Monday, January 31, 2011


Once again, Miss Sande Krieger comes to the rescue with pictures for our post today.  Deb and I are of course at CHA (Craft and Hobby) Trade show in Los Angeles until the 1st so Sande helped us out by going to her favorite store, DETAILS, in Sugar House (a suburb of Salt Lake City) and taking a few photographs for us to use today.  Deb had been to the store on a visit to SLC with her husband a couple years back (of course she took pictures) and it is nice to see that Details has only gotten better with age. 
See for your self...
ripped pieces of muslin that they stamp on...what a fun idea.

What a fabulous apothecary jar!  I have three of these in varying sizes I bought for a wedding reception I did a few years ago...maybe its time to get them out of the attic!  I can always use another place to store bits of stuff.

I know these are not old but I still love them.  Fabulous find for a mantle.

What a can of white spray paint can do!

Notice the varying sizes of sidelights hooked least that's what I think they are.  Super cool room divider!

Deb and I have been collecting old store signs like these for a few years.  They used some Tim Holtz 12 x 12 paper in these.  I might just have to do that too.  I think Sande bought one of these so we will have to wait to see what she does with it.

Is this not a darling table, or what?

All I am going to say is...I think I need to lay down now (on that day bed that is).

This is an up close shot of a curtain in the showroom...just fabulous.
I can see now a trip to SLC may be in order.  My husband can snowboard and I can shop!
You can see more picture here and on Sande's blog this week (you know where to find that!)

DETAILS Comforts for the Home
1993 SOUTH 1100 EAST
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Monday thru Friday 10AM-6PM,
Saturday 10:00 AM-6:00PM

Once again, thanks go out to Sande for helping us out this week!  
We'll be back mid-week with pictures from the show so stay tuned.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

And The Winners Are...

Before Paula left to meet Debbie at CHA in Los Angeles, she asked me, the husband, if I would do her blogpost today.  Being the kind, loving, generous, helpful husband that I am, I clearly agreed.  So, she explained how 5 of you that commented on the "Masterful Recreation" post are going to win one of Sande Krieger's digital kits on 2peas.  After giving me her instructions on how to choose the winners, she said, and I quote, "after you've done that, you can write whatever you want."    Immediately my mind began racing...."write whatever I want?  What should I write about?".... let's see...

First thing that came to mind is that the Super Bowl is coming up in a week and although I've been a casual fan of the Steelers since the '70s, I really think the Packers are the hottest team right now........

Then I thought that I really need to start getting ready for fantasy baseball.  Maybe a post about that would be interesting....probably not to 2gypsygirls followers.

How about golf?  New season on the PGA tour just started and is Tiger back?  College basketball?  March Madness is just around the corner? 

I've always thought that if I had my own blog that one day I'd talk about how Santa Maria Style BBQ stacks up against Texas, North Carolina, Kansas City & Memphis.  Can you tell that I love BBQ.

Getting the idea of the things that ran through my mind when given the power to "write whatever you want"?  Anyway, without further is the lucky day for the following comments:
#27:  Mary said...
Love Sande's work and everything 7 Gypsies! I have several of Sande's digital kits and would LOVE another! Keep feeding us these fabulous ideas.
#39:  fawn said...
Sande's work is always inspiring. She has Great style and Amazing talent.
#14: Connie K. said...
this is really gorgeous...i love it!
#1:   Christina Aiton said...
I am very inspired by Sande's blog and project - I am thinking of how it could be done in some other ways with things I have in my studio. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win!
#4:   heidig said...
Lots of inspiration to be found on Sande's blog. Love her interpretation of the "dome" and the Royal typewriter in the picture!

Lucky winners, you need to get your email address to Sande Krieger.  So, you can go to Sande's blog and click on her "email me" link to let her know which kit you would like.  She'll take care of the rest.  Congratulations to ALL! 

Now that the giveaway nonsense is out of the way, who wants to talk sports and BBQ?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Masterful Recreation

Many years ago Deb came up with an idea to showcase label stickers and rubbings in the booth.   It involved a huge glass dome, some wire, and styrofoam.  After we used the dome a few times in the booth it became just too precarious to cart the dome from show to home and back to the show time after time so it went home to live with Deb in her studio.

Fast forward to November 2010, our friend Sande Krieger visits Deb's studio during the Advent class weekend and spots the big dome on the top shelf...a little dusty but still a fabulous idea so she snapped a picture for future reference.
That picture came in handy when Sande decided to create her own mini version this week. 

Here it is...

the inside 'guts' of the project
love those tiny label stickers!

If you hop over to Sande's blog she has so kindly listed links to the products she used to create her masterpiece of typography from the stickers to stamps to labels.

But wait there's more! 

After you take a look at Sande's blog and check out the links, pop back here and leave us a comment because Sande is giving FIVE of our LUCKY blog readers the chance to select one of her digital kits from 2Peas.  That's!  You can find them here (my crimony, it seems there are 152 to choose from!).  Sande will send each of the five winners a download link for the kit they choose.

Please be aware when entering that you will need photo editing software such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to open most files. NOTE: you can download a trial version of Elements for free from Adobe.

Since we leave for CHA in the morning my husband will be picking the winning names for us on Saturday the 29th... Good luck Ladies!

Monday, January 24, 2011

How do you choose?

When we teach classes in person, people frequently ask how they can reach us, so a couple weeks ago Deb and I decided to purchase some business cards that include our web address.  I went straight to Etsy, my favorite resource for just about everything, to find something that would work for us.

I found some cute cards...
darling little bird by Siskastudio

some modern cards...
fabulous flowers by Saratams

and some very beautiful (but over our budget) cards
lovely letterpress by Inviteink
and then I stumbled onto GoGoSnap, the perfect blend of vintage and modern, just what we were looking for.

Julie was a great to work with, even testing a couple ideas I had.  I am not saying they were good ideas, but she humored me none the less to get the card just right.
One thing I love about Julie's work is that she has personally collected the vintage images that make her cards unique.  And it not just one style...there is something for everyone.  Here is a sample of her work:

(you can pick the alphabet letter you want)

But it's not just business cards...
She creates large cards (4 x 6") for special occasions, such as this Save the Date card.  This one is my favorite because of course, she will put the couples initials in the tree.  Love that! It could totally be adapted for an anniversary or engagement party invitation.

Julie can even change the color of the brides hair in this one...

And these fabulous 4 x 6" cards printed on both the front and back, again for an invitation or announcement...really anything you wish.  Wouldn't that look great in a journal about the event later on?
Well, I think you get the drift by now...we really like what she is doing!  Yeah, Julie!

Do you want to see the custom card she created for us?

I don't even know if you will notice but we used the picture from our blog header.  Julie has a couple cards she will add a custom image to, at no additional cost.  We love it!

On another topic all together -Congratulations to the winner of our last drawing for the new Lille paper and some other good stuff.
Blogger 8thgypsy said...
Oh please pick me, I just love everything Lille.
January 21, 2011 
Dear Miss 8th gypsy, will you please email me at with your mailing address and we will send out the goods as soon as we get back from the show.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sneak Peek Week Wrap-Up

It's the last day of our sneak peek week and we've saved the best for last.  

If you loved the library drawer that came out last year, you're gonna really love this.  Let us introduce you to....

The Mini Drawer
Just the right size for ATC cards or whatever mini you have to file and display.  Don't you just love how it's jam packed full of tags and tape and paperclips?  We do!
This one was created by Ranjini Malhotra
The Mini Drawer used for display.  This one is at the other end of the spectrum...very clean yet super fun.  Love this idea...
the details...

The original Library Drawer - by Mou Saha
 If you haven't seen the original,  it's a little larger and slightly different shape.  Don't you just want to get in there and see all the other cards Mou created?

New Book Knobs
Aren't these fun? great on a journal cover or a wall hanging.  

 Clear Stamps
  How can you pick only one?  I think they are only $11.95 each so you must save up to buy all three.

Journal Pages
Look at these!  So many uses for these guys...they are 3 1/2 x 5 1/2", small enough for journals, trays, layouts, etc.

Check out this wall hanging By Ann Mabee... made with 3 of the Small Receipt Holders.  She just inserted the journaling cards behind the clips.
the details...

On Wednesday's post we asked if anyone could guess what gypsy oldie but goodie is coming back.  If you guessed printed tissue (way to go Robin!), you are correct.  We have been waiting SO long for this.  It's so fun to cut up and decoupage on anything kraft colored.   There are 4 styles to chose from, but I only have 3 to show you.  The one not pictured - Life Tissue is the same as the Life paper, a 7gypsy classic and my personal all time favorite paper.  

That's it, hope you have enjoyed our sneak peek.  

Our lucky winner for today is:
 nonnie the paper and the hooks and the atc stuff...ok, to be honest, love it all!

Nonnie, email me your address at  We will get your goodies to you as soon as we get back from CHA. Those who were not chosen this time still have one more chance.  Leave a comment to enter and we'll draw a name on Monday for more Lille paper plus some extra stuff you might just need. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Camden Collection

Thank you for all the encouraging comments, so glad you love Lille as much as we do.  Products shown in today's post will not be available for a little while, but we thought you would want to see what's coming soon.  You can always talk to your local scrapbook store and let them know what you love and if they can order it for you.  We have already heard from people who have ordered the entire Lille Collection, which is shipping now.  Okay, so with that being said, let's get started...

The Camden Collection
Inspired by the markets of Camden, England...think ephemera, tickets, receipts and labels.  

To go with the papers are the Camden Collection Tags
We love that they are pre-collaged and include a small area for writing.

A couple of ideas of how to use this collection from the 7gypsies design team....
Page layout - by Ranjini Malhotra

Page layout - by Vicki Boutin

Check out the new ATC tray kits - cards and little bits specifically sized to go in the Artist Printers Tray...but so many other possibilities!

This one is called the little numbers.

Love the Affirmations cards!
The details...

New piece of hardware we added to the tray called Loops and Hooks.  The metal loop (directly under the label holder) adheres to the tray and the hook allows you to hang all the fun charms and dangles.

This is the ATC tray kit - Family.  It works very well with the Lille collection we saw on Monday.  Don't you just love these?  We want 10 of those 'CRAZY GOOD' one's! But unfortunately you can't buy them that way.

Check out this great project using the Family ATC tray kit - by Ranjini Malhotra

Some of the new 7g hardware added to Ranjini's tray...
love the bitty hanger that you can clip items cute!  

And notice the new studs and metal corners, such a nice accent!

Now the most important part...we get to pick a winner from Mondays post.
The lucky winner is...

 Nancy said...I just love the look of all of the new products. Yahoo for you guys.

Nancy, email me your address at  We will get your goodies to you as soon as we get back from CHA. Those who were not chosen this time still have two more chances this week.  Leave a comment to enter and we'll draw a name on Friday for more Lille paper plus some extra stuff you might just need.  We'll have one more preview on Friday...and you are going to want to be here...we have something returning to the GYpSy camp that you will want to see.  Can you guess what it is?
That's it for's been fun to share.