Friday, May 31, 2019

A Remembrance of Things

Hi everyone!  I know it has been a LONG time since I have blogged! Lots of behind the scenes stuff going on as we prepare for the summer release (which are meant for use in Fall).  So I'm hoping there are still some friends out there that might be interested in a great project for summer!  Can you believe 4th of July is on its way?  
I started with a Vignette Divided Drawer.  It is 3 1/2 x 10" with two wood shelves that are removable.  So you can use one, two or none to create the space you want.  You can use the box standing like I did... or lay it on its side to use horizontal.  You could even lay it down flat to create a library drawer/card catalog.  So many way to use it.

For this project I removed one of the shelves and glued the other into place with Collage Medium.  The shelves are not evenly spaced in the box (three distinct compartments) so you can decide if you want a small box at the bottom or a larger one.
I covered the Divided Drawer with paper from the Correspondence Paper Stash using Collage Medium - perfect paper for this season!  I painted on a final coat of Collage Medium to seal the paper (inside and outside).
Once dry, I scribbled Gathered Twigs Distress Crayon on my Glass Mat.  Then using a damp brush I painted over the paper to age it.  I love the look the crayon gives over the paper.
You can see in this photo the slot where I removed the shelf.  I assure you once the paper is dry and the Design Tape is on, it is very hard to detect where the slot is.
Design Tape for the lip edge of the box.  I chose a narrow tape from Design Tape Collector pack.  The tape starts on the top and wraps to the outside.  I sanded a bit, added more crayon, pounced some crayon away with a wet wipe...all to give it the aged look.
Setting the Divided Drawer aside, I gathered two Vignette Panels, glued them together then painted them out with Chipped Sapphire Distress Paint.  This will form a base for the Divided Drawer.
*just a note about Vignette Panels - these little babies are being retired in the near future so if you like them like I do, best be snapping some up before they are no more.  Sad but true.
 Once dry, sand away...
 Rub with a brown Distress Ink pad, any color brown will do so pick your favorite.
I glued the Divided Drawer to the base I created then brushed on Collage Medium over the base.  The wet medium will activate the Distress Ink and make it look more naturally aged.  Let dry for at least 10-15 minutes or until secure.
While the base was drying I worked on this tag that came in the Keepsakes Ephemera pack.  I added words that were the catalyst of the project: "101: Remembrance of Things - to be preserved, according to value.  It's a subject worth considering."  This phrase created from the Clippings Stickers lead to the words on the bottles (see below)...things that in my mind are being lost or forgotten in todays world.  Of course not by everyone, but just read a newspaper (do people still do that?) or comments on social media and you might think so...compassion, integrity, etc.  If you create this project or one like it you can choose words and phrases that have meaning to you!
 I added an eyelet to make it look more authentic.
Distress Ink is always the best way to color string.  Simple and effective.
I decided to wrap the tag around the center of the project since it's the main thought/words for the piece.
 As for the bottles - I used a variety of sizes from the Corked Vials pack.
I rubbed Distress Crackle - Clear Rock Candy over each bottle and let them dry.  I colored them with a variety of ink colors (Gathered Twigs, Tea Dye, and Iced Spruce).  Ink, small brush, water, heat tool being the key players in the mix.
Here is what they look like once the words were added (just printed on my computer on vintage typing paper).  The black bits on two of the bottles is Seth Apter Baked Texture (rocky road) - very cool effect.

For the top half of the Divided Drawer I used a photo from the new Found Relatives.  We found these ladies a few years ago and they finally made it into the new pack.  Aren't they fun?  and perfect for the project summer theme.
I colored them with crayons and a Detailed Water Brush so I could create the flowers on the dress.  Remember, not too much water or it will wash the color away.
I stitched a piece of duck cloth to the back and pinked the edges.  I added the photo to the top compartment with a small block placed behind the photo to push it out from the back.
I also created a flower pot using a Thimble, some Bouquet flowers sprayed with Antique Linen and Iced Spruce Distress Spray Stain.  One way to get the flowers to stand up is to rub Collage Medium on the backside and stem and let them dry.  I stuffed a small amount of moss into the Thimble and then added the flowers.  The pink berries are vintage.
I painted one of the Mini Hardware Pulls in Barn Door Distress Paint.  Once dry, I painted over it with Distress Crayon just like I did the paper in the beginning.  The two silver screws are from the Hardware Heads pack.  The small size fits right into the holes in the Mini Pull.  Looks screwed on but it's really just Collage Medium.
I used Milk Caps to create faux bunting.  The large Milk Caps fit perfectly around the top of the Divided Drawer.  The tiny metal Adornment Star in the center was added with Collage Medium.
So there you have it, my summer Divided Drawer project.  I hope you can see that there are so many ways to use this product as well as the Divided Box (a larger version of the Divided Drawer).  

Thanks everyone for stopping by!
Now carry on!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Trinket Tin Book

Hello friends,

Today i'm sharing an easy little project using a Trinket Tin.  I had used Opaque Crackle Texture Paste on Vignette Panels and Collage Paper but never directly on metal so I decided to give that a try.
I sanded the metal just to give it some "tooth" and then wiped the Opaque Crackle over the edges of the lid.  Once it was dry I just scribbled Distress Crayon over the crackle and rubbed in it with a wet brush.  It's just that easy.
I created the center piece using a few of the new metal pieces, Date Dials and Adornments Deco Frames.  I also added a charm from the Adornments Milagros pack to the bottom.  It is secured with a foam square so I tucked the loop at the top up under the Deco Frame.
You can see there are holes in the crackle on the left side.  I found that when you have larger cracks you can pick at the cracks to create holes in the crackle finish...especially over the painted metal.  When you do this technique over paper you often only find a dark spot underneath but the painted metal resists absorption of any ink or crayon so it appears as new.
I used one of the Photobooth pictures from the new pack.  There are now 40 strips in the pack (more than before) and we have added new photos along with some old favorites.
You can see everything is layered so that the center is raised up from the tin.  
Inside the tin I used the same Journaling Cards as I did in the Petite Fabric Journal but this time I only used the smallest size (seen in the red circle).  This size fits perfectly into the Trinket Tin!
I painted the inside of the tin with Media Gesso to again, give the slick metal "tooth" or something for the paint to stick to.  Once dry, I painted over the gesso with Weathered Wood Distress Paint, let it dry, then sanded it down on the edges.  I added Worn Wallpaper to the little door, coated it with Collage Medium and then "painted" it with Distress Crayon using a damp brush.
Nine Journaling Cards have been taped together with Design Tape or sewn together with strips of leftover fabric to create a small zig-zag book inside the Trinket Tin.  There is no order, I just picked cards I liked and began sewing.  I found it was best to sew the cards together first in sets of two and tape the sets together.  This way you have visual placement for the Paper Dolls and words.
Speaking of Paper Dolls, these are all from the NEW pack that is now shipping from the warehouse!  You should start to see it in stores very quickly. 

All the flowers are from the new Layers Botanical that has not started shipping yet but will soon!

All the coloring was done with Distress Crayons and a damp (not wet) Detailer Water Brush.
I popped up some of the girls from the Journaling Card with THIN foam squares.  I know I have talked about the Scrapbook Adhesives THIN Foam Squares before, but they are so good that I have to mention them again!  They are the perfect 'lift' for most things!
And here is the little book all lined up...this is just my favorite!
I added the following pictures just to show a flat line up.  You can see the cards that were sewn together and the ones that were taped on the backside.

The backside - nothing fancy!

I hope you will try this little Trinket Tin idea!  It was fun and easy to do and I had the best time coloring all the Paper Dolls...kinda addicting I tell you!
Now carry on,

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Petite Journal

Hello Friends,

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite projects from Creativation.  This was a take off from a larger journal I made last year.
This time the size only 4 1/2 x 6" which makes the perfect size for the new Found Relatives that come in three sizes in the pack.  The book is made from heavy canvas covered in Collage Paper. Collage Medium will bind the Collage Paper to the canvas so it appears as oil cloth.  The canvas signatures (pages) are stitched into the book once complete.  I made a long, skinny tube of fabric to wrap around the cover to close it.  The keyhole is from the pack of Keyholes that has been around for many oldie but a goodie!

 The canvas pages are random sizes and each has Eclectic Elements fabric stitched along the outer edge.  This brings color and helps to contain the strings on the raw canvas edge.
 All the paper used in the journal are cards from the new Journal Cards pack (100 cards in 4 sizes).  They make the perfect background for the Found Relatives.
This page was fun because I added some collage paper over the found relatives dress and gave her a butterfly on a string.  I stitched on the cards I could... and some I stapled with the Tiny Attacher.
 I used Distress Crayon to color the Found Relatives.  In larger areas, I use a damp q-tip and in the smaller areas I used a Detailer Water Brush with VERY little water.
 Using the Detailer Water Brush you are able to blend small amounts of color that you could never do with a q-tip.  The numbers are from the Clippings sticker sheet.

 I used Eclectic Elements Craft Thread for the hand stitched XX.  The red label is from eh Classic Label sticker pack (it comes with 4 sheets of red, black, blue and pink stickers).

One of my favorite pages...because it appears so delicate due to the coloring.
FYI:  The flowers throughout the Journal are from the new Layers Botanical pack.  This is a running change (or update) for us so we never know exactly when the product will be flowing into stores.  I will let you know once the new botanicals (which are wonderful btw) can be purchased.  That being said...If you like the ones we have now, with the butterflies and the calling cards...It might be the time to buy a pack before they go away because once they are gone, they are gone.
The halo was created using one of the Classic Label Stickers with the pink edge...cutting it to fit her head.  The inside was colored with Distress Crayon to give a warm glow.  I love the flowers here too...all colored with crayon and the Detailer Water Brush.  I believe I used Fossilized Amber, Evergreen Bough and Aged Mahogany and Peeled Paint...all in very small doses.
 On this page I used a card to create a pocket.  The eyelet in the corner is just for show.

Journaling cards and a Stencil Chip M are all layered onto one large card, then stitched to the canvas across the top.
This Found Relative was so fun to color!  I added the wings and then colored in her entire dress from the buttons, to the flowers, to the hat!
 Here's a little close-up so you can see the flowers better.
 And the last page...I love this Found Relative of the mother and son.  The red coloring around the clippings sticker is more crayon work.
Well I hope you like my little journal.  Like I said, it is a favorite of the things I created for the show because of the size and the ease in putting it together (no wrong way to do it).  I love combining stitching and's just the best of two worlds that I love.
now carry on,