Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tonic Media Tool Set

Hi there..
Just a short post to say that this tool is a PROBLEM SOLVER if you have the Tim Holtz Glass Mat (or even if you are still waiting for one to be shipped!).  The Media Scraper is made from "hard as a rock" plastic that does not bend when you used it.  And my gosh does it clean off the dried up Collage Medium on the glass with ease.  just saying...
The Media Scraper comes with the clear Media Edge.   The Media Edge has a lip to hold it against the Glass Mat when cutting with a sharp cutting knife (a very, very important feature in my book).

You can cut along the metal edge for a nice straight cut and NOT damage the tempered glass mat.  Trust me I tested it.
The left side of the Media Edge is tapered to be used with a pencil or pen.
Here it is in a nutshell - I love tools that work.
carry on,


  1. When I get this mat🙄, I intend to buy all the accessories! Yes indeed. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I keep telling myself that I don't need all of these tools, wrong. TFS Paula!

  3. oh I needed that scraper this week! :-D I’m definitely ordering these ASAP!

  4. Hmm, I am sure they work great but a bit of water and an old credit card works just fine on my glass mat (the old Tonic studio version) and my knife has never yet made the slightest scratch (just saying). Rather save my pennies for some other goodies....

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