Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tattered Poinsettia Wrap

Hi Everyone!
I'm here today sharing another project for the Tim Holtz Holiday Inspiration series!  I hope you have been joining us the past few weeks for all the wonderful inspiration!  ...and just in case you missed any of the projects, Tim's posts a recap on his BLOG each Saturday.
Today I have an easy wrapping idea using the Layered Tattered Poinsettia Bigz die.   The die is a Bigz which means you can cut thicker material (like felt and wool) with ease.  I personally like to use Wool Felt not acrylic felt when I am die cutting.  I find the wool felt gives you a better cut and the wool itself is sturdier so it holds up better.
I have a stash of plaid wool that I have purchased over the years when I find it at quilt shops.  The plaid wool is fun to mix in the layers of the flowers!  Please note that not all quilt shops carry wool but when you find one that does, it's hard to stop yourself from wanting it all.
I cut solid red as well as red plaid.  I also had some pink wool that has light and dark areas that I think will look pretty as a flower.  I guess what I like most about this is that the flowers can be any color you want to match your holiday decor.

For this bloom I started with pieces cut from Warm and Natural (a type of batting) or you could use white felt.  I painted Collage Medium on the leaves with a brush. 
One by one I moved each layer to a piece of paper then poured Clear Rock Candy Glitter over the top.
I let each piece dry then cut a circle for a base.  Start building the flower by adhering the largest piece to the circle with Collage Medium.
Once the stack was complete I pushed the center in to make a well for beads.
I colored three Baubles for the center of the Poinsettia with Alcohol Ink (juniper, red pepper, and butterscotch) and adhered them with Collage Medium.
I hand stitched a safety pin to the back of the poinsettia so it could be removed once the gift was opened.  The double faced red satin ribbon is my favorite color of red!

You can make the poinsettia smaller by only using the two smaller sizes of the die cut.  I decided to start with leaves cut from one of the large pieces and glued it to a circle.
So you can see that only the leaves were cut using the largest pieces - the flower itself is two medium pieces and one small which makes a perfect small poinsettia!
The center for this one is also a Bauble.  I covered it with Butterscotch Alcohol ink, then once dry dripped a little Mushroom over the top and rolled it around till dry.  A perfectly vintage color I think!  I like the plaid wool layer to this one and I love the addition of the green leaves just peaking out under the bloom.
I adhered the poinsettia to a small tag that I made using Oxide Distress Ink and the Merry Christmas stencil.
The next one is variegated pink wool.  Same layering process but with a glittered Bouquet flower in the center.  I used my favorite Vintage Platinum glitter of course.
For this gift I used a strip of lace that was cut from a tattered cotton tablecloth I bought from my friend Lisa Mcilvain on Etsy.  You might notice I added another yellow/green layer at the bottom of the flower. The lace bow was so big that the flower just needed to be a bit bigger!  Love the colors of the pink and green on this one.

Christmas is just a few short weeks away so I hope this gives you a few ideas for beautiful packaging.  I know these would look beautiful under any tree!

NOTE: If you don't have a shop in your area that has wool felt - I know Whim So Doodle in Florida carries it in their fabric shop.  Just call the store and they will cut and send you what you need - 1/4  yard of a color will make a whole lot of blooms for Christmas!
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  1. These poinsettias are wonderful Paula (you know how much I love this die!). They look fabulous on your wonderful packaging. I think they would also make lovely brooches too. Love them! Jennie x

  2. Your poinsettias are so pretty, fabulous package decorating !!

  3. Love how you dressed up these brown paper packages! TFS Paula!

  4. Beautiful! I have never seen plaid felt, or that pretty variegated rose colored felt. I still have bookmarked the present wrapping post you did a few years ago. Love it!

    1. I have only seen it in certain quilt shops but once you find the right one, there is always a treasure trove!

  5. You took brown paper packages tied up with string to a whole new level, gorgeous decoration and use of vintage fabrics! Sadly, today's fabric leaves me wondering what happened to cotton--I really miss the thick, soft stuff that used to be available.

  6. These are beautiful! I've been playing around with wrapping ideas too and love brown Kraft wrapping. Poinsettias are gorgeous. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  7. simply too amazing-especially the white one!

  8. Oh my, Paula! I would never unwrap that package! Beautiful! Also, very clever to use the batting. Time to find where I put mine from my quilting days!

    1. haha - I say that too..."my quilting days" - we are a pair, aren't we?

  9. These are beautiful. Time to pull out some of my wool felt. Thanks for the inspiration