Monday, March 12, 2012

Liquid Pearls

Hope you all had a nice weekend.  I went to an estate sale on Saturday morning and picked up a few things.  Sometimes it amazes me what people keep for so long.  Things that should have gone to recycle or the dump years ago.  The man having the sale was funny...he told me would give ME $5.00 if I would take the broken lamp/table (you know, it's a standing lamp that has a small table around it's middle). It had no shade and the only half the table.  Something I did not need at my house, but we both got a nice laugh. 
I ended up with a couple really large frames, a big spool of heavy wire (just because you never know when you might need wire), a couple old books, and a wooden thing...kinda shaped like a bowling pin.  I asked the man what it was and he said it was for women to hit their husbands over the head.  See, I told you he was a funny old guy.  I already have an idea for it and it has nothing to do with hitting Jay over the head.  More on that another day.

So on to today's tutorial!
I have this box of Liquid Pearls that were sent to me by Ranger when I participated in this.  Liquid Pearls Dimensional Paint is a waterproof pearlescent paint designed for paper and fabric.   Each of the 30 colors have a pearly finish which gives an interesting depth.  As the name implies it's dimensional, meaning that when you squeeze a bead out onto a surface, the bead will keep it's shape during the drying process (it will also change from a "candy kiss" shape when squeezed out to a round bead).  Once dry, the dimensional beads can be left as is or painted over.

When I received the box for the Designer Challenge, I sorted the colors by "my range" and "brights", not normally the colors I gravitate to.  Sorting out the colors helped me narrow down my choices for the project I was working on at the time.
This are some of my the tags I did when testing this product for the Designer Challenge.  It's always good to see what a new product (or at least new to me) can do before you start.  It really helps me to formulate more ideas and uses.
Today I decided to get out the Liquid Pearls "brights" and challenge myself to use them.  I made some fun discoveries.  I still need more time to experiment but let me show you the in's and out's of what I learned today.
First, I got out a stack of really big (like a #10) heavy weight tags to work on.  I decided on Liquid Pearls in Daffodil a nice bright yellow.  You will need to work on a craft mat because in most cases the Liquid Pearls will go over the edge and that is not something you want on your craft table, kitchen table or clothes.
I want to preface this part by saying that when you use Liquid Pearls in a non-traditional use such as this...thinning it out so dries very fast.  So be ready with a 1/2 sheet of a paper towel scrunched up, then squeeze the Liquid Pearls out onto the tag. 
Start rubbing it into the surface right away.  The first time I tried this I used a lot of Liquid Pearls and covered the entire tag in one shot.
It was a rich yellow color.  Super vibrant with a really interesting texture to the surface.  It almost has the look and feel of Venetian wall plaster.  Have you ever touched a wall with that kind of paint treatment?  super smooth, velvety feeling.  This is that same kinda feeling.
Try No. 2
This time I want to give more depth to the tag.  So I decided to use less Liquid Pearls to leave some raw space on the tag.
The thinner it gets the faster it dries so I found it easier to do the middle, then go back and and a bit more on the edges.
This was my final result.  Even the edges that look like they are still raw, have a slight yellow to them, it's just very thin.
I went around the edge with a light coat of Vintage Photo.  Remember, Distress Ink is a dye ink so it will only "stick" to the paper surface not the Liquid pearls.  If I were to do this same thing on the first tag I created it would not age the tag at all since I left no paper for the Distress ink to color. 
Next I went back over the tag with Milled Lavender.
Now that's the depth I was looking for.
Love how the center is very vibrant yellow and the fade to the edges.
I added my current favorite stamp from Stampendous - flower fields using Archival Ink - coffee.  If you are going to stamp on the tag you will need to use Archival or Staz On because of the slick surface.  I set the inked image with a heat gun.
Here you can see the Milled Lavender a bit better.  So many levels of color here.
Tag No 3.
This time is was heavy on the Liquid Pearls to give more texture (since the dimension will keep it's shape in the drying process) and did not pull the color all they way across they tag.  This will make a good inclusion for a journal and I can still write on the back side.
I went around it with Vintage Photo and stamped it with the 7gypsies clear stamp - Conservatory.
I know I need more time for experimentation using this product.  But for now I am happy with what I have learned and with Easter in a few weeks this Daffodil yellow is perfect.

What did I do with the 1st tag that I colored all yellow?
I punched butterflies.
Hello Stamp - Besotted Brand
Notebook bag - Whisker Graphics

Before I end this post I wanted to add a few random bits of information:
Wood Disc's - I have heard from a few people that they have gone to their local Michaels store and have found that the wood disc's used in last weeks tutorial discontinued.  I have found the same thing.  There are many places online to purchase the dics.
Here are a couple:
single bag -  Woodcrafter
bulk - Woodworks Ltd

Also if you have a minute this week be sure to read this lovely post by Cathe Holden.

And if you have a couple hours...take the time to find and watch Bill Cunningham New York.  A documentary about Bill and his life's work, photographing fashion on the streets of New York.  I loved this movie and Bills humor and honesty about life.  Even if you are not "into" fashion it is still an absolutely fascinating profile of this extraordinary man. 
It can be found at Netflicks and on iTunes for download ($3.99)
Here is the trailer.
PS) Be sure to also watch the deleted scenes (about 8 of them).  Totally worth the extra time (I watched it while I folded the laundry so the time was not a waste at all).

Well, that's all for today. I think I have given you enough to think about for a few days and even a couple homework assignments.


  1. I have a ton of liquid pearls that I almost never use, I'd hate for them to dry us and go to the trash can. Love your ideas, and though I'm not typically a tag kind of girl, yours are lovely and I can't wait to sit down and play a bit. Thanks for the gorgeous ideas, I'm posting to my pinterest if that's OK, I think everyone needs to know how to create something as wonderful as you have. Let me know if it's not OK to pin this, I'll remove it then. Have a great day.

  2. Beautiful!! I love the ending result!! It's just gorgeous!! Thanks for this awesome post!

  3. Thanks for some great lessons - now to play with the LPs I have in my inventory.

  4. Love what you did with the Liquid Pearls!! I can't tell you how many times I have passed these little bottles up in the store. Yes, it's true. I don't have one bottle of this stuff!! But, I will be picking up some of them now---love the yellow!! Oh...and another great place people can get the wood discs is on ETSY. Plenty of suppliers sell them on the site and at better prices than what Michaels sold them for. I know they were cheap at Michaels but you only got like 3 or 4 in a bag and half the time at least two of them would be damaged (my experience with them, anyway). They are better off to discontinue them. Thanks for showing what you did with the Liquid Pearls. Awesome stuff!!

  5. thanks janine for info...I will check out etsy! It is usually a go to place for me!

  6. I love the stamping over the liquid pearls. I've never purchased any of the brighter colors but I might have to pick up a bottle or two. Thanks for sharing a great tutorial!

  7. Love that color of Liquid Pearls and all the wonderful ways you used it!!!!! Every project is great! Thanks for sharing!

  8. So glad to see this post on L.P. paint. One product I have passed by countless times, that I might now try. :) I love landing at sales wherein the "hosts" kick your knickers with their humor. Heehee! :)

  9. Great tags! I will be running down to Michaels shortly to pick up some LP's. I think I know where you picked up the notebook Baggie from, a little birdie mentioned you stopped by The Shabby Scrapper in AG! I am on the DT, Isn't the store just darling? BTW I snagged several of those bags too, they are so cute!

  10. You are right Ms Paper Diva, I did get the bag at The Shabby Scrapper in Arroyo Grande. Such a lovely store. So nice to have a scrapbook store in our area again.

  11. Thanks for this post Paula. I love learning about the different products. I have some Liquid Pearls that I have never used and now I will.

  12. UPDATE: I did stop at my local scrapbook store yesterday and picked up some bottles of Liquid Pearls. For my first tag, I decided to go with the same color as you did in this post (Daffodil). But, what I didn't realize (until just now) is that we have the same Stampendous flower field stamp. As I came here to post this update, I discovered that my tag looks just like

  13. janine,

    Funny how that happens. I do love that stamp...working it into a mini book right now. As well as my bright yellow tag I made.
    So here's to good taste among friends!

  14. Just a note to thank you for sharing a link to my blog post. I appreciate your thoughtfulness at this difficult time. It means so much.

  15. Just a note to thank you for sharing a link to my blog post. I appreciate your thoughtfulness at this difficult time. It means so much.