Friday, February 8, 2019


Hi there, thanks for stopping by today.  I'm sharing a cute Valentine box I created using a Vignette box as the structure.  Follow along and I will show you how I did it!

I covered a medium Vignette Box with scraps of Worn Wallpaper, over lapping some of the pieces to make them look like patches.  I sealed the wallpaper with Collage Medium and after it dried I used crayon to grunge up the paper edges.
You can see here that I also papered the inside...well, hold your horses on that because I changed my mind later and ended up covering it up.
This is my new idea for the inside...
I decided I needed the inside to push forward so I cut a piece of black foam core and covered it with a totally different pattern of wallpaper than previously chosen.  I repeated the step to seal with Collage Medium and let it dry.   However, this time I scribbled the crayon onto my glass mat and picked up the color with a damp paint brush so I could paint it on rather than rubbing it over the surface.  It gives it a lighter aging which is perfect for the Valentine.
I also tapped over the flowers with Collage Medium and then used the Glitter Duster to add Rock Candy Glitter over the flowers. I swear I will use any excuse to use that thing!
I painted on some Collage Medium then dropped the foam core piece into the vignette box and let it dry in place.
I painted a wood Vignette Frame in Antique Linen to match the opening of the medium Vignette Box.    I rubbed it with Collage Medium and let it dry before adding the crayon to distress it.
My plan was to add the Baseboard Frame (at left) to the wood frame, which will cover up all of the inside details so I really didn't even need to paint that portion.  One thing I did need to do was trim ever so slightly the Baseboard Frame so that is sits perfectly inside the  wood frame.  I used my rotary cutter to trim off a bit of the thick board.
I decided to use my Distress Resist Spray over the Baseboard Frame to give it a textured finish and I loved the result.  It's subtle but very cool.
1. You MUST use a spray box or a garbage can when you spray this stuff!
2. Wipe the nozzle immediately after spraying

Next up is another of the new Paper Dolls that is in the new pack (shipping around March).  In my last post, I talked extensively about using Crayons to paint the Paper Dolls using Q-tips and/or a Detail Water Brush  (you can read it here).  This photo really shows the layering of color on the dress and the detail of the flowers and her necklace.  Such a great medium to work with!
You can also see here that I cut a very small red felt heart, attaching it to her hand with wire and hot glue.
I put a doubled bingo chip behind the girl to really bring her close to the front of the frame.
Then I added a sweet little bow to the wire.
I wanted to place her on a raised base so I created one with a Finial base and a Vignette Panel.
I added the word Sweetheart to the front of the frame from the Clippings sticker sheet.  I swear these stickers can NEVER be retired because I use them on almost every project!  I mean change the word on the front and you have a great gift for a friend or mother.
I used Collage Medium to connect the base to the box.  I let it dry for about 30 minutes while I gathered the supplies for the next step.  Which were: dyed cheesecloth, leftover flowers from a spring wreath I made for my front door and some moss.  I like the pink on the flowers but it was just a bit too bright so I rubbed Tattered Rose Distress Paint over the top.  The bright pink still shows but it is toned waaaay down.
I added pieces of the Metal Gate to each side to give the idea of a garden.  The cheesecloth was put down first, then the moss and then the flowers.
I also added vintage pearls that I cut from an old necklace.  They have the perfect patina to combat the plastic berries!
The Adornments Bow was added to the top of the box to balance the heavy bottom portion.  The lace around the base is vintage tatting that I collect.  This really was the perfect project to use it!  Subtle and sweet, just right for a Valentine or a friend.

now carry on.


  1. Hi Paula
    This is such a sweet vignette box. Thanks for sharing all the details!

  2. What a lovely framed scene you created here Paula - I love all the little details - the heart hanging from her hand, the pretty flowers and greenery, the garden fence - you make it look so easy! thanks for for sharing all your creative details!

  3. Love this speaks to my old soul...handmade and full of grace
    and beauty

  4. Lovely, really lovely. I’m inspired.

  5. This is so beautiful. All your projects are outstanding. I can't wait for all the new Tim products.
    Thank you for sharing this,

  6. she is lovely. i too use resist spray to add texture to surface (mostly metal). vicki

  7. So much ADORABLE in such a small vignette!! Just wonderful, Paula! I love it! Brilliant to put the vignette box on the stand that you never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing my friend! Stacy

  8. Fabulous as usual Ms Paula! I could actually make one of these...thanks for the inspiration 😍

  9. Oh Paula she is adorable and yes it is a Sweet Vignette Box... it's been "Paulafied " in every way !! <3

  10. Just found my vignette boxes. They were hiding. But once again, you turn those boxes into works of art!! Brilliant!

  11. So much detail! Love the spray resist on the frame. The best part is using the vignette box cover as a base.... Awesome! Beautiful project as always Paula (and where did you find time to make a wreath for your door???)

  12. Like an old fashioned perfectly decorated cake, on a pedestal! ♥️ What an absolutely delightful project!

  13. Your beautiful Valentine box really does have a wonderful vintage vibe to it. The whole piece is beautiful but it is those little additions that bring it to life for me, the stand, the pretty little flower decorations, the heart in her hand and I do love the texture that the Distress Resist Spray creates! Anne x

  14. I love this!! So soft looking, perfect!!!

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  17. What a beautiful beautiful project

  18. Paula this project is amazing! i love different materials you used and I love so much various shades of pink! Details are incredible! Thank you to be always an inspiration for me! Barbara