Friday, December 30, 2011

Gypsy Continued

First of all, Carol asked about Junk Market that was featured in the last post. 
The Junk Market show that took place every Sept just outside of Minneapolis does not exist anymore since the two owners have parted ways.  Before you get too sad, The Junk Bonanza show has taken it's place (you can also find it on our left sidebar) in the same time slot in Sept and in a very similar location.  The Junk Market name does exist as a blog talking about reusing/re-purposing old junk but again there is no specific show that the name is attached to (that I am aware of).  I admit I am not a fan of the JM blog format since you have to click on each tiny picture to see if it is something you are interested in, but it does seem to be popular for people that want to share what they have done recycling and reusing what has been cast off.  If you are one of those people and you have the time to click on each picture, then you should check it out.  It does have some great ideas.
NOTE: If anyone lives in the Minneapolis/St Paul area has any information about Junk Market or Junk Bonanza please leave a comment for our readers. Thanks!

Let's pick up where we left the big state of Texas.


 another flip out page
 the mother of all cupcakes...

 this is just a piece of chipboard with a 4 x 6 photo adhered to one side and paper on the other.

 a repeat of the photos mounted on chipboard
 This is two 7gypsies elastic bands stretched across a page to create a "pocket" for tags and ephemera.  This works because I mounted the red paper on both sides of a piece of chipboard so the page will stay flat even with the pulling of the elastic band.  The vintage button is threaded onto one elastic before threading the end into the punched hole with the eyelet.
 This is the back side of the same chipboard page.  You can see the barbs that are at each end of the elastic.  I utilized the two that have come through the eyelet by adding a tag onto the barbs.
 The tag spins upward to reveal the armadillo purse (that none of us bought).
 another flip out page

love this page with all the layers you see at one time

NOTE: lest you run out to Ft Worth to find Simple Things please note they have closed this most beautiful and inspirational location and have been running the business out of a warehouse in Benbrook while they create a NEW, bigger location.  I read on their blog that it will be open after the first of the year.  Keeping our fingers crossed!
 A little word booklet given to us by our Texas sisters.  If you didn't know, Deb and I have sisters that live down the street from each other (for 25 yrs) and that's how we met.

Well, we're leaving Texas and on to Arizona tomorrow.
See you then for the last of the Gypsy journal.


  1. a shame about Junk Market. Your pages in the Gypsy Journal are delicious. Happy New Year!

  2. WoW, these pages of your Journal are fan-freakin-fabulous!!!!! The journaling spots are terrific ... I am so CASE'ing this project! TFS!

    Happy New Year and thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. Loving the book!

    So here's my first request for 2012. Pppppplease put St Pete on your list of totally cool places to visit this year!

  4. Oh, how I wish I could go to these super fabulous shops you go to...and to be a fly on the wall in your studios! I am drooling over your gypsy journal. I love it!

  5. Popping in to say...
    Happy New Year!
    May this year be absolutely wonderful for you.

  6. Here are two links to the Junk Market businesses in Minnesota:

    Junk Market Style: There are several events in Long Lake listed for 2012.

    Junk Market Bonanza: This is located in Shakopee.

    Both locations are 20 min. out of Minneapolis.

  7. I just love it! I have been in a creative slump the past few weeks and have needed to make a mini book with a ton of pages. This idea is just perfect!

    I love you style and the cover is just gorgeous! Thanx so much for sharing and for the inspiration! Love 7 Gypsies as they are one of my fav products of all time!


  8. Love all the fold outs and the elastic band used as a pocket - genius!

  9. I'da been all over those rusty urns!

  10. First time on this site via Pinterest. Loving it! Love 7 Gypsies! I'm really intrigued by your very cool album. I will attempt a version using some of your tips ( thank you). I have a question. On your first TEXAS page, what is the name of the Font used for the cities? It really caught my eye and looks excellent on the page! I am not sure how to check back, in case you have a sec to answer me, but just in case,
    Thank you for much needed inspiration. I see many "cute" albums. This one is not cute. It's fine!