Thursday, September 27, 2012

Problem Solver #2

Just a quick thought today...
When using a quote that requires many letters I like to spell everything out beforehand to make sure it is:
1. spelled right
2. fits on the space
3. is formatted the way I want it
(in other words, I like to see it all at once before I glue it down)

So yesterday a friend came over and was making a little wall hanging (6 x 9").  The quote was a long one so I had the thought to use a piece of plastic packaging (saved from a Sizzix die) over the background she was working on.  I used the Vagabond to cut out the Typeset letters from Core'dinations cardstock, then she laid out the quote on top of the plastic. 
Once we had it perfect...
she just slid the sheet of plastic off the background, leaving all the letters in place on the plastic and therefore maintaining the integrity of the quote.  She then went back to finishing her background with stamping, tissue tape and a bit more distress ink.
Once the background was complete, she could place the plastic over the background again and adjust her letters if needed.

The next step of course was to actually glue the letters to the completed background.   She started by gluing a line of words down and then another...but still using the plastic to double check the line spacing about every two to three lines.
And as always...if the idea helps me...I'm sure it can help someone else.

ps) if you missed plastic packaging problem solver #1, you can find it here.


  1. Great idea. I'm going to dig out clear plastic I just threw in the garbage. I assume you use repositional or temporary glue?

    1. kybarb,
      the letters were just placed on the glue at all.

  2. Clever idea...enjoy the end of Sept :)

  3. I love tips like this!! I would never have thought of it. And your labels in the last post look so tidy and pretty!

  4. Fab idea...I am a hoarder of still hav my die packaging...

    Thanks for sharing :-)