Monday, May 24, 2010


When Deb and I established this blog one of the things we wanted to do was let you know about great product that was out matter where you have to go to find it!
I have been a fan of the Collections line for a the creativity and focus of the line.  The artist and owner behind Collections, Juile van Oosten lives in Perth, Australia...which is not "just around the corner" to anywhere, so it was a huge honor to meet her as well as the super talented Audrey Underwood who was doing make and takes in the Collections booth.   Two fabulous women who know what style they like and create product and samples to make that vision a reality.
So, what is Collections?  think small bits of this and that mixed with chipboard (Julie really is the queen of chipboard), paint and 6 x 6 miniaturized paper.  To be honest I don't think I could have understood Julie's vision until I saw the booth.  Tiny little treasures abound.
Can I translate the amazing product in a blog post?  Not sure, but I'll try.  There is a video of the booth on Julie's blog that you can see here, just click on it once the link opens up.

Notice the 3-dimensional crown at the top of the picture.  
Totally made from chipboard.
The make and take table where you could make 3-dimensional spools and wings...super popular at the show.
This is the spool that I made during the crop.  I actually make another smaller one but lost it somewhere between Sydney and California.
This is how they come in the package, super easy to make.  In fact, on Julie's blog, Nirvana there is even a video tutorial.  But, you MUST have some of 6 x 6 collections paper to wrap them in.  I like so many of them I can't decide which to buy...maybe all of them.
 We used this sheet to cut out the portion for the top and the words to add whatever you like to the tag.  Super cute, printed on kraft paper.

She had some amazing transparencies
and fun Alpha's
and some great labels

If you are interested in ordering any Collections product you can access the consumer site, Your Creative Wings, from Audrey's blog.  Shipping from Australia can be expensive and I figured from Perth it would be even higher...but it's not.  International shipping is only $15 but if you mention the One Lucky Day blog, the shipping will be only $12 on your first order.  Now that's a bargain.  Thanks. Miss Audrey! 
ps) the product prices are great...just remember to change the currency to US dollars.

If you are a retail store and you are interested in Collections you can visit the website to view product but you must register to view pricing.  Btw, the Collections website and blog are open for viewing to all.

On a side Note-

Patient Mom who won the Bling Brads from Delish..will you email me your address so I can mail them out to you? thanks!

And lastly, Judy asked a question about the type of glue used in the 7gypsies Artist Printers Tray.  "Judy, I usually use a tape runner to adhere paper to the tray.  The glue stick that was pictured was used to adhere paper to cardstock to give it some extra weight.  When we do a tray we like to "raise up" some of the squares to give the tray more dimension.  Just grab a piece of foam core, cardboard or scrap book board (I have used all three at one time or another) and adhere to the tray.  Glue your paper to a piece of cardstock or chipboard so that it will remain flat and sturdy when elevated in the square.  Now glue the paper to the elevated piece already in the tray.  This trick works every time".  -paula
Here are my favorite tape runners for Permanent Adhesive- 
Scrapbook adhesives-E-Z runner and Glue glider-with Permanent Adhesive


  1. Paula,
    Thank you for answering my question about the glue stick. This is a big help and I have copied it all down. I never thought about layering in the printer tray!

  2. I am so excited to send you my address:

    Bev Patient
    2714 V Ct SE
    Auburn, WA 98002

    thank you again for choosing me :)

  3. What wonderful treasures !! That is a good deal on shipping too :)

  4. I can see why you've been a fan of the Collections line --absolutely beautiful! Their creations are truly amazing and make me want to stretch myself even more creatively. Thanks so much for sharing about them. And I love your spool!

  5. Fabulous things from Collections! Thank you for sharing this find!

  6. Thank you....thank you....thank you!

    The Bling Brads arrived and were waiting for me when I returned from vacation...They are spectacular!

    Thank you again for choosing me...I am blessed by your generosity :)