Thursday, November 7, 2019

Thankful Tag

I have a tutorial for this easy Thankful Tag over on the Ranger Blog today.  Hope you will pop by to view the tutorial!
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Monday, November 4, 2019

Cathedral Window Tray

Hi Friends,

One of my favorite projects I've created this season is my Vignette Tray using the new Cathedral Windows from Stamper Anonymous.  I have had so many questions about this project that I thought I better post a tutorial to show how I made it.  Enjoy!
This is what the windows look like right out of the package.  I used two large windows to construct the background in todays project.    
Cathedral Windows come in a package that contains two large windows (4" x 6 1/2"), and four small windows (2 5/8" x 4 1/4"). 

I painted the window with Opaque Crackle Texture Paste.  The Texture Paster dries very fast so you have to work fast!  It takes a bit of patience to get the brush in and out of the small areas at the top.  No matter, it will be fine in the end.

 Once dry, it has such great texture!  I really looks like paint peeling off an old window.
The second window I painted with white acrylic paint (one coat coverage of an acrylic paint is best in this case).  I also cut a piece of Collage Paper to fit the window.
Starting with the painted window on the bottom.  Use Collage Medium to not only glue the Collage Paper to the window, but also add a thin layer over the Collage Paper to strengthen.  Don't worry about the patch job at the top (where the paper did not reach), when you add the window to the top you will never see the patch.
Use a Heat It Tool to dry the Collage Medium.  This step is important because the heat shrinks the Collage paper as it dries and it becomes taut across the window frame.
 Cut away the excess paper.
I used College Medium and clips to hold the frames together while they dry.
Once dry, remove the clips and wash over the parts of the frame with Distress Crayon and a wet brush to age.
I built a shelf using Etcetera Trims: two 5" scallops to make a thick top and two bracket pieces (4" + 5").  I glued everything together then painted with Picket Fence Distress Paint and let it dry.  I came back and added Opaque Crackle and let it dry again.
Just like the window, I came back a used a wash of Distress Crayon over the crackle to age the finish.
I am using a large Vignette Tray as my substrate so I used an awl and hammer to create the needed a hole in the tray for the lights.  Make sure you have a a piece of wood or a self-healing mat board underneath so the awl does not damage what is underneath when you are hammering.
Next up is the paint - I love the "Ancient" color that Dina has in her Media paint line.  The paint is thick, with one coat coverage and leaves a wonderful metallic glow.  I painted the inside edges before I put the paper into the tray.
Add Design Tape to the edge of the tray.  I picked this cute houndstooth that I thought went well with the pine/holly paper from the Christmas Paper Pad.
I threaded the new Tiny Lights from the back of the tray to the front.  From there I wound them around in a circle and used scotch tape to adhere them to the tray.
You will need 5 bingo chips (or some kind of riser) for the window and shelf.  Three of the five bingo chips were added to the back of the window frame and set aside to dry.
Once dry, adhere the window over the lights.  Add the last two bingo chips to the back of the shelf made from Etcetera Trim and add it to the tray. This does create a gap between the tray and the shelf that is easy disguised with some batting.
Next up is the Woodland Tree!   What you can't see here is that I gave the tree a bit of a haircut on the back side so it would sit on the shelf better.  Test your tree placement before you move onto the next step.  Once it was the right size, I sprayed the tree with Bundled Sage Distress Spray Stain and dried it with the Heat It Tool.

To color the Baubles, I placed a variety of sizes into a small plastic bag.  I dripped Crimson Alcohol Ink into the bag and rolled the Baubles around.  Once I could see they were all coated in ink, I dumped them out into a disposable plastic tray and threw away the plastic bag.  I added Mushroom Alcohol Ink to a Blending Tool with a felt pad, then pounced over the red Baubles to age.
Use a hot glue to add the Baubles to the tree.  I like to add the glue into the tree and then push the Bauble into the glue/branches. 
A small Collage Brush works perfectly to paint on Collage Medium.  Start at the top of the tree and pull down the tree with the brush so the glue stays on the top portion of the ornaments.  When the Mica goes on it will only stick to the glue portion, leaving the bottom half of each ornament red (like snow has fallen from the sky).
 Sprinkle Distress Mica over the tree (do not press down) and let dry.
Adhere the tree to the shelf/window with hot glue.  Use a Tonic Craft Scratcher to fluff up the batting around the tree.
Use Distress Crayons to color a Paper Doll.  Because the girl I chose has a dark jacket on you cannot color her with the method I normally use.  In this case take a dark color and rub the crayon directly onto the dark surface (her coat) to color.  For the cheeks, hat and muff you can use the water brush to color.
 Add a small block or some other kind of riser to help the Paper Doll stand out from the back.
 Then simply glue her to the block next to the tree.
 I did add a bit of glue at the bottom of the tray for some added Distress Mica.
Thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial.  This has been a favorite project when people see it displayed in my classes so I hope you like it too!  I love the Cathedral Windows - such a beautiful addition to the Etcetera line of tags and trims!
Now carry on,

Thursday, October 31, 2019

She Was Unaware of Her Peril...

Hi Friends,

I have been checking "Dig That Crazy Chick" Blog every day to see her ongoing #13 - 31 series of Halloween tags.  So inspirational Vicki!!  I figured if I was going to join in on the Halloween fun I better get to it!  I chose a Paper Doll that is my favorite from the pack.  I found the original photo at the Three Speckled Hens Antique Show a few years ago and I just love that she is holding a rabbit!  I know, it's probably an Easter Photo but we put her in the Halloween pack because there's that "Fatal Attraction" thing going on in her eyes!  Enjoy!
Paper Doll + Distress Crayons + limited water
 Mini Etcetera Tag + 2 pieces of Distress Watercolor paper + 3D Lumber Texture Folder.
Glue to tag with Collage Medium, let dry.  THEN spray with Distress Spray Stain.
Spray/splatter Oxide Spray: Ripe Persimmon + Shabby Shutters + Dusty Concord + a few mists of water.
Once ink is dry, rub Vintage Photo or other dark brown/black ink pad directly over tag to darken the high points.
First layer: Ripped Worn Wallpaper (Halloween pack) + round ephemera from the Halloween Layers and Baseboard Frames Pack (3D Foam Squares behind the ephemera).
Paper Doll +  3D foam Squares
 Words from Curiosities Halloween Sticker Book + Mica sheet (bought online) + string
Gadget Gears + Mini Gears with added Black Embossing Powder and Distress Crayon.
I was able to get the embossing powder to look this way by spraying the largest gear with Distress Resist Spray (makes a splatter) and then sprinkling the powder into the liquid.  Use an Embossing gun to heat/melt + caution as the metal will become VERY hot.  Color directly with Cray in Peeled Paint and Walnut Stain.  TIP: Remember to use a Splatter Box when using Resist Spray!
 Combine Gadget Gear + Mini Gear.  Color with Black paint and Peeled Paint Distress Crayon.
Vintage string colored with Distress Ink + held in place with Collage Medium (dries clear).

I hope you liked the tutorial today!  Thanks to Vicki for the inspiration to make, make, make!  It's what makes me HAPPY!
now carry on,

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Life of the Party

Hi friends,

I'm here today with a simple Mini Etcetera Tag that features one of Stampers Anonymous/Tim Holtz Halloween stamps called, "Life of the Party".   This set has a friendly skull with fun bow ties however the tag I'm sharing today uses only the large web.  

I cut heavystock paper the same size as the Mini Etcetera Tag to use as an inked background.  I pounced Dusty Concord, Crushed Olive and Wild Honey over my craft sheet, sprayed it with water, then smooshed the paper into the colors...going back many times for more layers in between drying with a heat tool.  Nothing like original Distress Ink to make a great background!
Using embossing ink, I stamped the background with the huge web stamp from the "Life of the Party" set.  I dumped black embossing powder over the top, tapped off the excess, and heat set the web with my embossing gun.  Once embossed, I adhered the background to the tag with Collage Medium and cut away the excess paper.
I created a shelf with the new Halloween Etcetera trim pieces (love that web design) and painted it black.   I adhered the shelf to the Mini Tag and started adding pieces on top once the shelf was secure.  

To create a spooky scene like this one, add a tombstone, skull or bottles with moss and Mummy Cloth.  I poured white paint into the bottle and used Mushroom Alcohol Ink and a Remnant Rub on the outside.  I also added the Creepy Eye to the Tombstone and a dyed flower on top.  You might notice a star...that is from the Treasures Adornment pack.  I also added a strip of paper from the Abandoned paper pack to the bottom of the Mini Tag.
It was only right that the Paper Doll was holding up an appropriate sign, "PECULIAR THINGS".  Their shirts have been colored with Distress Crayons and a Detail Water Brush.  To get dimension, let the crayon dry a bit on the paper doll, then come back and add another layer of color.
Hope you liked this simple Mini's a great way to use up leftover Halloween parts and pieces!
Now carry on,