Saturday, March 12, 2022

Foundry Wax

Hello Friends,

What an exciting day celebrating the release of the new Foundry Waxes to the Distress line!   Tim's live demo on YouTube live was epic!  If you missed it this morning, please take the time to watch the replay!  He really does answer all the "what if" questions about using this new product.  I have included my own notes as part of this blog post. 

There are two Foundry Wax kits:

Kit 1- gilded + mined

Kit 2 - sterling + statue

I created a project using Sterling, Statue and Gilded over a black background.  Lets get started!
Today, I'm using a small Etcetera Tag for the foundation.  I painted the tag with two coats of Black Soot Distress Paint.  You could also use a black acrylic paint if that is what you have on hand. Once the paint is dry (leave it at least 30 minutes), use the Embossing Dabber to coat the stamped image.  I chose a medium sized damask from the Distress Damask stamp set.  One by one, I added the ink to the stamp, stamped the tag, then embossed with my embossing gun (concentrated heat compared to the Ranger Heat Tool). When it was done, I had created a pattern over the painted surface, leaving lots of room between the stamped images.
I sprayed the surface of the tag with Distress Oxide in Speckled Egg, then rubbed it in with a paper towel.  I added more Oxide Spray to my craft mat, then picked it up with my fingertip so I could rub it randomly into the the embossed images.  It was amazing how adding it to the surface created a chalkboard effect.
If you get too much on, you can always remove some with a wet wipe. Please keep in mind that as it dries, you will loose some of the white that is shown here. You can reference the main photo of the finished sample of how it dries.

These are my personal notes on using Foundry Wax.
Please refer to Tim's YouTube demo for more instruction.  
You can find the link on his blog

Foundry Waxes

Fluid in the bottle

Bottle needs to be shaken before use.  Each has a mixing ball but some mix easier than others depending on color.

Becomes a cream when exposed to air (adding to a craft mat)

Permanent when heated 

The bonding to surface is VERY quick, like 10 seconds quick.

It will not come off, flake off and you can’t scratch it off.   It is not plastic like embossing power so you are not melting it, you are creating a chemical change with heat.

Please Note:

  • Foundry Wax is flammable (like Alcohol Ink) so use in a ventilated room.  
  • DO NOT  point the embossing gun towards the bottle or the heat could cause the liquid to solidify in the bottle - literally become a solid.  So when in use, just place away from heat source.
  • Work directly from craft sheet, not the bottle.
  • It is important to recap the bottle when not in use.  I like to wipe off the nib after I drip the dime size puddle on the craft mat.
  • Use a small brush to apply.  You could also use your finger tip for application, but since it's a solvent based product, you need to make that personal decision due to possible allergic reaction.  
  • Clean brush with 97% Isopropyl Alcohol NOT Blending Solution. 
  • It will NOT stain the silicone craft mat and can be easily cleaned up with Isopropyl or hand sanitizer and a paper towel.
  • It can be used on paper, like die cuts or embossed paper, as well as metal or wood.
Now lets go back to the project!
Once shaken (and I hear the mixing ball moving), I dripped a puddle of Foundry Wax on my silicone craft mat. I just picked up the liquid wax with a small brush and painted the metal Adornment Florals.  You can see they come only in silver so having the ability to paint them with the wax was intriguing! 
This is what they look like once I heated them for about 10 seconds.  I kept the embossing gun moving until the pieces start turning bright gold.  Admittedly, it was quicker than I thought it would take.
I decided to color more flowers using another color and even adding a few touches to the ones I had already finished.
I added some Walnut Stain Distress Crayon to make the flowers a bit more vintage.
Collage Medium secured the flowers into stacks. 
Glossy Accents was used to add pearls to the centers of the flowers.  
Again, clean up is extremely easy. I squeezed out a puddle of 97% Isopropyl Alcohol onto the silicone mat and just rinsed the brush it till it came clean.  I did change the Isopropyl puddle a couple of times.
These are idea-ology Curio Frames.  They only come in this gold color so I decided to use Sterling to change them to silver.
This time using my fingertip, I wiped the surface with the Sterling Foundry Wax.  You can see these Curio Frames have a recessed pattern.  The wax filled up the recess when I wiped over the top. 
Once heated, the silver really stands out!
I ended up making two frames for this piece.  One taller than the other.
I also added a bit of Mushroom Alcohol Ink (because I can) just to age the silver a bit.
Next, I taped the two frames together (just scotch tape) so I could get an accurate cut for the background. This paper piece is one of the new Pocket Cards that was just released last week.
It worked perfectly for the Curio Frames.  I used 1/4" Scor-Tape to add the paper to the frame.
I used six 3D foam pad to secure the frame to the tag.
A couple bingo chips and some vintage lace was added with Collage Medium. You could also use 2 double stacks of 3D foam pads in place of the bingo chips (I just happen have them in a dish on my desk).
That focal point.  
I colored (as I love to do) a mother/daughter from the Paper Doll Groups pack.  Her dress in Peeled Paint and the daughters in Weathered Wood.  Aged Mahogany on the cheeks.  I scribbled the Peeled Paint over the dress until it was heavy.  Then I used my fingertip to smooth it out as much a possible (removing any coloring on arms and face with a cotton swab), but the dress still looked very one note.  At that point I used a damp (not wet) cotton swab and a water bush to start removing the crayon, leaving only a slight color in certain spots.  I love coloring paper dolls, so for me this was relaxing to figure out how to make the dress come to life.  It probably took me 30 minutes, start to finish to get the result I wanted.
The Paper Dolls were added to the bingo chips.  I used a UHU Glue Stick to add the Paper Dolls to the bingo chips.  I find that if too much Collage Medium is used on the bingo chip it could give your Paper Doll a slight bend because of the excessive wet medium. 
Time to adhere the metal flowers.  Here Collage medium is the best glue.  It takes a bit to dry but left alone it will dry, even heavy pieces, like cement.  I like that.

I added a Metallic Sticker to the side of the Curio Frame using some cut up 3D foam pads.  And with that we are done!
Here are some closeup photos of the finished project.

Hope you like this one as much as I do! I love the contrast of the gold and black!  I love the new Foundry Waxes and I am quite sure you will be seeing more projects using them.  

now carry on,


  1. This is beautiful, Paula! Thanks for the detailed tutorial!

  2. your transformation of the curio frames is fabulous and stacking them to make the larger arch is brilliant. ps i’m stealing your UHU hack

    1. I love a good UHU glue stick. I finally had to order in bulk from Amazon because no store in my area (I went to 4) even had it. It's a great glue stick for so many things.

  3. This is gorgeous! Thank you for the step by step.

  4. Thank you for the step by step! This is gorgeous.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful. I love all of your creations.

  6. Paula, Your tag is simply gorgeous! Love that damask stamp and the beautiful background on the tag. Hugs!

  7. I love these new projects! I think the Foundry Wax will be an instant hit!

  8. Goodness, Paula, this project is so GORGEOUS!!!! That black with the embossing, your paper doll coloring, and those metal flowers with the pearls..perfection!!!! Absolutely love it! ♥️ Also, that vintage lace, and the clever!

    1. thank you Stacy! I will be doing that black background again!