Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Calendar Tradition

A couple of years ago Paula and I created this little desktop calendar as a make and take for CHA.  Since then we have been asked every year to PLEASE redo the calendar pages for the coming year.  Well, here it is...plenty of time to get ready for the new year!

Just email us at to get your calendar pages.  
For complete instructions to make the calendar go here....
or for another variation go here.

More calendar inspiration....

My favorite....seen on Dezeen

Fun organizers from Present and Correct

Flashcard calendar from Whisker Graphics

A yardstick cut to 31"....the bead is moved down the yardstick to the appropriate day.
From Can't Stop Making Things

Make your own using chalkboard paint - from Stylizimo



  1. Love the flashcard calendar but the link is wrong. Can you tell us who makes it?

  2. I'm desperate to find those flashcards too... :) any idea where the link might be? :) I googled and I'm coming up empty handed. Thanks!

  3. They are from Whiskergraphics.....

    Sorry, I think I have the links correct now.


  4. Love the little make-n-take calendar you made. Very cute!

  5. i was just looking at my calendar yesterday and thinking, i wonder if they're going to redo next years calendar.... and then i tried to make my own.... not nearly as nice. Thanks for your hard work and great ideas!

  6. You must have been reading my mind!! I was just thinking that it would be so wonderful if we could get a new set of calendar pages for this year. Thanks so VERY much!

  7. Hi
    love the idea of making calendar !!
    Do you have a link to print this year calendar ??
    I love to make one !!!

  8. to get the calendar just send us a email at

  9. I know it is early- but will you be making calendar pages for 2013? This was my very favorite project for this year and I could not begin to duplicate your gorgeous work. Thanks for this terrific resource. Blessings, Diane

    1. Hi Diane,

      The new calendar for 2013 will be available in Oct. Just keep watching the blog!
      thanks so much,

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