Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Tim Holtz Assemblage Jewelry Necklace

Hello Friends,

We are celebrating Assemblage jewelry this week!  Assemblage is an exclusive line to Joann that has a vintage vibe (right up my alley).  You can purchase it in store and online. Tim, Stacy, Suzy and I will be sharing makes all week long, so continue to watch Instagram for posts and stories showing ideas for using Assemblage jewelry to make all kinds of things!  

I'm using a two different chains, connector pieces and a large bee in my necklace today.  You will also need some small jump rings to combine a few of the components.  Please keep in mind that Assemblage is meant to be taken apart and combined, so one strand of beads will be used in small increments.  As you follow along, you will see what I mean.

These are the pieces that I used:
Tim Holtz Assemblage Pendant Honey Bee #16821100
Tim Holtz Assemblage Deco Antique Silver & Brass Links #15507932
Tim Holtz Assemblage 18" Gold Chain Onyx Iridescent Beads #15507759
Tim Holtz Assemblage 18" Small Link Chain Brass #15507668

Use small needle nose pliers to open the bead chain (just twist to the side to open).  To make this necklace, I created 3 strings with 10 beads each but you can use as many beads as you wish to make it the length you want.  Mine necklace is 18" long including the bee.

When you are done separating the beads - you should have 4-5 beads left.  Set those to the side for later. Add a connector to two chains, and leave the clasp on one.
Separate the chain into 3 sections. The length depends on the chosen connector (mine are 10 to 15 links each). To be honest, I never count links.  I just go with what looks good and if I need to take out or add in it's an easy fix.
Now take the six pieces and connect them together alternating, beads and chain.
I added another of the connectors to the bee with an added jump ring at the top.
Then I added the chain from each side of the necklace to the jump ring above the connector.
And just like that the necklace is together!
I wanted to use the remaining 5 bead links to add detail, so I found some TINY pearls in my stash and added them to the loop at the bottom of each bead. This created a more finished look. 

The new drops were added to the jump ring right below the connectors.
And that one last bead... right above the bee connector!
The necklace was easy to put together, right?  And using just needle nose pliers (love when I don't have to buy new tools to make something)!

That bee is so cute hanging at the end!
I hope you like seeing our Assemblage pieces this week. We have lots of ideas to use Assemblage to make more jewelry, add to junk journals and create some special gifts.  Enjoy!
Now carry on,


  1. SO gorgeous Paula! I love that big ole bee! TFS

  2. I love this! It took a while ,but I did locate all of the components online. :D

  3. Oh how beautiful Paula, that bee is just exquisite! x