Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Restoration Hardware

 Totally inspired by the Restoration Hardware Baby & Child catalog that came in the mail yesterday (seems odd, right?).  So much so that I thought you might like to see some of my favorites (if you don't already have the catalog in hand).  Some items are more expensive then others, so even if you are not in the buying mood...inspiration is at hand.

Vintage Steel Play Stools
13 and 14" square
Vintage Zinc Letters
10" high 
$15 each
10 high 1 1/2" deep
$16 each
7 1/2 x 11"
$18 each
8" square
$18 each
36 x 32"
24 x 13"
one fits a 4 x 6 photo and the other, a 5 x 7" 
24" diameter (4" deep)
60 x 61"
15 3/4" square
24" square
21 3/4" round
$45 - $49
21 x 31"
41 1/2 x 31 1/2"
I know that this is wildly expensive but it is so beautiful I wanted to include it.
Hand-Folded Vintage Map Dress
31 1/2 x 41"
there are 4 to choose from here.

I will leave you with this one...I purchased this large kids table a couple moths ago to use as a coffee table.  I have two small vintage chairs (red and black) that sit opposite the couch.  The table top is sheet metal that has a nice thick coating on it to keep everyone safe.  I love the casters so I can roll it out of the way if I need to and it is a great coloring station for the kids.

Cheers for a good week!


  1. Total inspiration there!! amazing, gotta love that place and I LOVE your coffee table!

  2. Rick is trying to figure out how to use a parental block on this blog, so it won't load...
    wonder why?
    love the EYE CANDY!

    1. thanks Wendy.
      Tell Rick, us girls need our inspiration!

  3. Love those letters - just added the stencil ones to my Christmas wish list! Awesome!

  4. Oh the goodness! I fall for anything with letters and numbers. Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't catch me!

  5. It was a great one! Totally love their letters! You outta work for them too...public!!!

  6. Your coffee table is a great idea and love the red and black chairs.

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