Saturday, December 26, 2009


We have gotten a few questions from people wanting to find our Etsy shop.  It's easy, just click on the orange square in the left sidebar that says, "Our Etsy Shop".  The link will take you right to it.  All of the people wanting to find it were interested in the Junk Drawer starter kit.  Unfortunately there were a limited number of started kits and they sold out very quickly.
In the future we will have more kits for new projects listed in the Etsy store.  On the list for early Feb are kits for the Creative Escape project 09 that was so popular (the one with all the little doors that open), some original art work, ephemera kits for your own projects, and....well, lets just say there are so many ideas we want to share.
You might say, "Why wait till Feb?"  Well, the answer is CHA.  For those who don't know, that's the Craft and Hobby Association Trade show in Anaheim the 3rd week in Jan.  If you have read our profile's you might know that it's our job to make the 7gypsies trade show booth look, well...inviting, interesting, and just plain fabulous (we will be showing sneak peeks on the blog, Gypsy Journal).  Deb and I will back that up here at One Lucky Day with some inside info about what we do to come up with the ideas.  Things that are specific to our job in making the booth look great.
So we hope you stick with us,
Paula and Deb
ps) another tag or two tomorrow!

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  1. I may have asked here before but...

    Is that a special little tool (looks like a wood stamp handle) that you use to do your aged edges?

    I do mine with a stencil brush but bad wrists are making that hard.


    barbara jean