Saturday, April 3, 2010

We've been busy!!

I just got back from a trip to Paula's house.  In preparation for our upcoming trip to Australia, we spent  the last 9 days making LOTS of class kits.  See this table, it was set up in the middle of Paula's living room.  We went around this table so many times I'm sure we made some new traffic patterns in her carpet.  We got to where we could make a kit in about 2 minutes, but that was only after all the paper, bookboard, ribbon, etc, etc was cut to size and ready to go.
Many items had to be taken out of packaging.  That was a big job in and of itself.  Paula's husband Jay, told us that we were not allowed to create anymore garbage or recycle since all receptacles were over flowing.  
Can you guess what this it?.....It's a cute little window that we use in one of the classes.  Paula painted 250 of them!!
Paper tape cut to size.....
Our friend Becca came up with a new use for paper tape....
We will be teaching at the SIA event in Australia May 4th and 5th.  It is an event comparable to CHA in the US.  We will also be teaching at the HobbySew event in Sydney May 7th and 8th.  We are so excited to have the opportunity to go.  We will get to see some of our old friends that we made when we were there a couple of years ago.....we can hardly wait!


  1. Sounds like a lot of work, but a great opportunity! Safe travels and have fun! When I see a pile of embellies, I just want to stick my hands in there! Take care, Happy Easter!

  2. Eeek!!! I am so excited. I am counting down the sleeps and I can not wait to meet all you talented people. This is just all making me so much more excited (my hubby will probably not like it very much!!) hee hee.

    See you in Sydney.

  3. Do we get a sneek peek at what you will be teaching?

  4. I want to play! Looks like loads fo fun!

  5. I think you guys need someone to carry your luggage and bring you cold drinks. I'll apply for the job! Lucky you.