover' is done for you.  Can you change the paper or add more embellishment on the outside? sure, totally up to you...we have just given you the foundation to work with.

The only thing I added to the cover was the black/white sticker (Label Stickers) and metal hardware from the Factory Tags pack.

Open the large flap and I have added these fantastic giant numbers from Layers, Urban pack.  
NOTE: I need to mention that the Urban pack comes with only one number 2, so the numbers will not work if you are documenting 2021 unless you buy two packs.  The way to get around this is if you have the Sizzix die, Countdown.  
The font is the same but the number are smaller than Layers, Urban.  You can see the difference below.
The inside has two large flaps at the top and bottom to keep everything safe inside...no holes for stuff to fall out.
All the "patterned paper" on the inside of my book came from this pack of Journal Cards.  The cards come in four sizes and are printed on both sides, which works well for a project that will see both sides of the paper.  I used the longest size to create pockets by folding them in half...you will see an example of this later.
The "spine" (or the thing that you glue all the papers and tags to...) is sewn into the book, so all you need to do is add the things you want to embellish with.
We traveled to 4 countries so I created the book by date.  It was a lot easier to work out in my mind what I wanted to add when I printed all the pictures on my HP Sprocket printer.  I have traveled with the Sprocket before and the girls printed their pictures every night - that was good for a week but I think doing it for longer would just get annoying.  So this time I printed the pictures out when I got home.  Much less pressure to print after a long day on your feet.
The thing to remember when putting a folio together is that each layer should reveal just a tidbit about the next, without giving it away.  All the large tags are from the Salvaged Tags pack - they work great here because the tags come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  Perfect for a book that should look "gathered" together!
The Journal cards have rounded corners which makes a very finished look without having to do anything special. 
In each section I would look for ways to add journaling and photos.  I also made sure I had both vertical and horizontal photos to work with.
I also love to create whole paragraphs out of Clippings Stickers.  Scotland was on the top of her priority list to visit and there was a sticker that used the very words so I knew I needed to include it somehow!  This label comes printed on the back of the Journaling Card so added the Tiny Clip to the top so it looks like the label is clipped to the page.  #fauxlabel
There are ways to extend the available "pages" of the Travel Folio.  One is to fold and score an edge of a Journal Card to create a hidden space for a photo.  So keep your eyes on the the giant ticket from the Ticket Book.
Here is the backside!  The perfect place to hide a picture, leaving a small spot for words on the part of the Journaling Card that was folded over and glued to the page.  Speaking of "glue" - I used Score Tape in varying widths to add all the pieces to the spine.  
As I transition to another country, I make sure to add the name (even though my handwriting stinks and I sometimes spell things wrong).
The blue paper behind the phone file is actually a long card folded in half and sewn on two sides.  I added another card inside with a folded ticket from the Ticket Book and an eyelet (seriously so hard to find good eyelets these days!)
More tags from the Salvaged Tag pack with added Vintage Flair (clover button) and Thought Tokens (metal coins with words).  "Handle with Care" ephemera is a favorite from Layers, Urban.

Another hidden card inside the folded and sewn Journal Card.  The Thought Token tied to the eyelet is an easy pull tab.  The colored Labels keep coming... the pack has one sheet of each: black, red, pink and navy so it was easy to keep changing up the colors throughout the book.
The text on Salvaged Tag on the right is hidden by another Journal Card that has been folded and scored to work like a door.  
I added the idea-ology fork since I used a picture of the waffles we ate that day.  A ticket from the Ticket Book serves as a tab and hints to the reader to lift the door!
I always love hidden journaling!  In hind site I should have added another picture to the inside of the door!  It's the perfect spot!
This is the last section of the folio.  The thick book that comes with the Travel Folio is placed here but I continued on with my story behind it.
NOTE: the book you see is held to the Travel Folio with an elastic strap.  The book can be easily removed for use or not used at all.
On the other side of the notebook, I was able to add one more photo of our last night in London. 
The flaps can also be used for more photos. This was a favorite taken on a boat ride in Bruges. As you can see, I was able to find a Clippings Sticker that went with every situation!

I love how this turned out - a sweet remembrance to a wonderful trip.  It's never too late to put your photos and memories into a keepsake that can be kept just for you or given as a gift.  I know Maddie loved this one.

If you liked the idea of using the Travel Folio, you might check out what Tami B did with it HERE! Totally different, yet absolutely wonderful and full of details.

now carry on,