Thursday, March 21, 2019

Petite Journal

Hello Friends,

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite projects from Creativation.  This was a take off from a larger journal I made last year.
This time the size only 4 1/2 x 6" which makes the perfect size for the new Found Relatives that come in three sizes in the pack.  The book is made from heavy canvas covered in Collage Paper. Collage Medium will bind the Collage Paper to the canvas so it appears as oil cloth.  The canvas signatures (pages) are stitched into the book once complete.  I made a long, skinny tube of fabric to wrap around the cover to close it.  The keyhole is from the pack of Keyholes that has been around for many oldie but a goodie!

 The canvas pages are random sizes and each has Eclectic Elements fabric stitched along the outer edge.  This brings color and helps to contain the strings on the raw canvas edge.
 All the paper used in the journal are cards from the new Journal Cards pack (100 cards in 4 sizes).  They make the perfect background for the Found Relatives.
This page was fun because I added some collage paper over the found relatives dress and gave her a butterfly on a string.  I stitched on the cards I could... and some I stapled with the Tiny Attacher.
 I used Distress Crayon to color the Found Relatives.  In larger areas, I use a damp q-tip and in the smaller areas I used a Detailer Water Brush with VERY little water.
 Using the Detailer Water Brush you are able to blend small amounts of color that you could never do with a q-tip.  The numbers are from the Clippings sticker sheet.

 I used Eclectic Elements Craft Thread for the hand stitched XX.  The red label is from eh Classic Label sticker pack (it comes with 4 sheets of red, black, blue and pink stickers).

One of my favorite pages...because it appears so delicate due to the coloring.
FYI:  The flowers throughout the Journal are from the new Layers Botanical pack.  This is a running change (or update) for us so we never know exactly when the product will be flowing into stores.  I will let you know once the new botanicals (which are wonderful btw) can be purchased.  That being said...If you like the ones we have now, with the butterflies and the calling cards...It might be the time to buy a pack before they go away because once they are gone, they are gone.
The halo was created using one of the Classic Label Stickers with the pink edge...cutting it to fit her head.  The inside was colored with Distress Crayon to give a warm glow.  I love the flowers here too...all colored with crayon and the Detailer Water Brush.  I believe I used Fossilized Amber, Evergreen Bough and Aged Mahogany and Peeled Paint...all in very small doses.
 On this page I used a card to create a pocket.  The eyelet in the corner is just for show.

Journaling cards and a Stencil Chip M are all layered onto one large card, then stitched to the canvas across the top.
This Found Relative was so fun to color!  I added the wings and then colored in her entire dress from the buttons, to the flowers, to the hat!
 Here's a little close-up so you can see the flowers better.
 And the last page...I love this Found Relative of the mother and son.  The red coloring around the clippings sticker is more crayon work.
Well I hope you like my little journal.  Like I said, it is a favorite of the things I created for the show because of the size and the ease in putting it together (no wrong way to do it).  I love combining stitching and's just the best of two worlds that I love.
now carry on,


  1. I LOVE my big journal! May have to give the smaller one a go for gifts!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, love love love all the layers xx

  3. This little book is just gorgeous! I could look through it for days and notice more details every time! You know I was looking at those journal cards just yesterday at my LSS and put them back. Big Mistake! Guess what I'm gonna get now!? Terrie Lightfoot

  4. So beautiful Paula! I am obsessed with your coloring of these images...its fabulous!

  5. Love everything about this journal! I need the journal cards, the found relatives, the stencils, etc. Your coloring technique is lovely!

  6. Your petite journal is stunning Paula! From the clever keyhole closure, to the detailed painting of the found relatives, I just love everything about it (especially the way you edged the pages with the gorgeous Correspondence fabric right down to the two little 'XX's). Your attention to detail always impresses! xx

  7. What a so Gorgeous journal Paula !! It´s is really wonderful, and full of beauties!! Congratulations !
    I wish you a very nice day,
    Big hugs, Caty

  8. Magical, just magical! Each time I look, there is more to see. Each page is delightfully layered and gorgeous.

  9. This is so AWESOME!!!!!! Love all of the pages and how all the different elements blended so perfectly together...thanks for sharing your amazing talent! ♥️

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this so much Paula!! Full of brilliant ideas and inspiration, just stunning!!! I have both the collage paper and the journaling cards as of course they are right up my street and you have just given me some brilliant ideas of how to use some more of them, - thank you!!
    Happy Sunday and have a wonderful week!!

  11. Gee how did I miss this ... or did I ?? I so love this album, the details just make me so giddy ; you do have a way with the Found Relatives; that'a how you got your name Found Relative Queen ;) <3 Congratulations again for making the magazine... I love Somerset Magazine !