Friday, October 21, 2011

A liTtlE fAll GlaM

I came across a new place to take Paula when she's in town.

...(love the name!) They are located in Old Town Scottsdale (Arizona).
This fun fall idea was on their blog.   It is so simple, quick and easy....and guaranteed to add a lot of punch to your fall decor.

First, find yourself a pumpkin.  You will also need a foam brush, glue and glitter.  Martha Stewart glitter is recommended because of all the beautiful colors they offer.  Simply brush the glue onto the pumpkin several sections at a time, then glitter.  Work your way around the pumpkin until it is completed.

Check out the fun colors...great to leave out the entire fall season!

Word of warning:  Whenever we work with glitter at my house we end up not only wearing the shiny stuff for at least a week, but we find it in the strangest places!




  1. Oh, so beautiful!! I always wanted to do this fun project. Thanks for sharing some sparkle:)
    xxx Liz

  2. Beautiful pumpkins! I have a love/hate relationship with the glitter though. I wear it for far longer than a week after using it - ha!

  3. Sooooo beautiful! I'm always amazed at you ladies and your creativity!! Come back to Waco!!! :-)

  4. I think you might be my glitter soul mate….I have no one in my life who loves glitter as much as I do….I wish You lived in Michigan. We could attempt to glitter the world. I literally walk through stores and get side tracked by shiny sparkly things. It annoys my 12 year old. My 6 year old and hubby get so mad when they are covered with the sparkly stuff. They just don't understand me. My blog is full of my recent glittering. I've made a ton of projects lately with the stuff. Last night I went to wash my face and my entire face was lightly covered in black glitter….not a good look. My newest obcession…Martha's glue fine point pens….they allow me to glitter every detail. Yesterday I glittered 2 inkjet images from Rhonna Farrer that I will be framing and a shirt I made for my daughter- which also got rhinestones. It was a slow production day. Thank you for spreading the glitter- have you discovered Glitter Blast? I am going to hit a pumpkin with it. I did 3 little ones but I want to do a big one as well.

  5. I adore these,,,I think when I have time to hunt the glitter I will make one. Dianntha

  6. Alert! I now have glitter in my computer keys. should have paid attention to your tip.

    I always make a mistake somewhere along the line. LOL