Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1906 Bungalow part 2

I'm back with the rest of the tour of the 1906 bungalow.....

We ended here at the laundry room/kitchen....so now we'll head upstairs....

Love that they turned this area into a library.  It has great windows all across the back wall and those pictures on the wall are amazing!  

I have old windows....I need to get them up!

The book shelves were made from the old wooden fence previously around the back yard.

Great details!

Off of the library is a small corner room, that Dorie made into her craft room.....

She is a master at combining colors and prints for curtains.  She purchased this lamp at Target and added the ribbon and brooch.


The upstairs bedroom...
This was the other color of paint that she used - Martha Stewart - Mossy Rock MSL 103

Headboard from Urban Outfitters....$349!

The other side of the room...love the double mantle fireplace.

I think I need a green book collection!

This dresser was purchased and Dorie's husband took the top off and added it to the back to make it deeper.  A slab of carrera marble was added to the top to make...

....the master bath vanity!

The flip side of the bathroom....that mantle behind the tub!

Back Porch - notice the window hanging  in the opening on the left and the carved door in the center of photo.

You can see both doors in this picture.  They add great architecture to the area.

This little chandelier was crafted by Dorie's hubby Roger....I was wondering if my husband can come watch the next time he whips one up!

Up close....

If you would like to see more, check out Dorie's blog.  
You need to also see what they did with their beach house at Dana Point.
 ....and all the fabulous details.

Thanks again Dorie for all the inspiration!  



  1. Wow! A beautiful home, for sure! I wish I'd known about the open house!! They sure have a knack for the details.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. Her decor is truly inspiring!

  3. Thanks for the tour. Love her style!

  4. Oh my, that house is gorgeous, peaceful, relaxed, and glamorous all at the same time...I could just move right in!

  5. You can see the love that went into this home. No detail was overlooked. Thanks for taking us on the tour with you, Deb.

  6. Wow! Just gorgeous. I love bungalows. They're so homey and inviting and this one is no exception. I love it!

  7. Just checked out the beach house and it is TO. DIE. FOR!!

  8. This is absolutely beautiful. So cozy and comfortable,lovely, lovely home!

  9. Just love the deep covered porch with the windows - open and cozy at the same time!