Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The big clean out

The inspiration for today's project started last Wednesday night when I decided it was time to clean out the old to make way for the new...too much STUFF makes my mind cluttered.  Maybe that doesn't make sense to some, but I does to me.  If things are organized around me it gives me the freedom to think creatively instead of worrying about chores.  The next day I got the automatic feed from Story People that I have been getting for years with this Brian Andres quote, "just went ahead and made room for a lot of new experiences".   With all that has been going around here, I figure that is the perfect inspiration for this weeks project.

I started with an old wood board (about 7 x 12") I found in the garage and painted it with Gesso.
Once it was dry I painted about 1/2 of the board with Adirondack Dabber Paint - Juniper.
 Like this.
I found some other things to add as well.
Eco-Friendly acrylic Paint in Sunflower and Coral
Paper - idea-ology Paper Stash - Lost and Found
and maybe some text paper...we'll see as we go along, not sure yet, just know I like the color combination.
I painted the other 1/2 of the board in the sunflower color. 
Like the paint but I found it was VERY easy to squeeze too much out of the tube.  The nozzle is small so there is no putting it back in!
Okay, keep painting until it looks something like this -  no worries if some of the white is showing...I like it that way.
I let it dry just a bit then used the Juniper color again.
This time I opened the bottle and used my finger to mask some of the Sunflower color.  Just a different effect than the brush.
 Here is the result.
I used this stamp set from American Crafts to stamp out the quote.

No lines, I just eyeballed it.
I decided I want to use some chipboard stars (these are from Collections Elements).  I painted them silver with Adirondack paint dabber - silver.
I stamped them each with a number series stamp from the Stampers Anonymous set - School Desk
Added some texture with modeling paste and a stencil.

For more information about modeling paste, look back at this post.
the reveal.
Still need to add in some of that pink paint.  I used a baby wipe to just "wipe" some over the DRY modeling paste like this.

I tore off bits of the paper and use Multi-Medium to adhere to the wood panel in random places.
I used another of the stamps from School Desk and Archival Ink in Coffee to add random letters (this one is one of my favorites). 
Ink the stamp.
Then using NO acrylic block, press down in random places.  You might also stamp on a paper towel first, to get variation in the ink color.

It should look something like this.
 Now add the stars.  I just used Scotch Quick Dry Glue (my favorite quick dry glue!)

 Add a few words cut from an old book.
 And we're done. 
(click on image to enlarge)

Cheers for a great week (and a happy 4th of July if you're in the US!)


  1. Absolute gorgeousness! Can't believe it looks like that in the end - it's so different to all the individual elements! M x

  2. Beautiful! I love "eyeballing" when stamping letters. Happy 4th to you too.

  3. So Yummy! Love the layers. And the quote is great- fits my life right now too. Happy 4th.

  4. LOVE this kind of creating! Those stars are the bomb!!!

  5. Oh my cow. I am speechless. Just gorgeous. Just. Gorgeous. Color, texture, design, sentiment....wow, wow, wow!

  6. FAB-O!! I love the addition of the text stamps on the stencil and stars...it really just adds that "something special".

  7. as always your turn trash to treasure
    I ADORE that paper myself. I recently used the bluer version to makes some tags that are my favorites.

  8. as always your turn trash to treasure
    I ADORE that paper myself. I recently used the bluer version to makes some tags that are my favorites.

  9. This is gorgeous! I love that sun in the corner and the phrase is awesome! Love all the "inky goodness"!

  10. Congratulations on your new journey..doing the happy dance for you and Deb!

  11. Paula! LOVE it! So creative and such a perfect reflection of what's happening for you now... love the inspiration and creative process ... I admire the way you play. Just beautiful!

  12. Wow-eee! This in itself was quite a journey. Love your sentiment...It's my path too as well at this time. Happy, happy to you, Mary Ann S.

  13. Happy 4th of July & that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  14. Absotively beautimous, Paula.

    See there, I CAN leave a comment without mentioning St Pete. Whoops! I guess not!! ;)

  15. You are a "stinkin' genius." (LOL) Thanks for this lovely project and showing the techniques you used.

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  17. I love it and thank you for sharing! Jan

  18. Beautifull! Just beautifull! I love it!

  19. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Gorgeous! Love the modeling paste - very creative!

  21. Just my kind of girl to makes something so special and meaningful, too!

  22. cool!! I love the modeling paste - I haven't used it in ages. I should pull it out again.

  23. Wow, I love it! It seems there are a billion and then some ideas in your head all the time and they just pop out beautifully this way! I like a non-cluttered space too, otherwise I can't think of being creative. But you find stuff during decluttering and whip up a beauty. Me, I would be staring at them wondering what to do :) Thanks for the inspiration, may be one of these days I will learn to just play without expectations for the end result!