Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer calling...


is that you summer?

what is that you say?

come outside and and enjoy the sunshine?
relax, take the day off,
lay in the sun, feel the sand between your toes...

I'll be right out.

This is the conversation I seem to be having every day this week.  The weather is beautiful right now.  Which is actually strange for the coast.  This time of year we are usually in the midst of "June Gloom" (which really lasts until July).  They call it June Gloom on account of the thick marine layer which is like a heavy fog.  It usually burns off around 11 or 12, but sometimes not at all.
Although this year we have had very little June Gloom and a lot more beautiful sunshine.  There is even talk in the newspaper today that we may be able to see the fireworks at Pismo Beach without the marine layer.  Absolutely shocking.

We have made a dent in the Honey-do list...okay, "He" has made a dent in the list I gave him.

Hang new blinds in the family room...check.

Call the electrician...check.  Watch the electrician hang a new chandelier over the game table.

Patch the hole in the ceiling where the old can light was removed...check.  Can't even tell where it was!  And to think this man did not own even one tool when I married him.  He's got real skills now.
Install 6 small halogen can lights around the perimeter of my work room.  I will say I felt like jumping up and down for joy after I pushed the switch to turn them on!  Just fabulous.
Now back to the list...
Clean the garage...check.
Build a podium for the classroom...check.  Wait, that wasn't on my list. 

Anyway, you get the idea.  He has been working hard.  I have been trying NOT to work and together we have had a great summer so far.  We have had the niece's and nephew here almost everyday since school got out in June, which is always a good thing, even when they start fighting over whose turn it is on the Wii.
Someone has been up to some shenanigans because I don't think this is where we normally keep the swimming goggles.
 In reality, I have been working, but of course it's that time of year with CHA right around the corner where everything we do is top secret.  The 7gypsies design team has been hard at work making samples to showcase the new lines for packaging and the summer catalog.  I completed 3 projects last Friday that have been sent off in the mail for a top secret release later this month.  After that happens I will be able to post the projects in detail.  I will say I am loving the new papers and stamps and I know you will too after you see what the design team has done with them. 

Today I started working on a new post for our "Good Junk" series, where we take stuff we find and make something better than it was (hopefully).  Here's a sneak peak...
If you miss the first two posts in the series you can find them here:
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Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I can't wait to see what 7Gypsies has in store for us at CHA Summer! The wait is killing me!

  2. Can't wait to see what you girls have been up too and of course to see hwat comes out at CHA!!!! Sounds like you are having a great summer so far!

  3. Paula, I've loved the past two Good Junk posts,and have been hoping for glad to hear there's one in the works! And I'm trying not to even think about new gypsies goodies yet (as if that ever works!) Denise

  4. LOVE the Good Junk Series, especially all the inspiration on the suitcases. Can't wait to see the next one.

    And I'm really anxious to see the CHA release. New Lines for Packaging? Wonder what that's about?!! Hope we don't have to wait too long>

  5. I'll be waiting to see what you've made. Thanks for your inspirations!

    Love your Good Junk articles!

  6. So curious about what you're making for CHA! Can't wait to see it all. Looking forward to the Good Junk post too! Have a great weekend!