Friday, February 25, 2011

In Search of Good Junk - A love for Notions

There's something enticing about a little group of buttons all lined up in a row on a printed card, or the graphics and texture of an old fabric measuring tape, or a line of wooden spools wound with colorful thread.   Who doesn't love a jar filled with old buttons, snaps, pins and the like.  And a bonus, that they are usually relatively cheap and easy to find.   Notions are so versatile and fun to use, I thought you might enjoy a bit of card making mixed with a love of notions.  Get out your sewing machine for some quick and easy cards using old notions, printed sentiments and some simple stitching.   
Here are a few ideas to get you started - 

Vintage packaging is so good, and old snap fastener cards are a favorite!   It doesn't even matter that the bottom part of it has been cut off.  In fact that leaves a nice place for your sentiment to go!

 I have no idea where I found a hot pink garter and not even sure it qualifies as a notion, but it makes for a cute thank you card.

I love these straight pins!  They come pinned to a paper strip on a roll.  Just tear a strip off and combine with piece of fabric and ribbon.

Use the smallest bits of fabric along with a corner of some snap packaging....stitch around some of the elements for interest.

A hook and eye adhered to bits of frayed fabric.

You can't really tell by the picture, but there is one button missing on the card...hence the sentiment, "missing you"

Envelope details - adhere a piece of fabric behind the hole on the flap which allows the envelope to be pinned closed.  Add ribbon and mini tag.

A needle and some darning thread...

 The "closure" card...for the person that needs some closure in their life.

 Love an old measuring could be used to represent the number of years for a birthday or anniversary.

I wanted the envelopes to match the theme of the cards so I added a fabric flap.  I started with a regular envelopes.  They were a bit too white so I brushed them with walnut ink.  I wanted the orientation of the envelope to change so I sealed the flap that was closing the long end.  Then I stitched down one of the short ends of the envelope.  This also allows for you to change the size of the envelope to fit your card.   I made a new flap for the envelope out of wool fabric.     

I trimmed the front of the envelope 1/2" shorter than the back of the envelope and stitched the wool flap to the inside of the back only.

So many possibilities and everything I had on hand!  Here's a challenge...Try just using what you have on hand and create something fun.  We refer to this as - "within arms reach" going to the store, just what you have hanging around.  Show us what you come up with.
Good Luck!


  1. Deb,
    You are a stinking genius!
    -the other gypsy

  2. Those are adorable cards. Can't wait to make some myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. These are awesome! And I love your sayings!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your ideas! My mom just sent me the contents of an old (from the 40's) sewing basket she picked up at a thrift store and they are just perfect for these little cards! Thank you so much for the inspiration! :)

  5. These cards are just absolute genius!

  6. Love the garter card - thanks for your support! Too cute! Great ideas as always.

  7. I "get the point." Love all of these. I hate to think of all the good things I have tossed in the past. I even remember garters. Ugh.

  8. I absolutely love these! I have boxes of vintage sewing goodies. I love the way they look but don't do anything but look at most of them. Except my measuring tapes. Come by my blog to see what I did with them. There are several posts... you have to scroll down to see them all.

    But I'm gonna challenge myself to use the rest of the notions now. Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. I love all of these. . I have lot of this stuff lying around because I love thrifting and as you said these items are cheap. Totally inspired now to dig them out and make these.

  10. these are just the best...i know you din't know that you had a new subscriber that is a total lover of notions!
    You had me at "suitcase". I am a true devotee now!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I've got to stop reading these posts! You're making my shopping list WAY too big! Now I need to go find some vintage sewing notions too! :)

  12. These are fabulous!!! What great inspiration!

  13. These cards are so adorable! I have a collection of old notions too, and grandma's fabric scraps-so vintage! I'll have to give this a try.
    Keep on inspiring us!

  14. Oh Deb so you! clever and sweet and oh so cute

  15. Love the inspiration as usual! Just can't get enough of the oldies but goodies! Thanks,Suzette~

  16. I love all the vintage items...very creative!

  17. I loved all these ideas d card. My God ..... I love how creative you all. thanks for sharing.

  18. These are all amazing. Jawdroppingly gorgeous. I was looking at a torn vintage snap package the other day & thinking how it was begging to be on a card, but I woulda never thought to make it look as gorgeous as these. Thanks for the inspiration!