Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Todays Top Ten

I was in a mojo funk yesterday and didn't actually make anything to share today (probably due to the BEAUTIFUL summer weather going on outside and the fact that I was not out in it) so I decided to do a post on,  
"Things I am Loving Right Now" 
after which I will be going outside to enjoy the sunshine!

This print

these chairs
looking for new kitchen chairs at present...love the juxtaposition between the farm table (which I have) and the modern chairs.  A new chandelier may be in order too!

this series
 I purchased the 8 part series on iTunes ($13.99) for my recent trip to Chicago.  Did not want to stop watching.  Classic story by Dickens and as always, beautiful costumes, rich characters and cinematography by the Brits for Masterpiece Theater on PBS.   So worth the money.

 If you want to purchase on iTunes as I did, just type the words Bleak House in search.

 this class by my friend Mou

 this recipe

 this book
I bought The Greater Journey on the recommendation of my friend Sally, from Delaware.  The book by David McCullough focus on Americans that lived in Paris between 1830 and 1900.  So interesting how the author weaves medicine, art and science into the timeline of history.  Let me just say that I have used Google on numerous occasions to look up pictures of the paintings described in the book (love when I have actually seen one in person), additional information on the Franco-Prussia war as well as the ever valiant American ambassador Elihu Washburne (someone should make a statue of him). 
these shoes
just bought them.
on sale.
fabulous with navy dress.
enough said.

this art card
8 x 10 art card with envelope for mailing
check out Philippa's beautiful wallpaper here
this advice

Now get out an enjoy the sunshine... (except for Deb who lives on the sun).  Now that I think about it, I will be flying to Arizona next week and therefore I will be on the sun with her!  I better start drinking water now!  (personally, I think I might feel better about having to be in Arizona in August if we have bruschetta for lunch at Postino's... no one does it better!).

cheers for a great week everyone!


  1. When shall we meet at Postino's?

  2. Oh don't fret Paula, it's a dry heat in AZ. Right? Tee hee! Loving the life sign and the farm table and chairs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Paula, so sorry to hear about your mojo funk, but even so you managed to find some pretty cool things to inspire us. Not sure if your trip will bring you to Tucson, but you know you and Deb have fans if you wander this way.

  4. Netflix has a lot of PBS series to watch instantly. That's where I viewed bleak house and also enjoyed it.
    Just an FYI.

  5. thanks for the tip Bunny! That is how I watch season 2 of Downton Abbey so I should have thought to mention that!

  6. Meet at the new Postino's in Gilbert across from Joe's Real BBQ. I think it's the best Postino's yet! Love their bruschetta!!

  7. I will need to watch Bleak House. It sounds interesting. Thanks for all the inspiration. Have a nice trip to AZ.

  8. Life--love it. Leith's wallpaper art is great, as well as the last entry "advice." Enjoyed this post. TFS some of your top ten. :)

  9. Great post ... love the Life poster and those shoes - I want them :) Elizabeth

  10. You put really great inspireation here... I love,love the last advice/quote :)

  11. Love it all but especially the LIFE quote!!! Have a great time in Arizona!!!