Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Your projects!

We have been collecting the photos you have sent us over the past month to show what everyone has been working on...the advent calendar!  We love that you didn't need a kit if you wanted to do your own thing (Kathryn and Paulette, we want to see a picture) and if the size didn't work for you, you adapted in very creative ways. 
Here's a look at what YOU came up with!
Advent Calendar from Jane in North Carolina.  I love it!  Can you see how she translated the ideas and then put her own spin on it... just using the instruction CD.  So very fact just perfect.  And she finished before December 1st!!   
 Advent Calendar from Gwen, right here in CA.  Doesn't look great?  Fabulous job Gwen!! It goes with her decor too, now that's a plus.  I think I would want to go to a Christmas party at Gwen's house, it looks fabulous too!
This one belongs to Heidi all the way across the country in Connecticut.  She did a great job (and I love the Tim Holtz project right in front!)  Thanks Heidi!  We can always count on you!
 Here's one from my good friend Pam (way up in Saskatchewan, Canada).  Deb and I met Pam and her sister Barbara about 5 years ago at a show in Edmonton...and man is she one fast scrapper!
Pam made a miniature version of the advent cutting down the tags for an overall smaller scale.  I like that I can see some of the original tags even though she used what she had on hand.

I also had my sister in Texas send me these pictures of certain tags from her advent since she used photos of her husband and herself when they were kids.  I really loved this idea!
My brother in-law wearing an Indian costume.  Just because the photo is not Christmas related doesn't mean you can't use it.

My sister and brother in front of the tree...look at all that tinsel!
My parents at Mount Able 1948

Do you like that Christmas tree?  The story goes, it was in my brothers classroom and when it was time for Christmas break he brought it home.  My mother put it up and decorated it as best she could.  What a great mom she was!

And look at this...An advent tree!  This is from Connie F. in the Bay area.  Her sister Frances came up with the idea to put the tags on a tree and look how stunning it turned out!  Just FABULOUS!

 And from our good friend Miss Sande Krieger...she has so many windows in her house there wasn't a "place" for the big board.  So she used a 7gypsies Photo Display Stand and clipped the tags to it.   This way she could pick her favorite tags from the group she made in the Advent class.  What a great day that was!
Be sure to click on Sande's name up above to see her Christmas decor (her house is as fabulous as it looks, I've been there).

How about the spool kit that Deb did!  I loved it too.  
This photo is from Vicki...I am not sure if you can tell but she added her own stamps in red (around the 25) and glitter around the square that says Wanted: Elves will train.  
Love the little extra details Vicki!
Do you remember this from last year? 
I can't remember what we called it...Maybe Countdown to Christmas?  Anyway, our good friend Deborah K contacted us the first of Nov for the PDF files and made one up for December.  Don't you love it?...she had some real lead crystals in her stash and added them to the bottom. 

Oh, you could also use this technique for this project if you didn't have lead crystal...I just can't get enough of that ink. 
If you missed this project from last year you can read about it here and if you want the files just send an email.
 Happy Holidays!
Now it's one more trip to the post office with Vintage Village kits and back to baking and wrapping presents and cleaning up the baking and cooking dinner for 6 or 8 tonight...I am tired already!


  1. Oh my goodness! Love everyone's projects! I like that they have been personalized a bit! I really, really, really love that gorgeous tree!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Wow the inspiration and ideas shown here are just over the moon fabulous. This is amazing talent from everyone. Happy Holly Jolly Joy...

  3. Thanks so much for including my photo. I had a great time making the tags! I LOVE the Christmas tree - what a great idea. So much inspiration - love it!

  4. All so beautiful!! I especially like the one with the family pictures. Lovely!

  5. Thanks for posting my xmas tree with the advent calendar tags. It's definitely one of my favorite xmas decorations in the house. Your tag ideas were fabulous!

  6. I Love seeing these photos of the advent calendar tags, and that tree is Gorgeous!
    Thanks for including the spool cards I was working on. Such a Fun project!

  7. Gosh, what lovely calendars and art projects!! Thanks to everyone for sharing!!

    Are there any blog links for these lovely ladies who have shared their art? I'd love to visit them.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!


  8. I do have a blog you're welcome to visit.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  9. These are all awesome! I really love those spools!