Saturday, September 1, 2012

Out and About

A few weeks ago when Paula was in town, we discovered a new place to visit.  Actually, Paula found it looking at something online and sourced it to this shop not far from my house.

I found out that it has been open in Gilbert for a year.....hmmmm, I need to get out more.  They also have stores in Utah and Nevada, but if you don't have one near, you can also order items online.  They are a reasonably priced home decor are some of our favorite things we found there.

Perpetual calendar

 black globe

 framed mirrors in some fun colors and different shapes

metal open/closed sign

This is the item that Paula was looking at online that led us to finding the store.  The wording is on the framed glass, which raises it off the background. There are a couple of others that are similar with different phrases and colors.

Lots of clocks....wall and tabletop, small and large

love this wall hook

 Great for the office....
 Fabulous world map.... place, check it out here!

And another bit of good news....Found in Mesa is going to be open again with regular hours....YEA!  If you aren't local be sure and check out their blog.....always good inspiration!

Have a great holiday weekend!


  1. Hello Deb,
    Wow! That is a great store! Sometimes it takes a visitor to show us our own city!
    I adore the alarm clock and wish I was there to buy it!
    Hugs and happy September.

  2. Places like Rod Works makes me want to move west! Lovely things - I'll have to check it out online. Thanks Deb.

  3. Looks like some great schtuff there! Off to drool over their online site...

  4. OMGoodness, what a great store!! Looking forward t seeing more photos from your future visits..

  5. dear Deb...
    you are evil. I want everything in those photos & I want my hubby to drive me there today to get it all NOW.
    Paula should take half the blame for MAKING you take her there.
    off to my studio to pout...
    have a wonderful holiday weekend. hubby asks that you post NO more cool stuff.

  6. Hi from Pinterest!! Loving your site!!