Friday, October 5, 2012

2013 Calendar

Almost three years ago we made this little calendar at CHA in our booth for a make and take.

Afterwards we decided to show the calendar on our blog along with a tutorial and offered the calendar pdf to anyone interested.  We never dreamed it would become an annual event.  We have gotten many requests already this year, so here it is, the 2013 calendar for your crafting pleasure!

Just email us at to get the calendar pdf.
For complete instructions to make the original calendar go here....


How about the 2013 version.....

Love the wider version which allows a space for the "Word" Key

  Directions:  Cut 2 pieces of book board 6x6"

Cut printed paper 6x6 and decoupage to book board.
Apply Distress Stain around edges of boards.

I chose the Kraft Resist paper.  I am a sucker for kraft and can do some cool things to this paper with inks and stains, but I wanted to keep it the natural kraft color.
Feel free to use your distress stains or inks for some color.

Cut two inch square pieces of book board.

Glue the two 1 inch square book board pieces together.  These will go behind where you nail your tack, so that it has something to nail into.  Print and cut out your calendar pages onto cardstock.  Punch a hole in the top of the pages.  Use the hole as guide to apply tack.

Make a hole with awl to attach brad/key.

Place jump ring between the two brad ends.

Apply brad to book board and splay ends in back.

Tie key to jump ring with narrow ribbon or elastic.
Apply metal book corners to bottom corners.
Punch holes at top and apply eyelets.
Tie boards together with ribbon.

...or to see a couple more variations go here.

And if that isn't enough, here is more calendar inspiration...

 Love the base

Perpetual desk calendar

Eye Chart Calendar 

 Calendar Packing Tape

Paper weight

Calendar made with paint chips.

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    Your calendar is so lovely, I'd love to make one my own.


  2. I look forward to this post each year! Love this project and I always love the other calendar ideas you post. The packing tape one is fun! Thank you for sharing the calendar!

  3. Majo - use this address: (they left out the "s" at the end by accident!)

  4. Exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you a million!


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  6. That's really beautiful. Thanks so much.

  7. So glad the 'tradition' continues. Love both the old and the new. Many thanks!

  8. I love this calendar....and I like the 2013 changes!!

  9. Love it!! Thanks for inspiration!!
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  10. This little calendar has always been one of my favorites! Love the additional ideas as well.

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  13. Wow so many ideas and thank you so much for offering to share the 2013 pages with us all, I have sent off my email....thanks

  14. Thank you, thank you! Love these calendars and must make the larger version. Blessings, Diane

  15. Thanks so much for sending me the file, here is my version of the calendar:

  16. Thanks a million for this free calendar, like everyone else - so appreciated!!!!! Kind regards Denise, Australia

  17. Thank you so much for this free calendar! I really love it and I love your work! x Happy Holidays!