Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Square Vignette Trio

Hello friends,
Just a quick post today to share a trio of Square Vignettes I created using some of the new idea-ology product just released.
I rubbed Pumice Stone Distress Paint on the edges of all the Vignettes before I started. Once dry, they were ready to go!
The largest box has both Collage Tiles and the new Trim Tape on the background. The new tape is very skinny as it was made to go on the lip edge of Vignette Boxes.  I am using the Vignettes flipped over to the backside so I didn't need the tape for that purpose...I used it in between the Collage Tiles.
I added butterfly wings from the new Transparency set behind the Paper Doll Portrait.  Don't you just love these new large scale dolls?  
To color her blouse, I scribbled and rubbed Distress Crayon over the surface, then laid a stencil over the top (mini stencil set 25) and rubbed away the floral design with a wet wipe.  I used a water brush to go back and color in the white spaces where I had removed the crayon. 
For the smallest Square Vignette box, I cover the entire back with Number Strips.  This new SKU is a must have.  So many numbers and words make this SKU one that you could quite literally use on every single thing you make.  I love it.
Once I covered the background, I added a layer of Collage Medium.  Once dry, I added Walnut Stain Distress Crayon to age.
The Mini Paper Dolls are perfect for the size Square Vignette.  I colored their clothes with Distress Crayons.
For the final Square Vignette (the medium size)...I cut a piece of Heavystock paper the same size as the square.  I took the new Linen Tape and cut it into pieces and stuck them to the paper (they have a sticky backing).  Once I had covered the entire card, I took it to my sewing machine and stitched all along the edges of the tape until it looked like a patchwork. I purposefully left the strings long on the edges.
The house was cut from Snapshots and the kids are from the Mini Paper Dolls.  The Mini Paper Dolls work beautifully to create forced perspective...like a house in the distance.
The words are from the Clippings Sticker Book.
I have already ordered 6 sets of these Square Vignettes because I just love the size!  I know I will have more samples to share with you in the future!
now carry on,


  1. I love all three of these Vignette Square Boxes, Paula! So many things to be made with them!!

  2. I so love the house with the kids in the front yard.

  3. Paula, I think these are beautiful. I especially love how you worked the linen tapes and sewing, and the paper doll portrait scribbling and stencil use. I'm going to try both. Thank you for beautiful art pieces

  4. LOVE the design of these, and especially the dolls used! The sewing is perfection, and those wings! YUM!