Monday, July 18, 2011

7gypsies Latest & Greatest - Stamps & Rubbings

  I can't tell you how long we have waited for 7gypsies to create a stamp with both upper and lower case letters.  Too long! 
  You can see in the project below how I used them together.  This mixed media piece was created on a 7 x 10" piece of wood.   I will show you how I created this piece tomorrow.
there's one of the cute new surveyors rulers too.
There are also two more clear stamps,
There are four new color rubbings...we haven't had color in a while so this is exciting!  I worked with the Apothecary labels and they were really terrific.  They are nice an thick (so they stay in one piece), have great color and go on easily.  I put a label on the surface of the round glass bottle and it went on so smooth and easy.  Each sheet is 5 x 7".

Here is yet another darling card made by Ranjini.  
It is always amazing to us what she thinks up.  I mean how cute is that?

love, love, love these
Alright, so that's it for now.  Tomorrow we'll see you back for a short tutorial on the super easy mixed media piece and then just one more post on the release later in the week.

I can't help but ask...who watched the season premier of,"Homes by Novogratz" this weekend?  I started watching the couple on Bravo (9 by Design) last year when they had a reality show about them buying houses and renovating them.  I am a huge fan of their eclectic style and signature mix of vintage and modern as well as the use of talented artists to create fabulous spaces.  I love all the kooky ideas and the fact that they have 7 kids!  I mean who in the design world has 7 kids?  (Tallulah, Bellamy, Breaker, Major, Five, Holleder, and Wolfgang)

I will say I wasn't a super fan of the design they did for the surfer sisters (a little too burlesque for my taste) but I'm gonna keep watching to see what they come up with next.  I will give them props for having the guts to put in a pink stove and a blue fridge.  And the stairs...super cool.  
If you want to know more about the new show on HGTV or see a schedule go here.  It's worth watching even though Robert seems to be combing his hair this season.



  1. I'm loving the stamps, tickets and apothecary labels! What a great release. I can't wait to see this stuff in my LSS.

  2. So funny I love the show too! I even had my design journal out taking notes on color combination. Ok back to the rubbing, love them. I'm ordering them all. Love the jar labels so much!

  3. Fun, fun, fun things! I love the new stamp sets and the rubbings are gorgeous! Thanks for the project inspiration!

  4. Paula you crack me up..I love this show too...even their family photo is all mixed up and eclectic...not staged , no color coordinated outfits for this group shot!
    I of course love all things 7G..put I have to tell I am really head over heels for those little rulers..but then I have a serious addiction to wooden rulers with advertising on them...

  5. I loved 9 by Design. They're so kooky, they're cool. It cracked me up the way Courtney would call him Raaaah Bert. (I'm CDN, so the accent amused me.)

    Did you see the artist that did the flags for the botique hotel they were working on? She sews all kinds of repurposed clothing and material to make them. Really interesting. (Though one of the flags was stolen before the hotel even opened, so she had to remake one.)

    I like the ecletic sensibilities of their designs.

    I am hoping they put this new show on here. I'd watch for sure.

  6. Great fun new items to play with. Your creations are amazing. Happy creating...

  7. Loving all the new 7G's sneek peeks!

    And I love love the Novogratz! Do you recall when Courtney was standing on the counters when she was totally pregnant. Love her!

  8. Ohhh, I love alphas!! Must. have. them. all!!

    Guess I *need* the Apothecary labels to go on my bottles and domes, huh?

  9. Oh my goodness, what a great release! Love the rulers, all of the color rub-ons, and the new stamps. Compared to the area of stores where I usually buy my emphera type products, I will definitely be taking a a few steps over to the 7G Displays. Can't wait!!