Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CHA 2012 Sneak Peak {Trousseau Add-ons}

So today we have the rest of the add ons to Trousseau.
First up is the tag inserts...tiny like the Postale set, but in a scalloped circle.  I created a project with these little tags that I will show you on Thursday with a new structure you might just need.
Here they are naked.
And remember each of these is sized to fit into the mini drawer.
Tags need envelopes, right?  There were so many good designs that we created 2 packages of them.  Two envelopes each, of five different designs. 
 This is a snippet of a beautiful layout by Ranjini Malhorta.
envelope used as a pocket, with glitter added

New silver gypsy frames and trinkets. 
Flea Market Findings: Here's the real deal.  Tiny, thin metal, two different colors of metal and a crystal.  I would like to hook these to some of the small Idea-ology Lace chain!
And the last thing today, new book covers.  If you look at the three different covers you can see that there is a white space on the cover.  That white space is really a CUT OUT so that you can have a picture or embellishment showing through.
These first two covers are 5 x 7. 5".  The extra 1/2" at the top was added so the cover can be punched at the top and rings added...you will see why we like that idea tomorrow (one of my favorite new structures is coming up).

This little cover is darling in person.  Love the small size at 3. 5 x 5. 5" (same as our best selling Paris book cover).  And again, the center is cut out.  This book cover can be punched at top or side.
Now add in new Trousseau Jouraling cards to fit the small book cover and you are set.  I can see so many uses for these and I am totally in love with the one with the girl on it.
This a 4 x 6 tray project that I created using the journal pages.  This one took a while to get my mojo working but I like how it turned out in the end.
Up tomorrow, new structures to work with...yeh for book board, how I have missed you!


  1. Paula: How I love the 4 x 6 tray project - hope there is a tutorial in our future. You and Deb are amazing.

  2. Omgosh, I totally need this collection, it is just so pretty and vintage and the book covers are just divine!!! This is where my paycheck will be going!

  3. Did I see some glitter on one of the samples? I think I did!!!

  4. Trousseau, you're my new ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!

  5. I love this new collection - simply gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you've created and I'm hoping its on one of the new vintage book stands. I'm getting one of those (ok, maybe 2)!

  6. wow, so much to wow over.
    Cant wait to see the book cover project, I have one in mind already.

  7. I wish I was going to CHA.......
    everything looks so fun.

  8. I like this entire collection! Can't wait to see projects that use it. :)

  9. Yumalicious. All of it! Want. Need. Gotta Have.