Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Undertaker

Hi everyone! 
I cold not let the Halloween season pass without making a something with my Undertaker friend!  

I started with the new Vignette Box House that is part of the Christmas release to create my Halloween piece.  I adhered paper from the Materialize Mini Paper Stash with Collage Medium on the inside of the box (I like that this paper really looks like old wallpaper).
I cut out a Found Relative and placed him in the box on a small wood block so he sits about 3/4" from the back.
I also added wood grain paper to the sides of the box.  Yes, I know the box is wood but the scale of the paper was more interesting!
 I wanted to add a web so I got out the Mixed Media Halloween Thinlit.  I added Metal Foil to a piece of cardstock and ran it through the Vagabond.
 I colored the web with Alcohol Ink in Oregano and Black Soot.
 Then clipped it away from the frame.
I also used Distress Collage Medium Vintage to age a piece of ephemera for the background.  So easy to color white paper "anything"...just wipe it on and let it dry.  Once dry, I crumpled it up, ripped the edges and inked it with Gathered twigs.
 I also created a little vignette inside the box with some cool idea-ology products.  I used Apothecary Vials, bones (Boneyard), a Typed Token and Mini Fastener, dyed cheesecloth and moss.  I colored the words on the Typed Token with Festive Berries Distress Crayon - so easy to add color to the recessed words.
I used the Oregano Alcohol Ink to color his boutonniere made with a large Heirloom Rose and some string.
You might notice in this photo that I tinted the Undertakers cheeks with a Victorian Velvet Distress marker then wiped it way with a soft cloth (just don't mention to anyone that he's wearing make-up).
The dear friend, no Halloween project is complete without you.  Cut strips were dyed with Distress Spray Stains in various colors of brown and then left to dry.  The result is extraordinary....and might I say perfectly stained cloth.  I tacked it to the house with tack nails from Home Depot.  The tack nail on the right is also holding the metal spider in place.
Happy Halloween...hope all your candy dreams come true.  Me? Well I have a dentist appointment on Monday morning.  Sounds like a cruel joke to me!
Now carry on,


  1. Undertaker looking mighty dapper with that rose ! Fabulous job on his "parlor" LOL ! Another amazing project Paula; you do have a way with those found relatives :)

  2. Amazing! Love all the tiny details. Thanks for sharing

  3. I agree love all the tiny details. It really makes the whole project come together!

  4. Fabulous Paula, love The Undertaker's boutonnier and the cheesecloth is aged to perfection! The spider web looks spooktacular in metal coloured with the alcohol inks, a wonderful Halloween assemblage, thanks so much for sharing it and hope you get a clean bill of health and permission to go trick or treating from your dentist! Deb xo

  5. Love this Paula! Love the web, the rosy checked dude, and the cheese cloth addition... All make a marvelous, spooky, and fun project. Good luck at the dentist... Yikes!

  6. Love this Paula! Love the web, the rosy checked dude, and the cheese cloth addition... All make a marvelous, spooky, and fun project. Good luck at the dentist... Yikes!

  7. Fabulous Paula! I adore your ability to create wonderful work with simplicity! All you make seems easy!!!! Seems.....but I know it's not easy! Your love for details is amzing! When I admire your projects I want to sit at my desk and start to create! Thanks for the inspiration! BArbara

  8. Great project! I bought a couple of the "Christmas houses" to do some other holiday decorating with!

  9. Oh he is a fabulous Holiday Decor work of Art Paula!! TFS

  10. Well girlie, you know that I just love this! I'm going to have to get some of the vignette boxes! How fantastic this piece is!!

  11. Oh ... I love that new box. I have to get one (or more :) )! This is marvelous. Love those bones and Mr Undertaker looks good with a little color on his cheeks. What a great boutonniere with the tiny string bow. It's all those wonderful details that makes this such an awesome make.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your comments made my day! Happy Halloween. The dentist appointment sounds more scary than any Halloween haunted house! Hugs -- Mary Elizabeth

  12. Such a cool project--I like all the spooky details, and the boutonniere is fun! Bummer about the dentist. Mondays are cruel enough as it is :)

  13. You should arrive at the Dentist office with some of those fake vampire teeth!

    This gent was born to be an undertaker and the boutonniere is a most excellent touch of whimsey! I rather think his pink cheeks were the result of too much brandy to warm against the cold night at the cemetery.

    I so agree with Barbara Schiassi that seeing your projects really incites a major urge to create!

  14. A wonderful make, love the way you did the cobweb... hope the trip to the dentist is not too scary...

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  16. i love the way you consider papers and materials (this attention to the details tell a rich story) this is such a great creepy house, and albert makes a wonderful undertaker.

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