Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Goods Update

I know you have been waiting for Paula's travelogue on the Paris Flea markets, but I talked her into switching days with me and she will be talking about that on Friday.  I wanted to do a quick follow up on the "Easter Goods" post I did last week.

Remember the purse I showed you how to make last week?
I got all four of the girls purses finished, and even done early in the week.   I really wanted the purses to include a small journal with unlined paper inside and a set of small colored pencils.  After a lot of searching the only journals I could find in my price range had lined paper and the covers just weren't that cute.  I also couldn't find any short stubby colored pencils and I didn't want crayons which can be a disaster in Arizona summers.  Time was running out and at 10:00 PM on Saturday night I handed my husband two sets of regular size colored pencils and asked him to cut them in half to make four sets.  He gave me one of those looks and returned a few minutes later with the job done.  Once I had them cut I needed a bag to hold them in.  I used the leftover fabric scraps to make a mini bag just the right size for 12 short colored pencils with a velcro closure.  They went together pretty quick, but now it's about 1:00 AM and I decided I better go to bed and work on the journals after I get home from church.

It's now Sunday about 11:30 AM.  I'm home from church and I get started on the journals.  I figured that a 5" square journal was just about the right size to fit in the bag.  I made the covers from book board and decoupaged them with coordinating paper.  A final coat of Modge Podge was painted on the covers to make them more durable.  The inside pages are also a 5" square cut from cardstock.  Punch holes and put together with small binding rings.  I tied ribbon around the front cover on each.

Here's how they turned out....




I was happy with how they turned out and better yet I was able to make them with things I had on hand!

The kids had fun finding their goodies with clues along the way.

  The girls loved them which made all the my effort worthwhile.

Okay, now to get to and the winner of the "7gypsies in Paris" book.  

Congratulations Chris T!
Blogger Chris T said...
What a delightful story of the story behind the book! Wonderful! Would love to own a copy. THANKS!

Chris email us from "contact" on the sidebar to give us your address.
Congrats, you will enjoy it!



  1. Congratulations, Chris! Deb, great job on the notebooks and bags. They are adorable and I LOVE how you did the little marker bags too. Very cute!!!

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  3. What a good Grandma you are!! I will get mine made....someday! Maybe for Christmas!!

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  5. OMG…for real OMG. I secretly -or maybe not so secrtely-want to be your friend. I feel like your creative soul and my creative soul would be very in tune…yes even though I only know you via the blog and a few comments about my glitter-o-holic tendencies. Everything you make is so awesome and I have trouble finding blogs that are truly inspiring to me and fit my aesthetic.

    So today I am reading about your cute bags- loving the Amy Butler fabric you used and then I see your granddaughter's name….Ryann….Are you kidding me? I have a 13-year-old girl named Ryann. Ryann MIchelle to be exact. I showed her and she literally started giggling. See we are creative soul mates. Danee

  6. Amazing Easter creations. Love a girl who excels under pressure.
    Thanks for all the inspiration, great tutorials and generosity!
    P.S. I am up for adoption.

  7. Congratulations to Chris, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  8. Love the purse sets you made-what a dedicated Grandma you are!!!

    THanks for picking me to win!YAHOO!

    April 10, 2012 8:54 AM

  9. OMGosh! Your bags are fabulous! I love them and I can't believe how you were working on every detail until the last minute! Sweet!


  10. LOVE the purses, Deb, Great job! Congrats to the book winner.

  11. Congrats, Chris! I'm happy for you; but SAD that I didn't win that journal.

    Great little purses, journals and pencil bags!! Just adorable.

  12. Deb..
    Love the little bags....they are just adorable...
    Love the timelime and a look into your creative process,it is a page out of my own book....funny how creatives always work best under pressure...and in the middle of the night!
    Thanks for sharing...so cute.

  13. Those bags are adorable! I'm sure the girls loved them.

  14. I love those bags. Thanks for the how to make pictures. Maybe I will make one for an upcomming babyshower.

  15. The bags & their contents are GORGEOUS!!!
    Congrats to Chris.

  16. The purses, journals and case for the markers turned out adorable. I'll have to keep that in mind for the wee ones' birthdays and/or Christmas gifts.

  17. these are so cute! what a fantastic idea!!!

  18. Great little bags! Love them!
    Paris is one of my favourite places. I still love it even though the last time I visited was in the middle of a heatwave (and there's precious little A/C in the City of Lights)

  19. I'm sooo glad you shared directions for making these adorable little purses, Deb!
    I just finished two of them for our granddaughter's birthdays :)

  20. VicR,

    You need to send us a picture of your bags!