Tuesday, May 18, 2010

As I have scanned over the pictures from the trip this week, I found I could never fit all the fun shopping/site seeing areas into one post so I have decided to split them up by place. 

We are going to start our tour of Australia at a lovely cafe in West Pennant Hills and then take a drive out to a lovely small town, Windsor.

After arriving, we went for a yummy beautiful breakfast with Sally and Lorraine.  I have found that Australian's frequently use the word beautiful to describe food, so I told Deb I was going to adopt that custom. 
Looks good enough to eat, right?
just beautiful
Sally needed to go back to work so Lorraine, our ever trusty chauffeur drove us to Windsor where we found the biggest collection of junk I have ever seen.  Now, I have been to Urban Ore in the Bay area that sells used items, including reclaimed doors and windows but this stuff was just plain old junk.  I admit it, it was actually very organized junk, windows were together, toilets were together...etc.  But there was some crazy stuff that should have gone to the dump long ago.
I did end up purchasing a horseshoe for 50 cents.  I figured I could use the "lucky" symbol on the wall in my workroom to remind me of a fun day I spent in Australia. 

Tomorrow, Leura...one of my favorite little towns.

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