Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A few months ago I ordered Instagram prints from Printstagram (say that 3 times, fast).  This was my first time sending away for Instagram prints, so really it was more of a test to see how they would turn out and if I liked the quality.  I found the service easy to understand and really easy to upload.  Printsagram takes you to your Instagram account where all your photos are.  Then you just click on the picture you want (not gonna get easier than that!).  And yes, you can order more than one of a picture, which I love.  You get 48 prints for $12 (I chose matte finish) which I thought was a great price for cool, tiny, little photos.
Just for a size comparison
I decided to make something using one of the photos of the Eiffel Tower I took when I was in Paris in May.  After a long day visiting cathedrals in the countryside, Sande and I walked to the park to wait for the tower to light up.  All I can say is...magical.

Anyway, I chose this image, cut it out, then adhered it to a piece of book board.  The picture cut out is only 1.75 x 1.75", really darling when it is that small.
Next I tried it on several of the ATC size papers inside Paper Stash - Lost and Found.  Should I use the daily note paper?
 The calendar?
or maybe the tiny text? Well, I didn't end up using any of them but picked another from the same paper stash...but you will have to wait and see which one.
I decided to make a box or frame for my little picture to elevate it since it's so tiny.  I went to the garage but this time I could only find this skinny wood that my husband usually uses to back things.  Whatever, I'll make it work.  I also had some pieces of broken yardsticks I got for free at an estate sale.  Good enough.
The board was 4" wide so I cut it 5.5" long.  Okay, my husband was at work so I used my Olfa roller cutter to cut the wood.  It worked, but I might need to change the blade soon.  After it was cut and sanded, I covered the wood with Sticky Back Canvas.
To give the Sticky Back Canvas a bit more texture I use Archival Ink - coffee to stamp random lines using a stamp from the SA Mixed Media set.  I did not use an acrylic block so the stamp would look more random as if the texture had worn away.  I also blotted off some of the coffee ink onto a paper towel before stamping on the Sticky Back Canvas. 
I cut another piece of book board (2.5 x 3.5")for the ATC size paper from the Paper Stash.  Which one did I choose?  The subway sign. 
I inked the paper with Broken China Distress Ink to give it a subtle blue color then adhered the paper to a bookboard piece.  I sanded the edges to take away some of the text, then inked with Frayed Burlap.
Next, a Word Band.
Cover with Snow Cap Paint Dabber.
Then wipe away the paint with your finger tip or a baby wipe leaving the white paint in the text.
I used the new Paper String to secure the Word Band to the bookboard as shown below.

A little Wonder Tape on the back of the picture to add it to the center.
I used foam tape to secure the bookboard piece to the Sticky Back Canvas.  Then sanded and inked two Vial Labels, cut them in half and slipped each under the bookboard (I did stamp the date before I added it to the piece).
So here is where the yardsticks come in.
I cut the yardsticks (again, with my roller cutter) so they fit the initial book board piece then glued them together with wood glue and taped the edges together with blue painters tape until dry.
And here it is...all done.
I added the Clock Key to the top of the box with one of the new long screws.
The word, "see" is from the Chitchat sticker book.  I used a eye screw to hang a Type Charm from a piece of Lace Chain (the light bulb icon came from the File Tabs pack) .  I did secure the type charm with a piece of foam tape. 
The finished box is only 4 1/4 x 5 3/4" but it looks much larger in the previous pictures. I think one of the reasons I like this project so much is that it is little... and the picture so tiny.  The structure is all about highlighting the photo.

Well, that's it for it's back to work.
Oh, but one last shout out to Olfa for making a blade sharp enough to cut through wood!   Every girl's dream!
cheers everyone!

Friday, August 24, 2012

BIG News!

I have a BIG announcement.

Some BIG things happening this week.....

I would like to introduce you to my newest Parker

He is darling....

We love him and feel so blessed to have him.

The above photo is a little deceiving.  We needed something next to him in the photo to give you a better perception of the true size.   He kept us waiting and arrived 12 days late.  We traditionally have had some big babies in our family, but he surprised us all weighing in at....(brace yourself) 9 lbs. 14 oz.  and 21 inches long.  I didn't really think he looked that big until I saw him in the hospital nursery next a set of twins....they were 4-5 lbs. each.

Hopefully all the newborn size clothes can be exchanged since he skipped that size all together.

The proud grandma's

So grateful for BIG blessings!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

problem solver

Today's post is more like a 'helpful hint' from Heloise.  For those of you who have never heard of Heloise, she is the lady in the newspaper who can tell you what to do with leftover lint from your dryer (answer: great way to get a fire started)

Today I solved a problem.

When working on a project, I usually need to choose from a menagerie of stamps.  And you know how it is...5 of them will work, but which is best?

To solve the problem, I took some plastic packaging from a Sizzix die, stamped the images I wanted to try on the project with Archival Ink.  You have to wait about 20 minutes for the Archival to dry but that wasn't a problem since I had three other things going on my desk at the same time. 

 Once the ink is dry, just lay it on any project, stand back and you will be able to see what the stamped image will look like.  I am quite sure that this is not a new idea, but I figured if it could help me make better/quicker decisions, then it might just help 1 or 2 of you.

Of course I chose the butterflies...
Also, a follow up to last weeks niece starts High School today (I still remember how terrifying that was).  We spent Monday doing some school shopping and also made this composition book using the same method as described in my last post.  She did all the inking, flicking and stamping.  What a great job...she was happy with the result.  Not too shabby for a 50 cent composition book...and a good reminder for her when she sees it in her backpack.

Distress Ink: Crushed Olive, Scattered Straw and Broken China. 
Happy crafting!