Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Alcohol Ink Storage Tin

Hi all,

I am so happy I took the time to fix a problem (of my own making btw).  I previously printed out the Alcohol Ink color chart from the Ranger website and placed it in a page protector for a reference when I use my Alcohol Inks.  However, when I was working on a project, I would take out a bunch of colors from multiple tins (you need three to fit all the colors in) and then I couldn't figure out where to put them back.   So last night I decided to take the time to color code the bottom of each slot so I would know where in the heck each color goes.  Problem solved.  Thank you Ranger.
Seriously, why in the heck did I not do this right from the beginning?

now carry on,


  1. I have just ordered my first tin I have some very old inks and just purchased some new ones in anticipation of the new lift ink arriving, so thanks for this tip (and the link) I will certainly follow it up. By the way, do you use a punch to punch out the circles?

  2. Thanks for this - just printed it off and am going up to my craft room to put them in my tin!

  3. Love love love this. So helpful!

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