Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Letterpress Frame

Hi Everyone!  Tons of stuff going on here (really all month long).  I have finished about 98% of what needs to be done to be ready for the Inspiration Unlimited Event in Las Vegas next week and have begun the kitting process for the classes in Waxahachie, TX in Oct.  Because of the type of classes I teach, it takes some work to get everything ready for an event or store visit which includes planning, ordering, prepping and prepping some more; writing instructions, making copies, shipping and finally teaching.  Lots of preparation that really starts a couple months ahead of a store visit.  Suffice it to say, we have been busy over here but happy with the work that has been done!  Super excited to be in Vegas with my best friend Liz who will be filling in for my husband who needs stay home to work. Too bad for him.

Well enough about that...on to today's super easy project.  This is adaptable in so many ways.  Follow along and I'll show you how I did it....

I opened a package of Letterpress (one of my very favorite products) and dumped them out on the table.  I began to create a few words from the set (kinda like playing Bananagrams but with limited vowels!).
I had a wood board in my stash from a previous project that was 6" tall x 7" wide (now lets see if it works).  I went ahead and painted it with black Distress Paint and let it dry.

NOTE: If you don't have a board to work with, then a heavy weight chipboard or another rigid surface will do.  The surface I am working with is about 1/4" thick but 1/8" thick would be perfectly fine.  Nothing fancy.
Once I decided on the placement of the words.  I started filling in the "frame" with the letters and numbers left from the package.  Can you see the words travel, find and go?  It is a bit of a puzzle since the letters are different widths but it worked out pretty well in the end.  I chose to leave a 4 x 4" space in the middle for my photo.

If you choose the picture first, then you have the opportunity to personalize the frame.  I chose generic travel words that could go with many pictures, but some other ideas are:
  1. numbers for a specific date (wedding or baby birth) or year
  2. add a name - first or last
  3. place you vacationed
Once you are happy with the layout, take a picture with your phone or camera.  When you go to put the letters back on the board after painting, you can use the photo as a reference.
You might notice that once I used up all the Letterpress, my board needed to be about 1/2" narrower.  I'm going to be very honest here.  To solve the problem I waited for my husband to get home from work and said, "please cut on this line".  He did, which left me with a perfect 6 x 6 1/2" surface to work with.
I choose some Distress Paint to color the words I chose.  I went with different shades of blue but they really could be any color you have on hand.  In the end, Evergreen Bough turned out to be my favorite.
Once dry, I sanded each letter with the Sanding Grip.  I have no idea why I never used a Sanding Grip for the first part of my crafting career - I seriously love this tool. 
 Sanding is complete so I darkened up the letters with Gathered Twigs Distress Ink.
Letterpress blocks are 1" high, so my 6 letter word "travel" worked out perfectly for the 6" tall board.
When I first put the word travel down, I had it right next to the picture, I decided to move it over one row to break up the brown and black tones.
So here is my final version - now I just need to glue them down.
Multi Medium does the trick.  It takes a bit of finessing if you want the edges nice and straight but I just worked fast adding the Multi Medium one row at a time, then adjusted as I went. 
Now for the picture.
Paris in the Spring of 2012 - the trees were blossoming...it was magical!
 Mine was a tight fit so really no need for glue.
Because I used the 1/4" wood as a base I had no problem at all standing the frame up - nice and sturdy.
I love the way it looks on the shelf in my family room.  This is such an easy project that anyone can do!  I also think it would make a great personalized gift for a birthday or Christmas.
now carry on,

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Eclectic Elements Fabric Giveaway

to the winners of the 
Eclectic Elements Fabric!

Fabulous wall hanging Paula. I love it. I certainly would love to have a chance to make one. Hugs Rita xxx

Laura S
Oh my sweet sunshine!!!! Paula, you are way too generous!! I love the Eclectic Elements so much and have been dying to get my hands on some of Tim's new release. It is more lovely than the first set, if that's possible. Your Wall Hanging turned out so beautiful. Just the idea of being able to making a table runner with those gorgeous prints, makes me so happy!! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!!

Thank you so much for all the inspiring projects you share with us. I love your wall hanging with the Tim Holtz fabric. So unique! Thanks for the chance to win this great fabric!

Anda W
Beautiful creation!! Love the elements fabric collection :)

Please send your shipping information to paula@oneluckyday.net so I can get one of these fabric bundles out to you!

Thank you to all who left comments, I really appreciate the support!

now carry on,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


A quick post today sharing a small fabric wall hanging I made using Eclectic Elements fabric.  You could use the same idea to create a runner (wouldn't that look good for Thanksgiving?)....just saying.

Here is what you will need to make one:
Scraps of six coordinating Eclectic Elements fabrics for front
1/2 yard of Eclectic Elements fabric for the back
Craft felt (3 colors for the heart and leaves)
1/2 yard Warm and Natural batting
7 vintage buttons in varying sizes
Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold
embroidery floss
Sizzix Alterations Block Talk Die
Sizzix Alterations Mini Hearts Set
Vagabond machine
Sewing machine

Note: 1/4” seam allowance used throughout
  1. Cut Eclectic Elements fabric into short strips 2 - 4" wide. Cut a few different widths for each print.
  2. Stitch fabric strips together, working out from the block that will have the word on it.
  3. Continue adding strips till the piece is approximately 12 x 15”.  Press seams flat.
  4. Layer batting and quilt top together.  Quilt as desired.

  5. Iron Heat’n bond to small pieces of felt.
  6. Use Sizzix Alterations Block Talk and Mini Hearts to cut out letters and heart.
  7. Iron letters onto patchwork top in desired block.
  8. Sew buttons and leaves beside word.
  9. Iron heart next to word.  Top stitch with embroidery floss.
  10. Cut a piece of Eclectic Elements fabric approximately 1” larger on all sides, than the quilt. Example: if quilt top is 12 x 15” the backing should be 14 x 17”
  11. Lay quilt top on top of backing.  Pin into place.  Roll edges of fabric onto front side to form binding.
  12. Stitch binding in place with machine or by hand.
Finished Size 12 x 15”
Eclectic Elements Giveaway
I have some fabric to give away today so you can make a wall hanging all your own.  Just leave me a comment and I will pick 4 winners on Saturday morning (Sept 13th).  

now carry on, 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer Adventure Journal

It's my turn to present a project over on Tim's blog today.  I hope you will pop over to see the journal I created for all your summer vacation photos. 
I will be following up today's post with more ideas for the Page Pockets.  Since Fall is upon us in the US, I for one need to finish documenting the summer memories now,  since once the seasons really start to change, all I want to do is make things with silver glitter.  Not a good idea for a summer travel journal.  I better get a move on.

now carry on,

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Hi Everyone! 

Just a quick post today with the two cards I made using Tim's custom stamps he created for Simon Says Stamp - Stamptember.
I stamped the blueprint images onto a transparency using StazOn ink, then sewed the transparency onto the monoprint background.
I used the same idea on the second card, but this time I used Distress Paint to color the back of the transparency before adding it to the card. 
Be sure to check out Tim's blog and watch the short video he made about the stamp set, plus see some awesome tags and cards made by Tim and Richele - the video is actually quite funny (Stamptember! Stamptember!- you will get it once you watch).

now carry on,

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Found Treasure

So it all started last week with this leaf.
The leaf I didn't use in Fridays card project for the Tim Holtz Media team.
So I'm back to day with a project using it (you know I couldn't just leave it on my desk right?).
 Once the leaf was cut, it went into the Texture Fade that comes with the Layered Leaf Bigz die. 
 Once run through the Vagabond it looks like this.  Pretty spectacular, right?
 I gave the leaf a light spray of the Heirloom Gold Perfect pearls mist to give it a metallic sheen.
Setting the leaf aside, I cut a Sizzix Postage Stamp Frame (with the large "Sized Rectangle" in the middle to cut out the center of the frame) from Grungeboard.  Here are the steps for painting the frame:
1.  Paint the frame with 2 coats of Gathered Twigs Distress Stain.
2.  After stain is dry, add a layer of Distress Crackle - rock candy and let that dry at least 45 minutes depending on thickness of the crackle.
3. Once crackle finish is dry, add a thin layer of Evergreen Bough Distress paint over the top of the crackle and rub over the surface with fingers.
4.  Once Distress paint is dry you can add Distress Ink to the edges.
After the frame was complete I added a vintage postcard from my stash.  I liked the handwriting in pencil and the stamp/cancellation in the top corner.  I adhered the leaf to the postcard/frame with thin foam tape.
A couple Chit Chat words, inked with Vintage Photo and cut into little flags.
Made their way onto the side of the frame.
Next up I need something to place the leaf frame on. 
Today I'm using a 6 x 7" board my husband cut for me a long time ago.  Seemed perfect for the project today.  If you don't have a board you can use heavy weight chipboard or a canvas.

Bear with me, this has many layers that come in this order.  I dried each medium between layers.
White Gesso
Evergreen Bough
Multi Medium
Tumbled Glass
Evergreen Bough and Brushed Coruroy
Picket Fence
Tarnished Brass

Nice coat of Media White Gesso.  I was using an old brush so it made drag lines in the gesso...you won't see it in the end but still, I should take better care of my big brushes!
A quick sand over the dry Gesso layer with my Sanding Grip to smooth out my shoddy painting job. (wipe away any dust before moving on)
Heavy coat of Evergreen Bough.
Then rub it in with a wet wipe.
Next up, old paper ripped into strips and added to the surface with Multi Medium (yes, there is a layer  of mm over the top of the paper).
From here on out I just used my hands to add the paint!  If the paint gets too opaque you can remove some with a wet wipe.

Tumbled Glass
Then more Evergreen Bough and a bit of Brushed Corduroy.
Next up Picket Fence for some highlights.
I stamped the huge numbers from the Stampers Anonymous Purveyor set (Watering Can Archival ink) several times to create some balance.
And the last paint layer - Tarnished Brass.  I just shook it up and ran the dabber top along all four sides of the wood.  This will get sanded later so I was not worried about getting too much on.
Next up - the Woodgrain Layering Stencil and Ranger Texture Paste to add the woodgrain motif over the surface.
I guess I could have gone from top to bottom, but instead I added the Texture Paste over three parts of the surface (remember to wash the stencil right away).
I dried the Texture paste with a heat tool (it took very little time) then added Evergreen Bough and Gathered Twigs Distress Ink with a mini Blending Tool.  You can see that the ink colors the Texture Paste really well, but it also colors the background.
I found that if you use a wet wipe to remove the background ink, it will leave the color on the Texture Paste.
Leaving you a very cool look when you're done.
Time to sand away the edges of the board and remove some of the gold paint.
I wanted to add some of the new Expedition Vellum pieces to the front.
I chose these two to go along side the Postage Stamp Frame.
I also added a long strip of Linen Ribbon around the board.  I cut the Linen ribbon so the ends were long enough to create extra loops by tucking them under (see below).
NOTE: You can see how thin the Linen Ribbon is by looking at the piece that is wrapped around the board, then how full you can make the bow by just pulling across the weave to stretch it out.

Add the Postage Stamp Frame over the Linen Ribbon with thin foam tape so it is raised up, off the board. 
I wanted to add some metal so I colored a Timepiece, Game Spinner and brad in Iced Spruce Distress Paint, then wiped away the excess with my fingers leaving just a bit of blue grey residue around the numbers.  After it was dry I added a foam square to the back.
Once the Timepiece was in place I used a small bit of Multi Medium to secure the two "faux loops" under the Timepiece.  Stretch out the Linen Ribbon so it becomes fuller and fray the ends. 

Still loving the Layered Leaf die - I am quite sure we all will be seeing this die popping up in projects from layouts, to mixed media to home decor.  I for one am looking forward to seeing what crafters come up with.
Cheers for a great week friends,
now carry on...