Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sizzix booth

The Sizzix booth at the Create and Connect show was better than I've ever seen it.  So many hours of work put in by the Sizzix team.  The lady behind much of the creative madness is Debi Adams.  Debi is a behind the scenes girl that works in the Sizzix art dept. (pictured below with Richele).  She is also the loveliest, kindest person and so very creative, using Sizzix dies to make amazing things. 
Here is the Christmas side of the Sizzix booth.  Our own winter cabin right down to the snow on the ground.
Debi is responsible for lots of the props found in the Sizzix booth and for the decorative elements such as these ice skates on the door.
Would you believe she made a TREE with the Tapered Fringe die?  I had to go back at look twice just to try and figure it out.  You can see the entire tree in the large picture above next to the snowshoes.
She made this card using the same die.

More samples from the booth - a Configurations Tray by Richele Christensen.
 A darling luminary (new Sizzix die) by Shelly Hickox.
And then there was the library.
Right from Tim's mind and created by Marty Graff the creative genius behind the hard scape of the booth.  I think this is my favorite set Tim has ever dreamed up.  When I turned the corner of the booth, it was like going to an Anthropologie of the past, when displays were bigger and more special.  And the piece de resistance, the deer head.  Amazing detail.
My favorite Mou Saha sample using the new Spider Web decorative strip, stuck into the books of the library.
A fabulous Configurations book by Richele.  She cut the haunted house right in the cover.
Well, that's it for today.  I hope you have enjoyed this short tour of the Sizzix booth.  There were so many samples to see and be inspired by.

A special thanks to those who designed samples for all the booths - Ranger, Sizzix, idea-ology and Stampers Anonymous.  The booths could never be what they are without their work.  Thank you so much.
Mou Saha
Richele Christensen
Shelly Hickox
Tammy Tutterow
Jan Hobbins
Heather Smith
Chelle Fowler
Jim Hankins
Stephanie Ackerman
Michael and Lesley Putman
Kathy Files
Catherine Scanlon
Dina Wakley
Joy Arevalo-Kennedy

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Monday, July 29, 2013

What to do with a whole lot of junk...

Hi all! I’m back from the summer CHA show and wanted to share some pictures of the idea-ology booth.  It takes a team to set the booth and I was very lucky to have Debbie, Richele Christensen and Chelle Fowler plus the Advantus girls, Sarah, Rana, and Lindsey helping us. 

Unpacking idea-ology is a a huge feat in and of itself.  We have 2 huge crates of props to work with that must be unpacked and set out before the displays can be done.  We have an additional 8-10 vintage suitcases that are filled with props and are stored inside the booth itself.  A lot of stuff, right?  Sometimes it feels like we will never wrangle that many props, but in the end we always do.  The things that are left after propping either get edited out or go back into the boxes for next time.
Deb and Richele in the thick of things.
 Tim, Kenny, and Sarah putting together the base for our "friend".
 Our friendly electrician popping his head over the booth.  That was a little scary since Tim didn't know he was behind the washboard.
 putting in the final touches
The seasonal show is a fun show to set.  We decided to do half the booth Christmas and half Apothecary, to go with the Laboratorie paper stash.  Of course, front and center is the fabulous vintage sleigh with 3 vintage chandeliers hanging above.  The backdrop is changed at each show.  This time it is one of the papers from the new Merriment paper stash.  I think it was the perfect choice.
The Apothecary side of the booth was especially fun to set.  Tim bought a really great black cabinet to sit on top of the dresser.  It was delivered to my house so I could make the labels for each of the 15 pigeonholes.  Once at the show, the cabinet was stuffed with all kinds of vintage things, books, prescriptions, bottles...really anything that might belong in an apothecary shop.  We did manage to get in a few samples too! 
We also brought a “friend”, who was never formally named.  He was a great prop; so many people came over to took their picture with him, shake his hand or put the arm on their shoulder...he made for a lot of laughs. 
Deb and Richele taped all the old prescriptions together to look like they were tumbling out of the case. 
Well, I hope you have enjoyed a little slice of the idea-ology booth.  I love when people wander in and say, “I could live here”.  To be honest, I think I could too.

If you are interested in more pictures of the booth then stop over at tim's blog this week for an in depth look at each company he works with and samples.  Oh, and I believe he is giving away prizes too!
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Top Five - No. 5 - Layering Stencils

I know the new Layering Stencils are not Idea-ology, but I cannot do a Top 5 list without them.  When I saw the prototypes a while back I knew these were going to be a favorite.  There are thirteen different styles to choose from.  I have been working with them all week long and have found them to be a really great weight (not too thin and not too thick) and an easy size to handle.  I already have favorites...the dots (both sizes), burlap, and honeycomb.  So if you can't buy them all, start with those.
I also love the idea that they are tag shaped and have a hole at the top for a ring.  So easy to store away.  You can see a picture of each stencil here on tim's blog...pages right from the Stampers Anonymous catalog.
photo via tim holtz blog

Oh, my!  You can see why these had to be in my Top Five!

Well, by the time you read this I will already be in Las Vegas and in the midst of setting the booths.  I won't be blogging from the show because (quite frankly) the darn hotel internet connection is $15 a day.  Geez I hate that.  
What I will be doing is taking pictures throughout the show.  If you would like to follow along on Instagram my name is luckyday.  Who knew? 

Have a great week everyone!
carry on,

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Top Five - No. 4 - Remnant Rubs

Back again for Day 4 of my Top 5!
Today, Remnant Rubs.  I know, I know I use Remnant Rubs on most of my projects already so how can they land on my Top 5 list?  Simply because I use Remnant Rubs more than any other product...okay, Vintage Photo Distress Ink is number one but Remnant Rubs are number two. 
Another reason...these are seasonal rubs!  The regular Remnant Rubs come with two sheets of black.  The seasonal Rubs have a sheet of black...

And a sheet of white.  A bit hard to see in the photo but they are great.  Same imagery on both sheets but now more choice for holidays.  Great for cards made with red paper!

The Remnant Rubs that go with the Laboratorie paper are one part Halloween and one part apothecary.  They also come with a set of black and a set of white.
The designers working with these rubs have come up with some amazing work.  I have truly been blown away by the fascinating techniques used in the samples for the upcoming show....especially with the little domes.  Can't wait till next week when they can start sharing.  I feel like saying...prepare to be inspired!

See you tomorrow for number 5!
carry on,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Top Five - No. 3 - Industrious Stickers

Today's Top 5 pick is the new Industrious Stickers.
We released the first Industrious Stickers - Cirque back in January and have now added two more products to the line, Deco Type and Borders.  It is hard to see the beauty of it in this catalog page so I thought you needed a few close ups.  Oh, and only $2.99 a sheet.  I like that.
What I love about this product is:
1.  Super heavyweight with demension.
2.  Fabulous gunmetal color. 
3.  Comes not only in letters and numbers,
but borders too.
4.  You can paint it (I used distress paint here).
5.  You can Alcohol Ink it.
6. comes with arrows (oh, my I love these...I can already tell I'm gonna need a lot)
Can you see why the new Industrial stickers made my top 5?  In fact, I think I have used Industrious stickers on every sample I made for the show.

I'll be back tomorrow with No. 4
carry on now,

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Top Five - No. 2 - Mirrored Stars

My No. 2 pick is Mirrored Stars
Love them, can't get enough of them.  Good thing there are 24 stars in a bag!
There are 3 sizes in the bag too.  Don't you just love the tiny ones?
 They look fabulous plain
 But add some Alcohol Ink and you can make them vintage...oh, gosh do I love this look.  Think of all the colors of Alcohol ink...why, you could have stars in every color of the rainbow!
Okay, three more Top 5's to go...on to No. 3 tomorrow!
now carry on,