Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mini Book Basics: Pockets

So you know how there are times in your life when you think things are true and they're not?

Like when I went to Las Vegas for the first time, I thought you had to bring your own nickles and quarters so I saved my money, rolled them and carted them all the way to the casino.  Duh, they have nickles there.

or when I thought Rick Springfield was the man of my dreams (again, not true).

Well, the size of the worn journal stated in the last post is wrong.  I thought it was right, but it's not.  Since I do CHA work sometimes I get prototype items.  Guess, what I used?  A prototype cover that I had stuck in a drawer and saved for some reason, never even realizing when I took it out that that cover was about a 1/2 taller than the real product.

So it's a "make it work" moment.

I will continue to use what I started with for this project, but please know that if you have ordered a Worn Cover, the real measurements are 4 3/4 x 7".  My journal pages I cut actually fit in the "real" cover but I would have to resew the fabric cover and I don't want to do that.  So I am making it work in real Project Runway fashion and moving on toward the finish.

Full steam ahead to pockets:
Cut base pages to fit your mini book.  Mine are the same size as my divider pages.
Punch holes for the binding mechanism.  This is the ring binder I will be using in my Worn Cover.
Gather some paper that goes with your color scheme.  I am using paper from my stash - too old to even mention the brands as I am quite sure none are being manufactured anymore.  Just pick a group of at least four papers to work with.  Vary the patterns and scale.  The two polka dots in the photo are too close in scale so I ended up switching one out for a smaller scale version.
I also gathered leftover scraps on the same Ranger manila cardstock I am using.  I have cut so much paper in the last couple weeks for the classes I have been preparing for France that I have a multitude of scraps on hand.  I usually just rubber band them together and wait for the next project.  This is perfect.
Just for visual teaching purposes I am cutting each pocket shape in manila cardstock.  You do not have to do will only cut pockets from the paper you have chosen for your mini.
Pocket One: basic
This is always the most basic of a pocket.  I try to cut the shape just below center of the page.  My page is 7" tall and my pocket is 3".  I only made my pocket one sided, but if you cut your paper twice as wide you can wrap the pocket around to the back side and have a pocket on both sides of the page.

Pocket Two: Slash pocket
Cut a square the width of your page.  Mine is 4" so my square is 4 x 4".
Turn on end and cut down the center.

Next two

Pocket Three: Strip Pocket
This pocket usually works better on a wider page but I'm going to make it work here.

Pocket 4:  Cut or punch a shape for a window.
I am using the Sized Arches - you can use whatever shape you like.  If you don't have a die cut machine you can cut a shape freehand or use a punch.
To cut the shape in the Vagabond, I decide where I want the cutout then use Tissue Tape to secure it to the cardstock so it will not move in the machine.  I flipped the shape upside down just to do something different.  We'll have to wait and see how that turns out, lol.
Create the "sandwhich" - from bottom to top: cutting plate, base tray, die, cardstock, cutting plate.  This picture shows what it looks like before I added the last cutting plate on top.
 And there's the shape cut out.  Save the center for later, you just never know.
 Here's the test...the tag covers the open space.
Okay, so the patterns are done.  Use the ideas to cut pockets using your own paper.  Here are my basic pockets before being embellished.  I am temporarily using the kraft tags to test the pockets.  They may or may not end up in the final project.

Pocket Pages one and two:
I used 1/4" Wonder Tape to adhere the pockets to the base pages.
Pocket pages: three and four
loving that the Sized Arch upside down looks like a shield shape...I am mad for any kind of shield shape.

On pocket four, I did not want the tag to drop to the bottom of the page so I figured out that the tag had to stay above the 1" mark at the bottom.
This is what the BACK of the pocket looks like.  I added a second strip of Wonder Tape to stop the tag from going below.

Embellished Tags
Family: pocket shape 4
stamp: Stampers Anonymous - Way With Words, Mixed Media

I colored a #8 tag with Distress Ink: Spun Sugar and Mustard Seed and used the spritz and flick technique.  Once dry, I stamped the tag using Distress Paint - Picket Fence (white) using the circles of the Mixed Media stamp set.
At this point, the tag is inserted into the pocket and I want to stamp something.  A little trick I have showed you before is stamping the image on a piece of plastic so I can see if the image will fit in the space.  It does, so I can go ahead and stamp it for real now.
Next, Remnant Rubs.
You can look at them as little sayings or individual words.  I only needed the word "observations" as "life" was already in the first line of the stamp image.  So I just cut off that part.  I also cut off the "s" at the end.
So it ends up looking like this...geez, those tiny words are wonderful.  They make a good quote even better.  It's like your own personal spin.
 Next I glued a piece of French Industrial paper to a small piece of Grungepaper.
Then ran it through the Vagabond machine with the Pediment die (the die has 3 different pediment shapes).
I added the pediment to the top of the shield shape as well as a small glittered star and some Crinkle ribbon.  The color was so beautiful that I ironed the ribbon flat just so you can see it better (Tumbled Glass, Broken China, Crushed Olive).
 And of course the tag can be removed.

Friends: pocket shape 4
Stamp - Stampers Anonymous: Way With Words, Artful Tools

I created a tag for the pocket using Distress Paint: Mowed Lawn, Picked Raspberry, and Mustard Seed.  I just painted on the Distress Paint with the dabber top in sections.
 Then misted it with water and let it run a bit.
As I was drying with the Heat it Tool, I used a crumpled paper towel to move bits of the Mowed Lawn over the Picked Raspberry.
 Next, I stamped the entire tag with the ruler stamp, Artful Tools in Aquamarine Archival Ink.  How cool does that look? love that stamp.
I stamped another quote from, Way With Words and stitched it to the tag. I think I have the perfect picture to go with this quote.

Work - Pocket shape 2
I stamped a black #8 tag with a quote from the Way With Words.  I used the only white ink I had which was a Staz-on Opaque ink to make the quote look like a chalkboard drawing.
Using the leftover ribbon from the cover, I stamped "Life is Good" in Archival ink.  I like to have the Heat it tool ready to help control the ink bleed.  I usually stamp 2 times and dry, stamp 2 times and dry, etc.  Then I heat set it with the iron.
Left over ribbon = good
I cut a piece of the green paper and pinked the edge.  Since my pocket was already glued to the page, I just stitched the strip then used Wonder Tape to adhere it to the edge (no one will ever know it wasn't sewn on).  The Mini Fasteners secure everything in place.
 Finish it off with Vial labels and Rubs.
Travel - Pocket shape 3
I decided to make a postcard with watercolor paper so I could use the Distress Markers.  I was going to go for the big globe stamp and then changed my mind and used the Mini Blueprints 3.  I lined them up for spacing, perfect fit (except I need to turn the compass right side up)
 I left them in place for spacing...using the long skinny block helped.
 Now to the fun part.
 I grabbed my water brush and some markers and just had some fun.
I ended up stitching the pocket (yes it was already glued), then punched a couple holes for ribbon that is purely decorative.  This might be my favorite.

I made one pocket for each section, but depending on how large you want your mini book to be you can easily make more.  Just have fun.
So, you have until Monday to get your pockets done and then I will be back with Journaling pages.  If you haven't started your can catch up!  The weekend is coming...



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