Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Tim Holtz Precision Trimmer

Hello friends,

Today we are celebrating the new Tim Holtz Precision Trimmer with Tonic. This Trimmer will round out the assortment of trimmers offered in the line to include: guillotine, deckle, rotary, and now a slide trimmer.

The Precision Trimmer is a 12.5" slide Trimmer that comes with 2 cutting blades + a scoring blade. 
It is very portable because it's lightweight...designed to cut paper and cardstock.
I love that there is a ruler in the center, as well as the top and bottom.
And one of my favorite features is that it has two 'spring' buttons that keep the ruler suspended above the you NEVER have to lift it...just slide the paper under, then press down when cutting.

Scoring blade
I've never had a trimmer with a scoring blade.  
I like that I can cut and score by just switching out the blade.

Precision Trimmer comes with 2 cutting blades + 1 scoring blade retail for $34.99
Replacement (2 pack) Cutting Blades retail for $9.99
Replacement (1 pack) Scoring Blade retail for $5.99

Maybe you need a new slide trimmer...or maybe not. But if you do, this one is well thought out!  Tonic makes such great tools for the craft industry and I am glad I now have this one sitting on my desk.

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