Thursday, August 19, 2010

I love type. 
red graphic lampshade
I love everything about it.  How it it can change a project from good to it can stand alone and be perfect.  
There is just something about letters that makes my heart sing.  Especially a lower case g.  Something about that shape. (I secretly wish my name started with g... p is such a boring letter) 

Numbers tooSome numbers rank higher than others (because of their shape)... 2, 3 and 5 are most desirable, but of course we are both partial to 7's.
I thought I would see what I could find out there that related to type...just a sampling of what is available on ETSY among other places. 

gosh, I love that letter g...

Petit French Industrial Pillows

Nest pillow
Petit French Farmhouse pillows
Giant number letterpress coasters
Farmhouse storage basket
Neutra house numbers
love this idea...These prints are created using 25 words, numbers and phrases of your choice. The theme is up to you whether it's based on trips you've taken around the world, family memories growing up or inside jokes with friends...maybe even all the addresses of places you have lived.
18 x 24 runs about $120- other sizes available.  (btw - genius Christmas present)
mine should be the names of all the airports I been in...

 custom prints
Font Tray
Font coasters
and we always have to include a little Anthropologie inspiration...
 Lucky Number Knob, red
 I think these were made for me....Lucky number and all.
 Lucky Number knob, yellow
color swatch knob (with numbers)
Ordinal dresser
I will end with the genius work of Sande Krieger.  Did you see what she did to her bathroom door?  I have been in that bathroom, in fact I helped her pick out the floor tiles...but this is over the top good.


  1. These are all fabulous!!! I'll take one of each!!

  2. I love things with numbers on them. I'm not sure why. I just do. Love the custom print too! And that bathroom door is amazing!

  3. Well you know I am partial to numbers and fonts of all kinds but the one I really love here is the colour wheel, Just how dam cute is that!

  4. I laughed when I read your comment about the "lower case g"! I love that letter too, and have bought packages of alphabets, because I have liked the way the "g" looked!

  5. Love...Love...LOVE the door project...and for the record, i think 'p"'s can be beautiful...