Saturday, December 5, 2009


Going through my photos yesterday and came across the images taken at Domestic Bliss (aka: inspiration central) during Bliss fest.  We went early, stayed late, met up with friends, had lunch, spent some money...that is my kinda day!
Note to Self : Next time bring more money.  
Here are a few pictures of the event and inside the Domestic Bliss store.  If you are ever in downtown Mesa, AZ you should park your car and run in just for the beauty of it all, no matter the season.  
 Link is in the sidebar under "inspiration"'ll see what I mean, just scroll down.

This chair and it's mate need to be in the 7gypsy booth!

Karey-ann kissing a big pooch for charity

End of the day...
Karey-Ann, Laura, Me and Deb
ps) We were not the only one's who bought stuff...
Karey-ann and Laura had so many bags they hid them out of camera range!
and Deb is not really 6ft tall, it just looks that way!