Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Report

My friend Liz and I had a great time at the fair!  It was super hot.  Okay, not Arizona hot...but hot still the same.  We both came away with a bit of a sunburn.
Next year -
Wear sunblock.

We have been friends since forever so I felt it was okay to show her in the owl photo op. Friends let friends take their picture even when they might looks silly.  The best thing about Liz is that the sillier, the better.  So this owl outfit is not even a stretch.  Love that.

The fair was great.  Lots of things to look at, from letter press stationery, t-shirts and jewelry to posters, art pieces and clothing...all handmade of course.  We did get some great birthday presents for friends and family and a couple things for ourselves.  We could have spend A LOT of money here!

We got a few journals made from old books at Ex Libris Anonymous

I bought two books.  Of course got Trixie Belden. 
Little know fact about me:
I loved reading Trixie Belden books when I was in the 3 and 4th grade.  I really wanted to be Trixie and have a best friend named Honey and solve mysteries.  So much so, that in the 4th grade I asked my mom if I could change my name to Trixie.  She said no.  Thank goodness, otherwise I would be like the Ocho Cinco of 1972 changing my name on a whim. 
Anyway, back to the books...we had a great time digging around finding covers that matched up with people we know.

Loved Miniature Rhino
Very clever girl that Jessica.
You could stop at her booth to write a letter on this typewriter and put in a glass jar...she packs it up and mails it to the recipient.  

Inside her booth...all kinds of mailers...I might have bought a couple. 
Love her displays in the old drawers.
 Jessica also makes custom samplers (they each have a typed personal note on the back)
Then we stopped by Beyond Wonderland.
Headband, wallets for everything, purses, etc
Love the quirky fabric
I even met the lovely, Danni from Oh, hello friend.  One of my favorite blogs.  Super nice.

 Bought this for my craft room wall from her... love the color.
 and then a couple of these mini notebooks from her.
One thing we noticed was some of the tents.  We loved how people had sewn random fabric together to personalize or even create an entire tent top.  This sure would make camping a lot more festive.  I know I could use a little more "festive" feeling when I have to sleep on the ground.
So that's my report. 
I would definitely go again. 
It really was some of the best indie crafters out there.  It was also great to meet the artists behind the work.

Here's a schedule for 2010.
There are only 2 more cities left on the list, San Francisco next weekend and Chicago in September. 
With Additional Holiday shows in the same cities in December.
If you can't make it in 2010 it might be something to think about in 2011!


  1. I was a HUGE Trixie Belden fan too. I can't remember how I got ahold of my first book in the series, but after that, I haunted the library just to get my hands on them all. I read every one in the series.

    I wanted to be rich and ride horses like Honey Wheeler. *laughs*

  2. Wow, what a great craft fair. Will have to set a date aside to attend in 2011. Thanks for posting, loved it.