Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paula's House

When I go to visit Paula, I love seeing what new things she has done to her house.  She has mentioned recently about what she is doing in her studio and the cute pin board she made from an old frame.  I thought you might like to see some of the other parts of her house.  Paula has such a good eye for color and design, always an inspiration and something new up her sleeve.  Anyway, here are a few snippets....enjoy!
This is what you see when you walk in the front door.  This cabinet changes regularly with the season or to accommodate a latest junking find.

Paula's cute thermos collection.

Right inside the front door...The chest was a project she did for the 7gypsies booth.

Fireplace mantel in the living room.  This changes frequently.... fact, here is the 4th of July version that I took on a previous visit...
Notice another collection....sand from beaches they have gotten while on vacation.

This is just  small section of a cute cabinet that she lined with old music paper.

Love this little table....the suitcase is full of past projects done for 7gypsies.

Bits of the family room entertainment center (another photo of the entertainment center is in a previous blog post on collections that shows her globe collection)...


Love this shelf and the lighting....also in the family room.

My favorite...the kitchen

One of her canvases....gorgeous!

Love this cute little arbor gate going into the backyard.

...and love these roses.....they don't grow like this in Arizona!


  1. Wow! I love it all. When can I move in?

  2. Paula's house is indeed a beauty. Love all her collections; especially the display of sand. My son brought back sand from Dubai in a small water bottle during a trip there last summer. That caused quite a stir at the airport. No one could understand why we had a bottle of sand. :) I want to makeover the kids room with an ethnic feel and will definitely have sand displayed in lovely jars like Paula has done. I want to go home now and rearrange my whole house. Have a great day! Tammy

  3. Love it all Paula. I recognized a few things that you bought while we were out shopping.

  4. Wonderful displays! I really like the books displayed backward--with the tab indentions showing. That is genius!

  5. Oh my, Paula you have a great sense of style. Your home is beautiful. I absolutely love the vintage vignettes. Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  6. Hello from the Philippines! Enjoyed my visit and loved all the activities and pictures! Thanks for sharing!