Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Forgotten Repository
The Forgotten Repository is a shadowbox I made for the 7gypsies booth using the new Conservatory paper, one of two collections that will be introduced at CHA this week.  There was some interest in the piece so 7gypsies asked if I would show how I made it (it really is very simple).  I am sure you could figure it out on your own, but just in case, I will give you the step by steps here.  If you visit the 7gypsies blog you will find the template (pattern) for cutting the pack of 8 x 8" book board I used to make it.  If the template is too small to read, drag it to the desk top and print from there.  It will print full size.  As always, I use a rotary cutter, acrylic ruler and self healing mat when cutting book board.  It is the best home method I have found.

Once your book board is cut you should have:
One 6 x 8" back piece
Ten 1 1/2 x 8" pieces
Two triangle shaped roof pieces

Step one-
You will need 8 of the 1 1/2 x 8" strips (the other two strips are for the roof)
Glue two strips together (I like Glossy Accents for this) to make one thicker strip.  Repeat until you have 4 doubled strips.
NOTE: You can make this box with single pieces of book board but I felt because of the size it needed to appear thicker, like it really could hold up a roof.  This is totally optional of course, really just a matter of taste.
To form the box you will need the back piece and the 4 thick strips you just created.

Use a liquid glue to adhere the sides to the back.  Hold in place till dry.
Lay end piece next to opening.  Mark cutting line.
Cut to size

Add shorter piece to box end, securing with liquid glue.
Repeat on opposite end. 

Don't worry if glue shows, it will all be covered in the end.
Your box should be lets build a roof.
Gather your 4 roof pieces.
Use a piece of packing tape to secure  the two strips together as shown.
Set strip piece on top of the triangle (NO glue yet).  Mark length with a pencil and cut to size.
Once the two strips are cut to size, glue in place.  Wait for glue to dry a bit before adding second triangle shape.
Add second triangle piece to top.  Wait again for glue to dry before adding to the box.
Once the glue is dry, slide roof shape over top of the box.  It should be nice and snug.  You may want to wait to add any glue (to make it a permanent fit) until after you have completed covering the box and roof with paper.
So there is is basics to making the house shape.  Easy, right?  Next time, I'll show how I built the inside, what papers you will need and some simple tricks to making new paper look old so you can build your own Forgotten Repository.