Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thought I would share some pictures from this last weekend.  When I got home, I could see I didn't take enough though! 
The show is called Remnants of the Past and is held twice a year at the Dana Powers barn in Nipomo, Ca.  It's a small show, about 40+ vendors but it is styled well (as you can see in the pictures) and has a great vibe.  There is always someone of celebrity status and this time was no exception.  Sue Whitney was there with a fabulous booth.  Unfortunately, I should have gone there first because I could have died when I saw what I missed.
It really was the prize that got away. 
The perfect color for my new work space.  Would have looked great at the sewing table AND it was only $68. That is cheap in metal industrial chair world! 

Then, trying to appease myself over my loss of the green chair I tried on this fabulous necklace designed by Gretchen Schaumann.  In the end, I decided I didn't need to spend $150 on a necklace, all be it a quite lovely necklace. 

Just an fyi...If you live in the Minneapolis area (wish I least in the spring and summer) there is a huge sale going on May 6-9th that involves both Sue and Getchen.  Sue told me there is a warehouse full of good junk that will be for sale.  I wish I could be there!  You can find info on the event here -Art & Architecture and JUNKMARKET Style

So I will leave you for today with some picts from my iphone since I didn't take my camera to the event.
Flowers in mason jars that lined the entrance
As you can see, the fine forms in a orange grove and then the show is in an around the barn.  I think you can rent this barn for weddings and such.  Wouldn't you want to be invited to a party there?
fresh sweet peas
Look at these large lights on a tripod base. So cool.  And all the little shoes displayed in the boxes?


  1. Must you torture me like this? ;) Wish I could have gone with you!

  2. What fun! Where was I? If I didn't have so many jobs, I'd be on the road too. Enjoy.

  3. That is definitely a Paula chair and I love the necklace! Good finds at what looks to be a fun place!

  4. Fun post to read, since I wasn't able to make it to the sale, but my jewelry went along with Sue. Thanks for the shout out about our upcoming sale May 6-9th. The necklace you tried on has 4 hours of labor in it, and isn't something I do often. I didn't know that Sue was taking any of my jewelry to CA until the day before when she chose the 26 pieces, and of course she grabbed some of the most detailed, time consuming and most expensive pieces. lol I haven't even heard yet if I sold anything, but it was a fabulous event from what I've heard in and around the web blogs.
    Have a great evening! ;)

  5. Looks like a fun sale and makes me miss California in the spring.

  6. Nancy said, We did have a good time, to bad we went the wrong way, or the chair would have been yours.

  7. Lovely!! I've been debating going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Southern Cal this weekend, this will probably push me over to going! I need a fix!

  8. Oh what treasures I spied, if only we could find junk like that here in Perth (West Australia). I'll keep searching though, you just never know, in the mean time I'll drool over your's LOL

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