Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Layering with Happy Colors

I started out making a card this morning, but just wasn't "feeling it".   So I gathered everything up and put it to the side and started with a different thought.  It was raining outside so I decided to grab some bright Distress Paint colors from the shelf to make something happy! 
I found a piece of chipboard on the shelf - yep, just plain 'ole chip.  Painted a coat of Gesso from Dina's new line and let it dry (which is VERY quick - I like that).
Once dry, I painted over the surface with Worn Lipstick (my favorite pink Distress Paint).  I spritzed it with a light mist of water to make the lines disappear once dry.
Tissue Wrap is next...just add pieces with Multi Medium.
Another favorite - Distress Damask stamp and Watering Can Archival Ink.
This whole project is really fast and random.  What you think may be really important - like where the stamp is placed - really isn't.  It's just about building the layers to create the texture.  You might notice I didn't even use a stamp block, I just rolled it on.
You will need to let the ink dry before the next step (or use a heat tool like me).
Two more colors of Distress Paint - Peacock Feathers and Crushed Olive.  Make a paint palette on your craft mat to work from.
Then use your best tools, your fingers, to add paint to the surface. 
Don't think too much.  In fact, if you can limit yourself to 2-3 minutes to add the paint, it will force you to make more intuitive choices.
 Next the Crushed Olive.
This is how I ended.
Knowing when to stop is part of the process!
Set aside to dry.
How about a little texture?
Wendy Vecchi Embossing Paste/palette knife and the Bubble stencil.  This stuff is like butter!
Most important, CLEAN the stencil when the paste is still wet!!
Can you mix stain and paint?  I did.
Tumbled Glass Distress Stain and Tarnished Brass Distress Paint.
I pounced the Distress Stain over the dots until the stain was puddling, then pounced a bit of the Tarnished Brass over the top.  I dried the mix with the heat tool and then wiped up the remaining liquid with a paper towel.
So this is the part that might be a just a little scary for some, but stay with me here.
I put some Gesso onto a palette knife (yes, I know that usually goes underneath the paint) and ran it down the surface.
I just kept adding Gesso in the thin coat till I thought it looked balanced.
I know, really random, right?
I let the Gesso dry, then tinted it just a bit with Vintage Photo (gotta love that new Mini Blending Tool).
Now a quick easy layer of Worn Lipstick, just over the Gesso.  I added the paint with the dabber top and smoothed it out with a wet wipe.
 I had this piece of Frameworks sitting on my desk that I had previously painted with Iced Spruce.
 I punch out the centers and stamped them with text.
 Then added them to the canvas.
 I created a drop shadow using Distress Markers.
Next up...a Chitchat saying.
 And a little more marker work.
 Again, fingers are your your best tools for smudging.
The last step is to add some speckles with the new Spritzer Tool.  Insert the marker in the tool so the marker sits just past the tip where the air comes out.  Hold it up above your work, aim the Spritzer air hole straight down and squeeze.
 Super fun tool to work with and it adds a fine splatter effect that makes the perfect finishing touch.

 I added a metal piece from the Adornments - Nature pack (with a little Iced Spruce Distress Paint added) to a small clip board I had.
The just slipped the little painting under the clip.
Loving the final result.
Do you notice you can barely see the tissue and the stamping layer?  But what you can see is important in the layering process.

I know I used a lot of different products in this project.  But really, the idea is to use what appeals to you... colors you like, stencils you like...make it yours.  Just remember, layers are the key!

Hope you have a happy day!  Now go create some layers!
Carry on,