Friday, March 29, 2013

Mini Book Basics: folds and flipouts

One word for today...marathon.
Why do I always have so many steps?  sorry about that.

Today's techniques are really why I fell in love with building mini books.  I love the "figuring it out" part, the building if you will, of the flip outs, secret compartments and hidden messages. 

So lets get to it.

Again, I'm starting with the 4 manila pages as the foundation.
Fold Out 1 -
The easiest to start with is a basic fold out from the right side of the page. My pages are 4" wide so I cut the fold out 3" so as not to cover the holes.  Another way to do this is to cut the foundation page wider and just fold it over.  In my case I would have needed to cut my 4" page, 7" wide and then I could have folded it back 3". 

Fold Out 2 -
The same exact piece as number one, but I'm going to build on it by making it a zig-zag.
You will need two pieces, one needs to be at least 1/2" narrower than the first.  If your page is wider, the gap can be wider.

Fold Out 3 -
I cut another 3" wide piece and then split it in two so that it will open in the center.  I cut mine off center but it is really up to you where the opening is.

Fold Out 4 -
I wanted to do something with the piece I saved when I cut the window in the pocket so I decided to make it a hinged door.  The shape fit nicely between the holes so that actually worked out quite nice for me.
So, lets add some paper.  Of course I am still using the same paper stash that I gathered at the beginning.
fold out 1 and 2
Here are some shots of the zig zag - fold out 2
When I cut my paper for the top piece, I cut it about 1/2" wider so I could score it and fold it for a hinge.  I just added Wonder Tape and pressed it to the piece below.

fold-out 3 and 4
On the bottom paper (large polka dot), I used another piece of paper (white with lines) to make a hinge.  Just another way of doing the same thing.
 back of 3 and 4
Lets move on to the finished fold-outs.
These are in no particular order.

Travel - fold out number 3
I created 2 custom fasteners, one large and one small.
 Then tied a bit of waxed linen around the brad legs.
 Poke a hole in the top flap and add large brad with string.
Add small brad to bottom flap.
String will wind back and forth in a figure 8 pattern to close.
 Using a Foil sheet....
Cover a piece of Grungepaper.
Smooth with a bone folder.
Cut out two mini globe shapes.
One in the Grungepaper and one in blue cardstock.
I inked the mini globe and the continents with Espresso Alcohol Ink.
Clip the world apart from the globe base.
Stamp with map image - Stamper Anonymous: Warehouse District.  Seriously, the perfect stamp for the globe.
Ink - Archival Coffee
 Glue the cardstock piece over the globe.
 Use thin foam squares to pop the continents up from the surface of the globe.
 Add to fold-out 3

I created a card with Spun Sugar Distress Stain for the inside.  The word FOUND is on the Remnant Rubs sheet - words
Family and Friendship: Fold out 1 and 2
I cut two more shapes, the mini clock and the mini typewriter using the same grungepaper/foil sheet.
 Cute, aren't they?
 I colored them with Espresso and Pitch Black Alcohol Ink.
Let's start with the clock.
I found that the Paper Stash - Lost and Found has 6 x 6" squares at the back of the pad.  These clocks are the perfect size to fit the grungeboard mini clock.
 I just cut it out and glued it on.
 Then added it to fold-out 2 which is the zig zag fold-out.
I added some black and clear stripe washi tape and a Hinge Clip (and my very last piece of ribbon I dyed at the beginning of the process).
Friendship: Fold-out number 1
Super easy one...Remnant Rubs - numbers run across the front.  Tissue Tape harlequin is from the new Elements pack.  The Enameled Tag has an Admit One Remnant Rub (Alcohol ink over the top to color).  To open, spin the Enameled Tag.
 Inside, the typewriter with a little message...
 Work - fold-out 4
I created a metalic heart using the Mini Hearts die the same way as the previous shapes.  Then ran the heart though the Vagabond machine with the Riveted Metal Textures Folder.
The heart is colored with Pebble, Pitch Black and Gold Alcohol Ink.
The heart was added to Fold-out number 4, along with a couple mini gears held with Mini Fasteners. 
Tissue tape along side the green paper is from the Journeyman pack.
 A Ring Fastener allows you to pull the polka-dot piece like a door. 
 Inside, a place for notes.
  Well, the book is getting fatter...only inserts left to go.
I will be away teaching this next week so you will have to wait for the insert portion.  Sorry about that...just not enough hours in the day sometimes.
Cheers for a great weekend...Happy Easter.