Thursday, January 26, 2012

CHA 2012 Sneak Peak {structures-part 2}

So lets continue with the last of the structures that were created for winter cha.   This is super 8 x 8" shadowbox frame.  It is called a shadowbox because it is deeper than the trays we make.  I think this one is about 1 1/2" deep so you can add larger items along the bottom.  
You can use the shadowbox as is or add a layer into the box.  There are two different layers available, one has round holes and the other has square.
Here is a close up that I shot before it was sent off to the Gypsy office.  I used the new flea market charms along with vintage pieces and the new tag inserts - Trousseau.  You loose the scalloped edge but they work great for the size of the holes.  The bottles are 7gypsies with this colored rubbing used for the labels.

 Here is the square insert.  Ranjini was given the task to create something made from the just the square layer.  I can't wait to see this at show.  Love all the clothes pins holding the pictures on.
We also made a 12 x 12" shadow box that comes in black.  Here you can see a fabulous project created by the ever lovely, Vicki Boutin.  Love the ruler on the book cover...and the heart?  fabulous.  The background paper is from Postale.
So I have the last two items that really don't belong under the heading, "structures" but they just happen to be here at the end.  First are tickets...two new ones.
Sorry about the color, it is early morning here and the light is a little gray.  But I hope you can see the scale on these tiny tickets. 
Vintage Tickets
And these guys...reminiscent of 7gypsies past tags.  Love all the fill in the blank spots!  The package has 12 tickets (2 each of 6 different designs).
Journal Tickets
 And the very last thing is these metal clips. 
Super cute with a little rubber tip.
 I thought you might need a visual on the scale of these clips too.  Love the size, don't you?

My personal thanks goes out to the fabulous 7gypsies design team for the extraordinary effort in the projects turned in for cha.  We are a small group but boy can we pack a punch!  Without the fabulous creations the booth would never come close to what it is with them and it would make our job even more difficult.
Thank You girls for all your time and creative talent!
Sande Krieger
Vicki Boutin
Ranjini Malhorta
Mou Saha
Ann Mabee
Kerry Lynn Yeary
Janelle Smith
and special guest, Connie Fong

Now you know, after cha I will have more photos of projects these ladies created as well as the booth.  So sorry to make you wait but some things have to be a surprise!   I also participated in the Ranger Designer challenge again and I will share that project as well once I get the okay from Ranger. 

Thanks to all of you who have followed this week as we revealed the new lines, especially those that left an encouraging comment, we both appreciate that.  We are looking forward to meeting some of you at the show as well as seeing old faces that we love.  Please stop by the booth (were way back in the right hand corner) if you have the time!  

Now the real work begins...packing the car.
cheers everyone!


  1. AWESOME!!
    and good luck packing the car! :D

  2. Thanks Paula and Deb for the sneak peeks! I always wonder how you all are going to improve on the previous release - and every time you blow me away. Looking forward to seeing the pictures from the show.

    Have a great show and enjoy!

  3. As always - loving the new stuff and can't wait until it's available for purchase - I wish I had the new clips right now because they would be perfect for something that I am working on!!!

    Get lots of great pics - can't wait to see all the projects that were made with the new goodies AND, most importantly, have a safe journey!

  4. Loved the sneak peeks! Have a safe trip and send pictures of the booth.

  5. I have been blown away by the fabulous projects this week!! Gorgeous designs, and I love the new products. Can't wait to see them IRL!

  6. Wow! These are awesome! I especially love the tags and the clips!! Have fun!!! I can't wait to see photos!

  7. Cool stuff - thanks to all the designers & artists.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to show us the sneak peaks! OMG the new products are to die for! They are simply genius and have endless possibilities. Love love love love everything! Enjoy CHA!

  9. Can't wait to see all of these things in stores!
    Have a great time in sunny Ca!

  10. love the sneak peaks and the projects are super - thanks for twisting our arms!
    the owner (Lori Colton) from the Scrapbook Studio in Saskatoon is going and i told her she MUST stop and say hi! Someday i hope to get to go to CHA - just to see all the wonderful projects in person!

  11. I love to see your sneak peaks, thanks for taking the time out of your super busy schedule to make these posts. Love the clips and can't wait to see more. Have a great show!

  12. Now I NEED those metal clips! You girls have fun at CHA.

  13. Thanks for sharing - love everything! Safe travels!

  14. Having the US flag backwards like that is a bad thing if you can help it. It is a sign of distress and sometimes disrespect. Flip that boy and flag image! :D

  15. Fabulous Creativity! Your shadow boxes pack a beautiful style!
    Really gets my creative juices going.

  16. WOW! incredible!
    now you give me inspiration for new styles of scrapbooking!