Saturday, June 18, 2022

New Distress Color - Uncharted Mariner

 Hello Friends,

Exciting to be here today because that means the new Distress color has been released!  Uncharted Mariner is an exciting blue with a hidden deep turquoise color.  I say 'hidden' because the color in the bottle just does not do it justice!  So, so beautiful!

Today project was shown on Tim's YouTube Live - I will link the replay once it becomes available.  This project started as an experiment in color with the large piece on the right side.  I loved the way it turned out, so I went with it!  Then building the collage around it, consciously trying not to cover up the beautiful Uncharted mariner ink color!  Follow along and I will show you what I did to create the panel.

An idea-ology 9 x 9" wood Vignette Panel was used for the substrate.

1.  Cut a piece of Mixed Media cardstock the width of the Stampers Anonymous Bubbles stamp.
2.  Use Embossing Ink to stamp the image on the cardstock (keep the stamp near the top, leaving open space at the bottom 1/3 of the cardstock.
3. Pour Antique Linen Embossing Glaze over the top, slide excess back into the jar and emboss with an embossing gun.  TIP: I stamped about a 1/2" down from the top of the cardstock because I wanted the top to have open space like the bottom.  Once the embossing powder was on the stamped image, I used a small brush to sweep away some the embossing powder edge before actually embossing. This gave it an organic feel at the top rather than a hard stamped edge.
4. Once embossed and cooled, I pressed Uncharted Mariner Distress Ink + a small amount of Worn Lipstick and Gathered Twigs onto the craft mat. Spray ink with water and press the cardstock into the ink.  Dry, then press into ink again, repeating as many times as necessary.

FYI: Here is the Bubbles stamp.  It's big, so it's perfect for the space I wanted to cover.  If you compare to the project above, you can see exactly how the Bubbles stamped and were embossed before adding the Distress ink.

I filled in the left side of the panel with paper from the Backdrops 3 pack.
For the sides of the panel I decided to use the highly detailed Sizzix 3D folder, Intertwine + Ranger Metal Foil.  I only used the metal sheet which might be too thin for some (please read NOTE below for a compromise).
Once the foil was embossed, I painted it with Uncharted Mariner Distress Paint.
NOTE - I wanted a worn look for the metal, so that if there were small pieces were missing and you could see the wood panel underneath.  If that is not your jam, adhere the Metal Foil to the piece of cardstock, then put it in the folder and run it through the machine.
Next, I lightly sanded the surface.
Then pounced Mushroom Alcohol Ink over the top.  The Alcohol Ink might take away some of the paint so be careful with how you put it on.
I needed strips to add to the sides of the panel so I used my rotary cutter to do that.  You can get three strips per sheet with a little piece left over (save that for any patches).  You will need 6 strips plus a tiny piece and about a 1/2" long.
I added a thick layer of Collage Medium to the surface and then added each strip, butting them up against each other.  I folded the strip around the corners and just kept adding strips until covered.  Like I said is was short about 1/2" so I patched it with one of the leftover pieces that I had saved to the side.
So lets go through the building of the focal point.  I took step-outs so you can see the entire layering process.  If I used foam squares, I tried to add that to the photo so you would know.

1.  idea-ology Salvaged Tag sprayed with Uncharted Mariner Oxide Spray (eyelet and string added)
2. idea-ology Window Frame + Junk Drawer piece (fine pencils).  
3.  Black book board piece from idea-ology Junk Drawer + idea-ology Quote Chip (words) + Hardware Heads on each end.
4.   idea-ology Stencil Chip number one.  I added the "JUST" from the Metallic Sticker Book to make it read, "Just one" to go with the sentiment.  Two foam square used under the top portion of the stencil chip.
5.  Large Pocket Watch -still one of my favorite products in the line!  The watch is filled with vintage lace and pearls + Mini Flair (butterfly).  I did age the watch body with white paint, mushroom alcohol Ink and a Walnut Stain Distress Crayon.  The 354 sticker is from the Clippings Sticker Book.
5. I added a bingo chip to the back of the Pocket Watch to raise it up.  It needs the stability of the bingo chip rather than stacked foam squares.

7. Next is the large metal corner to the top right of the window.  I did rub some white paint over the to give contrast and a similarity to the Pocket Watch.  Set aside to dry while you work on the flowers.
Foundry wax is a favorite product from the Ranger Distress Line.
I picked Statue, but any of the 4 colors could be used.  I had more than one package of the Heirloom Flowers left over from a project, so I had enough to test to see what worked best.  
Here I dripped the wax (after shaking) onto the craft mat.  The wax is creamy when it drips out, but dries quickly, so work fast!  Here I used a small brush to add the wax to many colors of the flowers, then used an embossing gun to make the wax turn to a shiny metallic.  It only takes a few seconds to make the change.
In the end, I decided that for this project:
1. Use only use white & blue (possibly green) flowers
2. Drip a small amount of Mushroom Alcohol Ink (or better yet, brush it on) so the flowers have dark parts that make them look old. The brush really helps to get it where you want it. NOTE: Ranger sells Alcohol Ink brushes that have synthetic bristles specifically for use with Alcohol Ink.  Very easy clean up with Isopropyl  Alcohol.
3. Use my fingertip instead of a brush to add the wax.  I was able to dab it just where I wanted and also scrape my finger against the edges of the roses to add a thickness that I couldn't seem to do with the brush. I have never had any type of allergic reaction to touching the Foundry Wax, but you should make that decision for yourself since Ranger recommends using a brush.

For the Bouquet flowers, I sprayed 2 bunches of flowers with water, then with Uncharted Mariner Distress Stain, followed by Antique linen.  They will always look darker when wet so know that the color will fade a bit when dry.  I also have no patience so I dry mine with a heat tool, scrunching the flowers as I dry or right afterward.
The rest of my photos are of the finished project.  I added all flowers, + vintage tulle with Collage Medium.
The 1879 came from the Snippets pack.

Thank goodness the Pocket Watch covered up the angry girl in the background!

Uncharted Mariner makes a statement with the beautiful turquoise blue.  I love the contrast with the Antique Linen Glaze that almost appears as gold in the finished piece.  One of my favorite projects! 
There are two more project to come in the next week so stayed tuned for more Uncharted Mariner!

now carry on,

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  1. What a great post. I saw the stampers anonymous launch but your use of it was a Eureka moment, now I see how useful it will be. I love the colour but its great to see it used in so many mediums the flowers and resin pieces look lovely and the wax is so good with it. Wonderful make and new colour too. Thanks for all you share Paula. xox