Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Distress Ink Minis - set #13

Hi everyone!
I've got the new set of Mini Distress Inks (set #13 if you are counting) on my work table today and that makes me happy!
I always like to give them a test run by creating a monoprint using a stencil.  Looks pretty good, right?
 Today I'll take it step further, creating a card using the new mini's.  I chose the Layering Stencil Tiles and I'm working on a piece of Ranger Watercolor paper.  I used three minis in today's project, Cracked Pistachio, Abandoned Coral, and Fossilized Amber.  As you can see, I have laid the stencil over the Watercolor paper and have randomly added the Distress Ink using Mini Blending Tools.
 I love how the Abandoned Coral and Fossilized Amber mix to make the perfect sunset!
I decided to add Distress Glaze over the Distress Ink because at this point I'm not sure what my next layers will be.  Adding the Distress Glaze over the "water-reactive" Distress Ink will allow me to keep this pattern/color, even if I use a wet layer like water or Multi Medium over the top.

To add the Distress Glaze to the card surface (which has a creamy chapstick consistency), rub onto fingertip and then onto the card surface (a little goes a long way).
 Buff away any excess with a soft cloth (okay, I used a paper towel).
I thought a test sample would really show you what Distress Glaze does.  The side on the right has a coating of Distress Glaze.  The side on the left does not.  You can see that when sprayed with water, the Distress Ink runs on the un-coated left side...(just like Distress Ink is suppose to).
Distress Glaze is not a product you need to use every time you use Distress Ink.  It is used when you want the ink to remain stable.  Simple as that.
Now back to the project...
I used the Blossom Stencil, a palette knife and Ranger Texture Paste to add a bit of dimension.
The Texture Paste dries pretty darn quick...maybe 15-20 minutes depending on how thick it is put on.
 I colored the flowers using the mini blending tool and Gathered Twigs Distress Ink.
 Then spritzed it with water to remove some of the ink.
 Once dry, I trimmed up the sides of the paper to get it ready to mount on the card.
 I'm using a Kraft Core A2 card for the base (they come pre-folded with kraft envelopes).
A lot of great colors that go perfectly with the Distress Inks that have been released this year.
Using the Sanding Grip, I sanded away some the color, revealing the Kraft Core underneath. 
 I adhered the front to the card foundation.
Then stitched it along each side.  Yes, I was able to stitch over the Texture Paste but I have a machine that can stitch on Heavy Duty surfaces.  If you don't, then I would just stitch down the one side.
I also used Abandoned Coral Distress Marker to color the edges of the blossoms, then added Fossilized Amber to the center.  The Detailer Water Brush helps to blend the colors together.
Fossilized Amber creates the most beautiful warm sunshine yellow Crinkle ribbon!! Just ink, spray with water and dry with a Heat It tool.
 Tie Crinkle Ribbon around the card fold.  Trim ends.
 Choose a Typed Token to convey your message (I added the white paint to the letters).
 Secure to the card with a Mini Fastener.
 I also added a Flashcard to the inside (lots of words to choose from in the pack of 72 cards!).

Well I hope you have enjoyed our little experiment using the new minis and Distress Glaze.  I know I will be experimenting with this product in the future so stay tuned for that!

I am off to Florida this weekend to teach at She Scrapbooks.  I'm hoping for a freak snow storm in north Florida this weekend since this California girl is not used to that kind of heat and humidity!  I might need to bring my own fan! lol  Wish me luck!
now carry on,

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spring Quilt Market Review

Time seems to move faster as the year progresses.  Deadlines on the calendar become actual events in the blink of an eye.  One of those events was Quilt Market in Minneapolis.  Lots of work (by many people) went into making the show a success and I'd like to share how it came together in just a few short hours on the show floor.
I met up with Tim and Mario in PHX, then we continued on to Minneapolis together. 
Our booth is just 10 x 10', much smaller than our CHA booth, but no matter we still put as much thought into what feeling we want to convey, what props will do that, and what samples will support it.  As you can imagine, the planning starts many months in advance to make it happen.
Once the walls were up and in the correct position, it was time to put up the  wallpaper.  Dave (who sets up the booth) is a "can do" kind of guy.  He can set it up, make changes, and always has a solution to any problem.  Case in point: Dave didn't know we were going to be putting up wallpaper, so he didn't have the right tools for the job.  Within a couple minutes he had a "new" tool...his extra room key with one edge wrapped in the soft side of a Velcro strip.  With Tim and Mario's help we had the walls done in under an hour.  That is CAN DO!
After the wallpaper was hung on the two side walls, the stunning quilt made by Richele was hung on the back wall.
Then the bookcase and the shutters (from our CHA booth) were set up.  It was all hands on deck getting these attached to the wall.
 Once the shutters were in place, Tim and I could decorate the shelves with ephemera, props and projects.

And then there's the was found at a Goodwill in North Carolina (nothing like that ever appears at my local Goodwill).  Tim had it covered in Rose Parcel fabric.
And the opposite wall...all the little clipboards with the fabrics (If you remember my post about buying a Pinking Rotary Wheel - this is what I was cutting!)  So simple, yet great impact.  You can really see how all the fabrics work together.
And the samples - so well done.  Tim has up close shots on his blog here so I will just give you an overview.  I will say this is the first time we have done clothing, and the toddler dress made by Jen made a huge impact.  People could not stop talking about it.
Oh, the big quilted tote bag...another Richele project.  I'm sure a pattern will be made for this one!  Her mix of fabrics was just stunning.
It really came out wonderful - by far my favorite Quilt Market booth.

Quilt Market Report
I get to walk the Market floor for a little while each day just to see what's out there.  I picked some of my favorites from 100's of booths.  Enjoy!

I loved this house quilt with the night time sky by Carrie Bloomston.
I came across this booth with Marcia Derse fabric.  I know you can see what stopped me in my tracks...Marcia fabric collage pages tacked to the wall of her booth.  I loved how simple the booth was, yet still having the ability to stop me in the aisle and then stand and stare, trying to take it all in. 
I introduced myself to Marica and found her to be one of the warmest people.  She told me about her collage work and even showed me a picture of herself as a child that is inside the letter G.
You can check out Marcia's fabrics and cool website here.
I love the whimsical illustrations of Heather Ross.  Her Tiger Lilly collection for Windham fabrics does not disappoint.
The designs are so sweet (the little white dress has ballet dancers on it).  I wish you could see them better than in this over all shot.  I know I will be making something for my nieces using this fabric!  It is just too darling to pass up.
Notice the heart quilt from Amy Butler?  it was really beautiful.  I just wish I could have seen the rest of it!
This was a display in the Riley Blake booth.  So creative!  So much work for something that was almost hidden inside the booth.

The next few pictures fall under the umbrella of Art Gallery Fabrics.  

Sketchbook by Sharon Holland
Bound by April Rhodes
Succulence by Bonnie Christine
 Wonderland by Katarina Roccella
 Curiosities by Jenni Baker

I believe this is the second show for Cotton + Steel.  This Christmas line called Tinsel was a favorite. 
I love the fabric with the snow globes!
Great displays through out their huge booth.

Cloud 9 fabrics had cute vignettes surrounding the booth showcasing each collection.
Anna Maria Horner made a huge departure from her normal bright colored floral fabrics and went very Madras. 
This quilt was hanging on the back wall showcases the different plaids along with some florals. 
Rhoda Ruth by Elizabeth Hartman
I do not know who's quilt this is (let me know if you do) but it just looked like quilting perfection.  It is hard to line of triangles and every single one of these looked perfect!!
I always have to stop at Buttermilk Basin.  If you love working with wool like I do, this booth is a MUST stop.  Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship on every single piece.

This says it all...
And our last stop...Robert Kaufman.  A whole darn display of denim chambray...the dress on the dress form in the background was so cute!
And this quilt...made with denim ticking.  LOVE IT.
Well that's it for my quilt market report.  I think most fabrics that come out at market will be available by July or Aug.  I will keep you posted on Tim's Wallflower fabric and when it is available to buy.  I can imagine some of you might just want some.

Have a great holiday weekend (for those in the US) and I'll see you next week!  
For some of you in Florida, I really will SEE you when I teach at She Scrapbooks May 29th and 30th.  One class is sold out and the other two have a couple seats left.  Hope you'll stop by!
now carry on,