Friday, April 1, 2011

Collage Tissue "paper"

So many questions about what to do with the Collage Tissue that I made this week.   You really have to think of it as a flexible transparency.  I decided to add some of the material to the little journal I made at the beginning of the week with the Tissue cover to show you a few ideas.  The Collage Tissue paper will also be making an appearance in the Abundance class we are teaching this year...but I am not going to tell you how it's used there, that's a secret. 

Let's get started...First I ran a piece of the Collage Tissue
"paper" and a piece of scrap cardstock through the Vagabond machine using the Tattered Leaves die.

Here is the cardstock I ran at the same time as the Collage Tissue "paper".  My idea was to make a mask from one of the leaf shapes.   I cut out the leaf I wanted to use.
 Then I cut a hole in a larger scrap paper to make the mask wider.
 Use a glue stick to combine the two pieces.  
I know Ranger has plastic to cut masks from but I didn't have any, so the paper will do for today. 

I used the mask to create the leaf "shadow" on one of the pages I punched earlier.  
Sample one: Cutout

1.  Lay the mask over paper and spray with Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls Mist.  Dry with heat gun.
2.  Replace the mask and stamp over leaf pattern with alpha stamp found in the Stampers Anonymous set Going Somewhere (see below) with Distress Ink - Bundled Sage.
3.  Ink the edges of the page with Distress Ink - Frayed Burlap.
4.  Use a glue stick to adhere the leaf to the page and add some text cut from an old book.
Sample two: Page
1.  Cut pre-punched page at 2".
2.  Follow the same method to cover the cardstock by spraying, stamping, and inking.
3.  Sew the Collage Tissue to the cardstock.
4.  Use a decorative scissor on the edge if desired.
5. Add a bit of book text.
Sample three: Window
1.  Cut a hole in piece of scrap paper with an X-Acto knife.  I had recently been testing Color Wash Sprays and had this scrap from the over spray, but you can use whatever you like.
2.  Adhere Collage Tissue to the center hole.
3.  Decide on placement of the window.  Cut a hole in the pre-punched page a bit bigger than the window.  Sew the Window over hole in the page.
4.  Add some ribbon and text cut from a book.
 You can see how the Collage Tissue becomes like a window when lifted.
Well, that's it for today.  It's warm and sunny outside, so I am of to the berry stand for fresh strawberries and then to pick lemons from my tree for some fresh lemonade tonight.  There's going to be some barbecuing going on here in about 2 hours so I have to get moving!
cheers for the weekend!!


  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful techniques. Your tissue paper windows are fantastic. Happy BBQing...

  2. Crazy fun ideas today! Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration!

  3. Great ideas for using the tissue paper. I can't wait to get my hands on some of it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love, love, love your ideas! I went to Micheals yesterday looking for Ice Resin but they don't have it. They did have other that I might try.

    Fresh lemonade - YUM. Not too many lemon trees in Ohio :-)

  5. Paula you drive me crazy with your repetitive posts about the all the classes you teach - OUT WEST!!! How in hell do you expect us poor easterners to afford the $800 airfare to participate in the "Abundance" class. Even if I were abundant - in cash, that is (because I have other abundances that I will not go into here) - the prerequisite airfare would decimate most of my abundance.

    Doesn't this sound like a perfect opportunity for another kit such as the magnificence you put together for last year's advent calendar? Huh? What do you think?

  6. Liked the TT on the resin I can see I am going to have to get some tissue paper. Would this still work if I made my own? ie. had some TP and stamped with Stazon then apply resin mix?

    Love Dawn x

  7. Hey Dawn,
    I do think you could use Staz-on, on solid tissue paper to make your own.
    I have never tried this but as long as the tissue has a bit of strength to it, it should work. I have some cheap white TP I use for wrapping presents at Christmas and it may be too thin. I swear you can almost see the wood chips in it! But better tissue that you get at a stationery or hobby store should work. When you apply the Resin with the sponge you really have to press down and pull it across the paper so that is why a bit of strength is needed.

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